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Wordless Wednesdays: Waiting on the Snow (Again)

A big snow storm is supposed to move through our area today, and it's been all that the news has focused on since last weekend. I am, of course, a big kid when it comes to getting real snow, since we live in NC, and it hardly ever snows here. We got a little taste of snow two weeks ago, but it was hardly enough to fully cover the grass. This time, we're bracing for between 4-8 inches, which is a significant amount for NC.

We're excited and trying to keep ourselves busy as we wait for the impending snow. 
Here's what we've been up to...

Finger painting...

...and not really liking it!

Having snowman snacks...

Making our own snowman in the house, from balloon and craft supplies like construction paper and stickers...

...and making a snowman pizza for lunch!

I can't wait until it actually does snow, so we can get out there and have some fun in it! I have my bucket ready to catch fresh snow for snow cream tomorrow! Yummy!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday, and stay warm, wherever you are!

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  1. We're waiting for snow also. It's suppose to be here tomorrow. I'm personally tired of snow at this point, but I wouldn't mind some of that snowman pizza!

    Stopping by from SITS and I'm you're newest follower. Have a great day.

  2. I'm north of you in VA and we're supposed to get it right after you do! Sounds like it's gonna be a doozy!! We've got plenty of milk, bread and eggs. Now if only I could buy enough patience to go around, we'd all be set!! LOL!

    Stopping by from #SITSblogging!

  3. Oh I hope you stay safe and warm during the storm. Sounds like you have a great attitude towards it. Visiting from SITS. Take care

  4. FUN times it seems while waiting for the snow!! I do hope that ya'll stay warm and safe but at the same time enjoy romping in the snow. We don't get it down here (south Alabama coast) although the end of January we did get that nasty sleet storm. Last time was 1979 and it will be perfectly fine if that much time passes again before the next one. ^_^

    Happy SITS Comment Love Wednesday!!

  5. Where we are SNOW is just part of our lives, so the "Snow Days" are always a treat around here. :) Enjoy the time inside...perfect day for a warm mocha with extra whip-cream ;)

  6. Looks like you're having a lovely, messy time waiting for that snow. I hope you stay safe and warm (but have fun too!!) Visiting from SITS

  7. What a fun way to paint! My daughter totally approves as this is her favorite way too

  8. We won't be seeing snow in FL but the kids sure do enjoy all the snowmen creations :)

  9. What a cute snow man :) My husband would love that haha.

  10. Just saw photos from Raleigh from yesterday. Hope you all are safe. I'm heading to the NC mountains to race next month.

  11. I love all the crafts and activities you come up with for your kids. I wish I was more crafty. My daughters only 2 though. I need to find some fun things to do with her that are age appropriate. My step-daughter just turned 12 so if she's not watching Disney, you can't keep her away from her ipod!


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