4 Ingredient Homemade Bubble Solution

4 Ingredient Homemade Bubble Solution

Have you ever run out of bubbles? Kids love to play with them when the weather is nice, and it's a super fun activity the whole family can enjoy, at any age. We tend to use up our bubble stash pretty fast, and I know my hubby gets tired of spending money on bubbles, of all things. So, I decided to try my hand at making our own bubble solution, so we'd have plenty of it lying around to play with this spring!

This is all you need to make your bubble solution, and you probably already have it in your pantry!

What You'll Need to Make It:

Large pitcher or bucket
6 Cups of Water
1/2 Dish Soap
1/2 Cup Corn Starch
1 Tbsp Baking Powder

B, ready to help me stir up the solution...

Add the ingredients to the pitcher of water, one at a time- in the order listed...

Stir the ingredients together, until they are well mixed. You don't want to end up with clumpy white corn starch on the bottom of the pitcher.

Grab bubble wands or spoons with slots, that are easy to grab and would make great bubbles!

Dip your bubble blowing instruments into your homemade solution, and enjoy!

We found that this recipe made some really awesome bubbles, and the kitchen tools were a lot of fun to blow bubbles from- even more fun that our bubble wands! Get creative with your kids and try this out. They'll love helping to mix up the bubble solution, and then picking a few safe kitchen tools to use as bubble wands! Store the solution in a reusable jar or old dish soap container (I always save containers, because you never know what they'll come in handy for later on!), and you'll have lots of bubbles to enjoy this spring. When you run out- just make more!

If you want to be bold, add some food coloring to your solution to make colored bubbles! Just be sure to play with it away from your outdoor furniture and that the kids have on old clothes.

Give this a try with your family, and let us know what you think!

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