Wordless Wednesdays: Fun in the Snow!

The Piedmont region of NC was wallopped with a big snowstorm last week. Actually, this time last week, we were anxiously waiting for the snow to begin. Today, it will be nearly 70 degrees! That's just how it goes around here- one day you're in snow boots, the next, it's back to your flip flops!

We had a great time playing in the snow especially B, who had never seen a snow like that in his little dude life. We loved sharing the exprience with him, and had made a lot of fun memories.

Eating the snow...

Making snow cream with daddy...


This is the way to eat the snow!

Snow-covered neighborhood...

B's anow angel attempt...

Ready to go make a snowman!

WCU Man!

What types of activities do you enjoy with your family when you're snowed in?

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I miss snow! I grew up in New Hampshire but now live in Florida. I hope to get my little one back up north during the winter in the next few years so he can enjoy it like your little one did!


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