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The Perfect Personalized Kitchen Accessory from The Sedulous Sisters #Review

Part of MBP's St. Patrick's Day Guide

I have been having a blast, finding cute little green accents to decorate my house with for St. Patrick's Day. Though I'm not Irish, my hubby is, and I think he secretly likes to see all of these little green and Irish accents popping up throughout our home. Green is actually my favorite color, and one of my favorites to decorate it. We painted our dining room green a couple of years ago (it's a sage green), which made it flow very nicely into our pale yellow kitchen with green and black accents. Since I'm not Irish, it would seem silly for me to put up a bunch of 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' type decor, so I've set out to find green themed items that I can use everyday!

I was fortunate to find The Sedulous Sisters a few weeks ago when I began to put our St. Patrick's Day Guide together. The Sedulous Sisters is owned and operated by Grace N., a middle school language arts teacher, who runs her Etsy shop with her sister. 'Sedulous' means 'showing dedication' to something, and what a fitting title for this wonderful business. Grace and her sister really have a knack for crafting, and creating beautiful works of art. I was drawn to their shop after I browsed some of their creations, and knew that I just had to reach out to these fine ladies.

I connected with Grace, who was excited about sharing some of the creations with the MBP community. Grace very kindly offered to make and send me a piece from their shop that I had my eye on- a gorgeous Monogrammed Chevron Spoon rest, which was fully customizable and hand painted. Grace and I had some conversation about the color green that would be used, as she explained she had several different shades of green available. I described what might best match my kitchen, and gave the initial for the monogram, and Grace went to work.

Here's a photo of the spoon rest 'in progress,' before the glaze went on...

Grace sent me a few photos of the spoon rest after it had been hand painted, but before it had been glazed with the clear coating. This was like a little teaser for me, and I was so excited when I saw it! It looked so beautiful, and it wasn't even finished yet! I couldn't wait to see what it would look like in my own kitchen!

My package from Grace and The Sedulous Sisters...

A few days later, the mail carrier dropped off a package, and I had a feeling that it might be my spoon rest! I hurriedly opened it up, and found a piece of paper on top, which had instructions from the sisters. The paper had a little thank you note on it, information with what a customer ought to do if their item arrives damaged or broken, a coupon code for my next purchase, and a detachable coupon to share with a friend- how clever and kind!

My package was quite well-protected... my product is in here somewhere!

The actual spoon rest was protected further by heavy duty bubble wrap- a smart way to pack and ship something so very delicate!

Underneath the bubble wrap, was tissue paper... and the tissue paper covered my spoon rest!

It seemed like a lot of unpacking and unwrapping, but to be truthful, the very clever Sedulous Sisters did well to protect my item from being damaged. I really appreciate that they went the extra mile to make sure that my item wouldn't be damaged when it arrived on my doorstep. Once the package leaves the hands of the crafter, it's up to that super duper packing to protect the item while it's being handled by a bunch of other people during shipping. Thankfully, my mail carrier is awesome and I seldom worry about damaged items.

Here's the big reveal... my customized monogrammed spoon rest by The Sedulous Sisters!

I was so very excited to unwrap the spoon rest and take a good look at it. The coloring of it was so stunning, really brilliant, as I looked at it and it caught the sunlight. Grace couldn't have matched the green color better! It's pretty spot on with the green we use in our home, and I knew it was going to look so pretty sitting atop my stove.

Our customized 'W' looks great, too!

The big, black 'W' really stands out against the green and super white chevron background. In my home decorating, I try not to get to trendy with the decor, because I never know how long that rend will be in style. As for the chevron pattern, it's everywhere- from clothing and accessories to decor and bedding, so I really think it's here to stay for quite a while. Even if it goes out of style, I'm still displaying my spoon rest from The Sedulous Sisters... it's so beautiful and I love it!

Here's a look at the back of the spoon rest, which is also glazed.

The base of the spoon rest has a little hand painted note, as well!

I couldn't wait to get the ceramic spoon rest into my kitchen, and as I picked it up, I noticed the weight. It wasn't super heavy, but it was weighty, which is great, because that means there's less of a chance that it will go flying off of my stove, if it accidentally gets bumped by a pot or pan.

Lookin' good on my stove top!

When I got the spoon rest into the kitchen and placed it on top of my stove (I kicked the old spoon rest to the curb!), I was so pleased with the way it looked. My hubby came home from work and noticed the new spoon rest right away. He picked it up and looked it over, and told me he thought it was really cool. Not only is it cool, it's functional! Our previous spoon rest was an upright standing spoon rest, and it was really shallow, which didn't leave a lot of room for most of my wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. Most all of them hung over the sides of the spoon rest, and I often wound up with dripped sauces and the like on my stove top, which were a pain to clean up!

My new, customized monogram ceramic spoon rest is quite roomy- wide enough for even my largest spatula to rest on without making a big mess all over my stove! I also like the the spoonerism is long, and that an entire wooden spoon can rest completely on the spoon rest, instead of half on the spoon rest and half on the stove top.

See what I mean? A great size for spoons and spatulas!

We love this pretty spoon rest! It adds a beautiful pop of colorful style to our bland stove!

The spoon rest is so pretty that I'd almost rather display it somewhere other than the stove top, but its purpose is a spoon rest, after all, so I intend to use it for that purpose. My guests will be eyeing it, for sure!

Details of the Customized Monogram Ceramic Spoon rest from 
The Sedulous Sisters

Hand-painted, ceramic spoon rest which can be fully personalized for you or as a gift! Personal message can be added to the back- say CONGRATS! BEST WISHES! WITH LOVE! or anything you'd like!

Please include in a note to the seller:
*Color (You can choose a completely custom color combination or just pick one color to match it with white- as seen in photos.)
*Optional: personal note to be painted on the bottom

Price: $28.50

Take a look at some of the other fabulous items available from 
The Sedulous Sisters...

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The Sedulous Sisters have so many lovely handmade designs that would make wonderful gifts! Whether you're looking to add a little personalization to your own kitchen, or you're looking for a personalized gift for a housewarming party or bridal/wedding shower- this would be awesome! Remember- the colors can be whatever you like, and the piece can be monogrammed, as well! I'm sure that the spoon rest would fair well in the dishwasher, but since I am over-protective, I am going to wash it by hand, just so nothing happens to it. It's too pretty to risk an accident!

I can't thank The Sedulous Sisters enough for making such a beautiful piece of art for our family to enjoy. It's such a festive-looking decor element for St. Patrick's Day, and matches my kitchen so well that I can use it all year long! I will cherish this piece, always!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to The Sedulous Sisters Etsy Shop to browse all of their beautiful creations! The sisters are also offering MBP readers a special discount! Use the code EXCLUSIVE30 to receive 30% off your order. This coupon is valid through April 30, 2014. Can't find what you're looking for or need help placing an order? Just sent the sisters an Etsy convo! They'd love to hear from you!

Special thanks to Grace of The Sedulous Sisters for allowing me to review this lovely hand painted and personalized item and allowing me to share about it on MBP!

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