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Go Green with a Shabby Chic St. Patrick's Day Wreath from Calico Craft Creations #Review

Part of MBP's St. Patrick's Day Guide

I take such pleasure in some of the simplest things in life. For instance, I love gardening. Planting flowers or fruits and veggies brings me a lot of joy, and it's a peaceful act, as well. I also love decorating. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of space to do a whole lot of it, but I love adding special touches here and there to warm things up for holidays. I used to really love crafting, as well. I hardly have the time for it, and it can be an expensive hobby. I am constantly amazed by all of the gorgeous handmade crafts that people make to decorate their homes with!

I always fall into a decorating rut after the holidays have come and gone. I get so excited for Christmas decorating, and for some reason, once Christmas is over, I want all of those decorations down and put away. I always feel sort of depressed to put the Christmas decor away, so I try to do a little winter and even Valentine's Day decorating to lift my spirits a bit. Decorating for St. Patrick's Day is a lot of fun, because you get to decorate with green, and to me, that's a symbol that spring is just around the corner!

I was so excited to connect with Raquel, owner of Calico Craft Designs on Etsy. Raquel hails from Athens, GA, and has been offering her handmade products through her Etsy shop since 2012. Raquel designs and makes gorgeous fabric wreaths and candle rings. She uses the finest materials, and the projects take several hours from conception to completion.

Raquel offered to send me one of her beautiful St. Patrick's Day Fabric Wreaths for review, and I was quite excited! I didn't have a St. Patrick's Day wreath, and was itching to get a wreath back on my door after Valentine's Day!

My package from Calico Craft Designs...

Here's a sneak peek of the wreath, still covered up and packaged in its shipping box.

My wreath arrived via Fed Ex, and very nicely packaged. The wreath was in a large box, and was wrapped and covered in lots of packing paper. The wreath was also packed inside of a plastic bag, protecting it from any moisture or accidental damaged that might have occurred. I loved that this wreath, even though it was a fabric wreath, was packaged so thoughtfully!

Pops of color- white, green and black showing through the bag...

The wreath, laid out on the floor, ready for my inspection!

You have to understand something about me- I am like a little kid on Christmas when it comes to home decor. I get excited about new dishtowels, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive this lovely wreath, made by Raquel! My son was very excited to see it, as well, and he was eager to help me slide the wreath out of the plastic covering.

I loved the mix of colors and patterns of the fabrics right away... what cute combinations!

...and I noticed that there was a little scroll attached to the wreath, up at the top. Cute thinking!

Wonder what it could be? I love the green ribbon it's tied with!

I untied the scroll to find a handwritten note from Raquel. I so love it when whomever I am working with takes the time to send a little note. In my book, that means they go above and beyond for their customers, and really shows how much they care about other people, and their business. Raquel thanked me in her note, for taking the time to review her product, and gave me a few tips. She said the wreath was ready to hang- just to fluff the fabric to my liking. Raquel also told me that the little shamrock ornament that was a attached to the wreath could easily be removed.

My handwritten note from Raquel, owner of Calico Craft Designs- such a nice touch!

I was ready to take a closer look at the wreath and really look to see what was on it. There were so many different fabrics, I began to lose count of them all. From tiny green shamrocks against a white background to beautiful black and white Celtic designs and solids, and polka dots- this was one charming, whimsical wreath!

Here's the shamrock that I mentioned earlier... sparkly and green, with tiny little embellishments on it.

There was also a ribbon attached to the back of the wreath for easy hanging!

One last look, and I am ready to hang this little cutie up on my door!

Details of the St. Patrick's Day Rag Wreath from Calico Craft Designs

This is a handmade rag wreath perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. After all, your home should wear green to celebrate just like you do! Use it to show your “Irish” side by displaying it on your front porch or use it as a festive wall display in your home to bring you a little luck. It can also be a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day. Each strip of fabric is hand-ripped and knotted on a round wire wreath form for a soft, shabby chic appearance. Perfect for shabby chic, cottage, rustic, or country-style d├ęcor. All rows on the ring are utilized to make the wreath very full and fluffy. Hanging from the center of the wreath is a small, wooden shamrock.

*** Our rag wreaths are mainly for internal use but can also be utilized outdoors in protected areas such as covered entryways or screened-in porches. ***

For now, the wreath is hanging on my kitchen door- the door leading to our back porch, where most of the foot traffic comes through.

I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to place the wreath. There is a spot on my front porch where I usually hang a wreath, but I didn't want to actually place it outside, since it's fabric. I would hate for it to get wet and wind up mildewed or moldy- and I have a feeling this is going to be a very wet March! The back door, or the kitchen door seemed like a natural spot for the St. Patrick's Day rag wreath for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's where everyone enters the house. Our family and all of our guests enter our home via our back porch and through the kitchen door, so this is where it would be seen the most. Number two, the colors of the wreath match my kitchen decor really well!

This adorable, shabby chic wreath looks great on my kitchen door!

Plus, it matches my kitchen so well!

I mean, really- it matches my kitchen decor so well that it just looks like it belongs there! Honestly, I may just remove the shamrock ornament after St. Patrick's Day passes, and leave the wreath up in the kitchen- that's how much I love it!

Our guests and family members have been taking notice of the wreath from Calico Craft Designs, and that makes me so happy! They love the patterns on the fabric- it's really subtle for St. Patrick's Day, and really sort of ties my kitchen together!

There are so many of Raquel's designs that I am loving! I am definitely a shabby chic sort of gal (my husband doesn't care much for that style, which is why I don't do a lot of shabby decorating).

Check out some of these other designs I am loving...

Great for Beach Lovers! --- Blue, White, and Brown Fabric Rag Candle-Ring
Beach Themed Candle Ring

Great for Easter, Spring, or Summer! --- Pink, Green, White, and Yellow Fabric Rag Wreath
Spring Fabric Wreath

Red & Zebra Print, Love, Heart-Shaped Fabric Rag Wreath for Valentine's Day
Heart Shaped Fabric Wreath

I keep looking back at the beach themed candle wreath. That would be such a great gift for folks that we're friends with! They have a beach home that we visit, usually once a year, and they decorate with those exact colors! I'd love to surprise them with it the next time we visit their beach house! These fabric wreaths and candle rings are truly unique. The fabrics are hand-torn, so they really do have that rustic, shabby chic look and feel. They're perfect for dressing up your home, office, classroom, etc!

St. Patrick's Day - Lucky, Green, Round, Fabric Rag Wreath

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Calico Craft Designs on Etsy to take a look at Raquel's selection of lovely fabric wreaths and candle rings! If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact Raquel through an Etsy convo- she'd love to hear your ideas, and would be happy to assist you! You can also connect with Calico Craft Designs on Facebook, and be sure to check out the Calico Craft Designs blog!

Special thanks to Raquel of Calico Craft Designs for sending me this beautiful wreath to review and share about. It has definitely added some St. Patrick's Day cheer to my home, and I will treasure this special decor piece for many years to come!

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