Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Hello from beautiful snowy Connecticut, where the Wigglesworth family is currently on the third day of a 6 day weekend! I was excited to have an upcoming 4 day weekend (Drew does not have school Monday or Tuesday because of President’s Day), but we added 2 extra days because of a snow storm Thursday and Friday. I know I am not going to be happy when we are making them up during the summer, but I am really loving these snow days! .

We have A LOT of snow and today we are supposed to be getting more. Like another 2-4 inches!  We might have to try that Snow Cream Recipe I have seen floating around Facebook. I’d also really like to try making these Ice Balloons just once!

Snow Cream                                    Ice Balloons

This weekend we honestly have no real plans other than playing in all this snow and then coming in to warm up again! We did our “boring stuff” (grocery shopping and other errands) last weekend, so we are all set for this weekend.. Looks like it will be board games, reading stories, and arts and crafts between all this snow fun. Sheesh, I sound pretty boring! Better get on Pinterest STAT and see what kinds of ideas I can find to keep the wee ones entertained!

What do you do on snow days? 
Help keep the creative ideas flowing by leaving a comment below!

Have a great Saturday!



  1. I'm in Florida and don't get to see the snow! I would love to though, but not so frequent like you guys have had it! It's good to play board games every now and then! Visiting from SITS.

  2. Ice balloons! That's going on my must try list too. I've never even heard of doing this before.


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