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Going on Spring Break with Cabeau Review

Spring Break is finally here, although the Spring part might still be missing. We are heading out soon for a short getaway to someplace fun, although not so warm. We will be in the car around three hours to get to our first destination and then 30-75 minute drives between our other activities. When we are in the car longer distances, the kids do tend to get uncomfortable after sitting, so we usually have to make stretching stops every so often. On a three hour trip, we hope to only stop once and with some great new products the kids will be using, maybe not at all!
Founded in 2009 by parents David and Kyna, Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo and named after the founders' son Luca Beau) is the place for on-the-go gear. They know travelers need comfort and affordable options to keep them rested while they are away, whether for work or pleasure.
Cabeau offers a wide range of neck pillow options, from their Evolution Pillow ($35), with an huge amount of features shown in the video below, to other alternatives like their Evolution Microbead and Air Evolution ($20).
Check out this amazing pillow!
 Cabeau carries other products perfect for home or travel including sleep masks, socks for both comfort and circulation, and electronics organizers. They also have a line of children's products which we were lucky enough to receive and try out. After speaking with Janelle, we decided on the two Cabeau products that would best fit our needs and couldn't wait to get them!
Our Cabeau package is here!
What did we get? 
We each got something of our own?!?! That is perfect!!
For S we chose The Blankid Buddy in Lula the Ladybug
The Blankid Buddy is a 4-in-1 product (backpack, pillow, blanket, and toy) that is available in three styles (ladybug, panda, and penguin) and retails for $24.99.
Our Lula the Ladybug Blankid Buddy was a huge hit right off the bat. The colors are bright and Lula is really cheerful looking. Ladybugs are always loved at our house. S could not have been happier with her newest toy and she didn't even know what all it could do yet.
Lula is a multi-tasker because first she is a backpack. The backpack has plenty of space to hide all S's secret and needed items and also has a water repellent inner bag to keep leaks away. S thinks she needs a million and one things hidden inside her Lula, which is fine because I am not the one carrying her. There is also an outer pocket for smaller items she might need to have quick access to.
The backpack can then easily convert by releasing the feet and unzipping the sides to a pillow and blanket. It also converts back just as quickly.
The pillow portion of Lula the Ladybug is quickly wrapped around the neck and attached to offer support and comfort. S can snuggle up with Lula and I don't have to worry about her head being uncomfortable if she falls asleep, which tends to happen on long car rides. The blanket portion can be secured around her legs to hold the whole thing in place. The blanket, measuring 30" x 15", covers all of her, while she is a bit on the shorter size for a 4 year old, she will be able to use Lula for quite awhile.
Lula is already with the unpacked suitcases so she isn't left behind. S can't wait to use her out and snuggle up with her. Lula the Ladybug is also machine washable!
 The Evolution Micro Jr. is neck pillow geared for children. It is available in two design options-Rocket (with black accents, spaceships, astronauts, and stars) and Doodle (with black accents, flowers, bees, and butterflies) and retails for $19.99. The Evolution Micro Jr. measures 8" L, 8.5" W, 4.25" H and weighs just 3.4 ounces.
I chose the Rocket design for B and we were not disappointed. The color and designs are perfect for him, not too babyish and still plenty of fun. You can never be too careful about what is cool to a seven year old! It has a breathable lycra cover and needs only to be spot cleaned.
With B being older, but still in a carseat, he doesn't have as much padding and fluff as infant and toddler carseats do. This can make for a very uncomfortable ride and even more of a pain if he falls asleep. I know we have all seen the flopped over neck and head look older kids can have when sleeping in the car. The Evolution Micro Jr. is filled with premium microbeads that help comfort and conform to the child's head and neck sleeping positions. It also has raised side supports to keep the head from falling sideways or when turned backwards, can keep the head from falling forward. B can easily place the pillow around his own neck and we know he is getting full support and will be comfortable during the ride.

Our Cabeau products have been great just used around the house and we can't wait to try them out on our upcoming getaway. I know S will be comfy and cozy with her Lula the Ladybug Blankid Buddy and B's head and neck will be supported if he falls asleep with his Evolution Micro Jr. pillow.
Check out these other really cool products from Cabeau:
 Cabeau is also making a difference by raising awareness and supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. By focusing on this foundation, Cabeau is able to donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale of each Special Edition Evolution Travel Pillow in pink.
Want It? Buy It!
Cabeau knows travel and has the products to prove it, head over and see what you might need to have for your Spring Break getaway. Make sure to Like Cabeau on Facebook or Follow Cabeau on Twitter for information, giveaways, travel tips, and more. You can also find Cabeau on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Looking for even more Cabeau information, visit the Cabeau blog here.
Thank you to Janelle and Cabeau!



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