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Cute, Sweet, Fashionable Feet for Spring: Wee Squeak #Review + $50.00 Gift Certificate #Giveaway

One of the best and sometimes worst things about springtime, is that I get to go through all of the clothing drawers and closets, and do a sweep. I learned a handy little trick for clothing and shoes. Turn all of your shoes and hangers backwards at the beginning of the season. Each time you wear something, turn the hangers or shoes the correct way. At the end of the season, or year, anything that's facing the way it was at the beginning of the season means you haven't worn it, and you need to donate it or just toss it if it's in bad shape.

I'm constantly going through B's clothing and shoes. He grows so quickly! When his shoes started getting a bit snug during the winter, I prayed that he would last until we got to spring, but mother nature has different ideas, and keeps the temperatures on a roller coaster ride. Right now, B needs both closed toe shoes and sneakers, as well as a nicer sandal, so we have some daytime and even dressier shoes options. We always seem to have a hard time finding shoes to fit his wide feet in the stores near where we live, so I wind up on a hunt online for the best kids shoes I can find!

Thankfully, my latest search for a great pair of stylish, long-lasting kids shoes lead me to Wee Squeak. Wee Squeak children's shoes have been around since 2005, and have been making kids smiles, and moms everywhere so happy to have found a comfortable, stylish shoe for their child! Wee Squeak shoes have tiny little squeakers in the heels, so when your kiddos walk, the shoes squeak! The shoes come with silencers, for those times you may not want the shoes squeaking. The squeakers can be easily removed. 

I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with Wee Squeak, and was able to select a pair of shoes for B. I knew he would be needed a nice summer sandal, which he could wear casually, or to church, so I chose the Fisherman Sandal in Brown.

The mail carrier hand-delivered this package to B, and B couldn't wait to see what it could be!

We opened up the package together, to find a shoe box from Wee Squeak, and some bonus labels!

I loved the cute striped shoe box that B's shoes came packaged in- so fun!

B was very patient as I snapped some photos of the packaging (waiting is the hardest part!). Then, we lifted the lid off of the shoe box and got a sneak peek at the Fisherman Sandals from Wee Squeak!

Here we go...

Ta-da! Beautiful boys sandals, perfect for the springtime temperatures that have been moving into our area!

I selected the Fisherman Sandals for B, for a few reasons. Number one, they're just beautifully made. I love the detail in the stitching, all the way around each sandal. The shoes are durable, but they are also a bit soft and flexible, which means that they'll be comfortable for B to wear for any length of time. These sandals are fully adjustable around the heel, allowing us to tighten then when and where we need to. These sandals have a fair amount of room from the top of the shoes to the bottom, which is a must for us, because B has thick feet, and we have had trouble finding shoes and sandals that are tall enough on the inside, and wide enough for his little (big) feet!

These Fisherman Sandals are going to look so nice paired with B's dressier clothing, reserved for church and special occasions!

The Fisherman Sandals by Wee Squeak are a classic design, and they are leather on top, with rubber soles. The soles offer a fair amount of tread or traction, which is great. I remember shopping for a pair of sneakers for B not too long ago, and the bottoms of the shoes we tried on were so slick on the floors, that B was slipping and falling as he tried to walk in them, still in the store! I appreciate that Wee Squeak keeps not only comfort and style, but safety in mind for little ones, as well.

The bottom of the Wee Squeak sandals... no slipping and sliding in these!

The other reason that I chose the Fisherman Sandal, is because even though it is a sandal, the toes are actually covered and protected. B has a bad habit of not fully picking up his feet, resulting in scrapped toes against the pavement, which is not fun to deal with. This style will keep his toes safe from scrapes.

B couldn't wait to try his new Wee Squeak Fisherman Sandals on! We got them onto his feet with no problems. There was no whining or crying involved, and he was ready to zip through the house in them. Once he realized that they squeaked, he was even more excited!

B, doing his happy dance, in his new Fisherman Sandals from Wee Squeak!

This style works well with long pants, as well as shorts...

B wore his new Wee Squeak sandals quite happily! I am thrilled that he likes them, and they they are comfortable for him. I can't wait until the rain clears and for the warmer temperatures to settle back in for good! B is going to love wearing these sandals out and about this spring and summer! We went with a size 11 for him, and Wee Squeak shoes actually goes up to size 12, so I am excited that he'll be able to wear Wee Squeak for another year or so, before we cross over into youth shoe territory!

Lovin' his new sandals from Wee Squeak!

The Fisherman Sandals by Wee Squeak are available in sizes 3-12, and in four colors: Brown, Black, Navy, and White. These sandals retail for $36.00. Free squeaker replacements available on all Wee Squeak shoes, upon request!

We also got a special little surprise with our Wee Squeak Sandals...

As an added bonus, we received a set of Write Away Labels by Mabel's Labels! These labels allow you to quickly and easily label your children's belongings. Simple write their name on the label, and stick it to whatever you'd like. We have used these to label everything from cups and water bottles, to the insides of shoes, to backpacks, lunch pails, and jackets! With B going to day programs like Weekday Church School, and soon starting Pre-School, labeling his belonging is becoming more of a need. I'd hate for his things to get mixed up with someone else's, which is why I am a big fan of labeling!

Labeling items like jackets also allows you to have the child's name in it while they're using it, and you can remove it later on. I remember buying B a nice coat from a consignment boutique a couple of years ago, not really realizing that it had another child's name plastered to the tag, written in with permanent marker. Thankfully, I had some labels made with B's name, and was able to cover it up. I plan on using all of B's clothing/accessories again, if we have another boy, or passing them along to my sister or sister-in-law, if either of them have a boy, and B's name doesn't need to be permanently stamped in those things, if I intend to share them.

Mabel's Labels are by far my favorite labels! They are easy to use, and they are waterproof, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, as well. They don't peel off easily, and they won't start fading or warping after they've gotten wet! These labels are so super handy, especially if you have more than one child, or if your child goes to day care or to school!

Sets for Boys and Girls

*Now through the end of May, Wee Squeak is teaming up with Mabel's Labels for a special promotion! Every US order of Wee Squeak shoes, will include a set of Write Away Labels from Mabel's Labels- a $12.99 value! The set includes 30 labels to use for whatever you'd like! How awesome is that!?

Wee Squeak has so, so many adorable styles of shoes, and even lots of cute accessories, like little shoe clips that can be used again and again!

Check out these other adorable shoe styles & accessories from Wee Squeak...

Girls Ruffle Sandal

Shoe and Hair Clips

Fisherman Sandal

Girls Cowboy Boot

We love B's new sandals from Wee Squeak! If you're looking for the perfect spring shoe or sandal styles for your little one(s) this season, let Wee Squeak be your first and only stop! There are so many styles to choose from, and their prices can't be beat! These are quality shoes that your kiddos will be wearing and sharing for seasons to come!

Squeaky Shoes

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to Wee Squeak to browse all of their adorable shoe styles and accessories for kids! There are 18 styles of Wee Squeak Shoes on sale for just $18.00 through March 31, 2014! Wee Squeak also has a special offer for MBP readers- sign up for the Wee Squeak Newsletter and they will e-mail you a 50% off promo code to use toward your Wee Squeak purchase!

Wee Squeak is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

WeeSqueak squeaky shoes for kids
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Special thanks to our friends at Wee Squeak for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

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