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Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Sports, Squats and The Super Bowl!

Happy Saturday and first day of February! I’m so excited that the weekend is finally here, and I am fairly confident that I am not alone. Not only is it the weekend, but it is Super Bowl weekend, which means tomorrow a gazillion people will be watching the Seattle Seahawks  play the The Denver Broncos. Personally, I’ll be tuning in more for the commercials, like this one for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt! But enough about tomorrow, let’s focus on today :-)

The Wigglesworths

Today looks like it’ll be a little quiet, we have no “real plans”. Anything that happens today will likely be child directed with the exception of my workout. Today starts off my new monthly challenge. After participating in a 31 Day Squat Challenge in January, I opted to make up my own challenge both to move more and avoid getting bored. This month I am challenging myself to “dance” at least 30 minutes, every other day, with the Just Dance video games. We have 4 different versions of the game, including 2 tailored to the kids, so  I don’t think I will get bored of this, especially since this month only has 28 days. I also  think the kids will really love it, because who doesn’t enjoy dancing around the like a lunatic? So maybe it’s a 28 day Family Fitness challenge!

Now, back to tomorrow and the big game. My husband and I rarely watch sports. I feel like now that I am older I should be more interested, at least during the Super Bowl, but I simply am not. We were talking during the week, trying to figure out who might win, and while we are not rooting for either team really, he thinks the Broncos will win and I think it will be the Seahawks. For us, our excitement is over homemade eggrolls from our friend Chanty, who is making them for the Superbowl weekend. Just thinking of them, my stomach is growling with anticipation!

So, what are YOU doing this weekend? Is Football big in your house? Which team are you rooting for? We’d love to hear about it, so let us know by leaving a comment below :-)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I'm not big on football. I just found out who was playing reading your post lol


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