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Before I became a mom, there was one thing about little kids that always baffled me... their messy, tangled hair. I mean, it irked me that there were so many kiddos running around with crazy, tangled hair- boys and girls alike. 'Why don't their parents keep it brushed?' I wondered. Now that I'm a parent myself, I know that brushing a child's hair is a battle in itself. We fight that fight every day- sometimes 3-4 times a day, because I can't stand for B's hair to look tangled. Unfortunately, B has my hair- thin, fine and tangly. He refuses to let us, or anyone else get near his hair with scissors to cut it or trim it, so his hair is long. I don't mind him having long hair- lot's of little boys do... but if it's going to be long, it has to be kept brushed!

I don't know many children who enjoy having their hair brushed. I remember the horrors of my mom, or my grandmother trying to brush my tangled, frizzy hair as a child (my grandmother one got a brush stuck in my hair and it had to be cut free!). Hair brushing can be quite an unpleasant experience, which is why I began the search for a hair brush that would quickly, easily and painlessly do the trick of brushing B's hair without a screaming fit.

After having a hard time with her daughter at hair brushing time, CEO and inventor of Smoobee, decided that something had to be done. Her daughter would cry, run and hide every time she needed to have her hair brushed. So, full-time corporate working mom to this sweet girl, began working on a specially designed hair brush- one that would target tangles without causing tears. After talking to some of her mom friends, she found that they had similar experiences with their children, when it came time for them to have their hair brushed. One ten-year-old in particular went without having her hair brushed for days at a time, because she hated it so much!

This hard working momma worked on designing the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush on the weekends, and soon had prototypes to share with her friends. Her friends loved the results they saw from using the Smoobee Brush, and the rest is history! Smoobee became available for purchase online, hit store shelves, and today, is an award-winning mom-invented brush that parents and kids love!

We received our own Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush to try out!

I was very excited that we were able to try out the Smoobee Brush for ourselves. Of course, we received pink, but that really doesn't matter... a brush is a brush, all the same. I couldn't wait to get the package opened and try it out on B's hair, which was of course, tangled from a day of running around, playing outside.

Details of the Smoobee available on the back of its packaging...

One of the things that is super fun about the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush, is that you can purchase special kits to go along with the brush, and bedazzle the brush with stick-on jewels and gems! If I were a little girl, I would totally be into doing that!  

I know the photo is a bit blurry, but here is B, trying to wrestle the Smoobee Brush away from my husband.

B was intrigued by the new brush, but when it came time to try it out, he ran and hid behind one of the arm chairs, as he usually does.When we finally convinced him to sit down and let us comb through his hair with the Smoobee Brush, he hardly winced or cried. He usually just makes it worse for himself by not sitting still. He stayed calm, and let his daddy gently brush his hair, and in the end, it was tangle-free. It was probably the easiest time we'v had brushing B's hair since it has grown out so much.

I wanted to give the Smoobee Brush a try, too!

I was also interested to see how well the Smoobee Brush would work through my own hair, which is long, thin, fine and tangles easily. The brush just seemed to glide right through my hair, and smooth it from top to bottom. It never got stuck, I didn't need to pull at it, and I didn't wind up with tons of strands of hair stuck in the bristles of the brush, either. When I usually brush my hair, it's a task I dread. I use a wider tooth brush so it won't get stuck, or pull too much hair out along with it.

The Smoobee combines hard and soft bristles in one brush...

Smoobee is a wooden brush, so it's strong and durable, and super easy to grip. It has both the plastic teeth and the corse bristles in the head of the brush, catching each and every strand of hair as it glides its way through. I usually have to use a little bit of a detangler spray (I spray it right onto the brush), but the Smoobee cut out the need to do that. I didn't need to use it on B's hair before brushing with the Smoobee, or my own!

The Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush works with all hair types- thick, thin, straight, wavy, curly, etc, It will also work with super curly hair, but it may take a bit more effort. Smoobee aims to make hair brushing a quick and easy task for parents, and painless for kids. Smoobee is so much fun, and encourages children to want to brush their hair, instead of run away from the brush.

Smoobee is the proud recipient of the coveted PTPA Award, which is Parent Tested, Parent Approved. This seal of approval is one that parents everywhere look to and trust, and I believe Smoobee is definitely deserving of this award, as it's a wonderful product that I highly recommend.

With Smoobee, hair brushing can be fun again! If you have little girls (or a little girl), it would be so much fun to purchase some Smoobee brushes so each girl could have their own at a slumber party, and then bejewel or bedazzle them together! Get 20% off for purchases of 5 or more Smoobees and gem stickers.

***Please note that Smoobee is a wooden brush and therefore should not be placed under water or in the tub. Bedazzle stickers are for 4 yrs and older and could be a choking hazard.

Want It? Buy It!

If you're ready to kiss crying and whining at hair brushing time goodbye, head on over to Smoobee to learn more about this wonderful brush! The brush alone is great for boys and girls, and girls will love bedazzling their very own brush! You can shop the Smoobee store to purchase a Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush of your own! Smoobee is social and would love to connect with you or hear your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Smoobee No Cry Brush ($25 Original RV)! Winner may specify their color choice. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and oder.

Special thanks to our friends at Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush for allowing us to experience a pleasant hair brushing time, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. My youngest is very tender headed and typically runs from me when its time to brush her hair. This would make getting ready so much faster

  2. I would love this for my hair. It is wavy and it hurts to use some brushes.

  3. my hair is so long, it is past my hips ,and i always get knots. so this would do wonders.

  4. pinned on pinterest

  5. i learned that it all started when her daughter would cry and run away from me every time I tried to brush her hair. so she had to come up with a solution. thats when the smoobee was made.

  6. Make it easier to brush my daughters hair!

  7. my daughters hair is curly and puffy, it always knots up. this would help with the tears and screams.

  8. i like that the outside of the brush is covered in flowers.

  9. pinned:

  10. It would make my life easier by making my hair less tangled, and maybe my 2 year old would actually enjoy getting her hair brushed!

  11. My daughter hates having her hair brushed because it hurts so this would make it a lot easier.

  12. My daughter struggles like crazy when I try to brush her hair. I'm thinking if I got a smoobee, we could avoid the tears!

  13. My daughter has started screaming "my hair my hair" when I try to brush it. This would probably help with that.


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