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When I became a mom, I loved watching my new baby react to new sights, sounds and experiences. That sort of feeling stays with us as parents, as our children grow and experience new things every day. As hard as it is to believe that my sweet baby is now an inquisitive three-year-old, I still enjoy those moments where I see him truly enjoying something, and soaking up things like music, textures, visual experiences and knowledge.

Parents and co-founders of 3D Magic Factory, Kerry Miller Johnson and Pauline Saab, were on a mission to get kids singing, dancing and learning. In 2009, The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures was introduced to the world, and has been captivating toddlers and preschoolers ever since. The GiggleBellies are a bunch of lovable, colorful characters, living in a very beautifully animated world, all while introducing children to fun music, colors, shapes, sounds and more! The GiggleBellies have won numerous awards and accolades for acclaimed music DVDs, and their team is looking to deliver even more GiggleBellies content through a digital platform in 2014!

We have been big fans of The GiggleBellies ever since we discovered them through YouTube around the time B was six or seven months old. The first time we played a music video by The GiggleBellies for B, he was completely captivated! When we were offered the opportunity to share about The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures DVD collections, I was very excited, but then wondered if my three year old would still take an interest in these colorful characters and their fun music?

B was very excited to open up our package from the folks at 3D Magic Factory...

'What are these movies, mommy?'

'Look mommy- we have three! Let's count them together!'

As we removed an examined the DVDs that were sent to us, I could already tell that B was very excited and eager for me to pop one of the discs into the DVD player. I was also excited to tell him about The GiggleBellies, fun musical animal friends, who live in a magical, colorful, and very musical world, where they sing lots of B's favorite songs!

The Ultimate Fan Pack includes The GiggleBellies Volume 1, Volume 2 and Sweet Songs & Lullabies, along with a very special friend!

Meet Peanut, the Elephant!

I received a personal note from The GiggleBellies creators, Kerry and Pauline, which I thought was so wonderful! This showed me that they were genuinely excited to hear my thoughts on their products, and eager to learn about what B would think of them, as well. 

Peanut, the very silly, colorful elephant in an adorable plush pal!

B was so excited to meet Peanut the Elephant. He immediately asked me to get a drink of water for his new friend, so they could hang out together and watch The GiggleBellies.

We watched The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Volume One before lunch on the day it arrived. B was so very excited to see the colorful menu screen on our television. He grabbed his new pal, Peanut and got ready for their first big musical adventure together,

'Time for The GiggleBellies!'

Menu screen for The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures...

As a parent, I loved that the menu screen was colorful and eye-catching. Sometimes moms and dads need a minute to check the options out, without the kids screaming and tugging at their shirts, begging for them to press play! The options are great- you can play all of the songs, use the song selection and choose your child's favorite, select subtitles, select the continuous loop (which really comes in handy sometimes- just sayin'), etc.

What a colorful welcome!

Here comes the Gigglebelly Train!

To my delight, B was captivated from the moment the first music video began to play. Each music video is short- between two and three minutes, which is perfect for short little attention spans. My son hardly ever sits still for more than sixty seconds, unless he's tired (he's like his mommy), and to see him sit down and truly be mesmerized by these colorful videos, was wonderful!

He's up, but still watching, and is ready to dance!

Singing and dancing along with The GiggleBellies is so much fun!

The GiggleBellies Volume One runs for about thirty minutes, and features favorite songs like, The Wheels On the Bus,' 'Old MacDonald,' 'Peanut the Elephant,' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.' Volume Two includes favorites like, 'Itsy Bitsy Spider,' and 'If You're Happy and You Know It,' among others. These two DVDs have been playing over and over again during our free play periods at home. B isn't in a preschool program yet (we follow a home school curriculum), and I love incorporating this period of music and dance. I feel good about playing it, knowing that his mind is being stimulated, he is fully engaged, and he's usually being physically active when he watches it, because he loves to dance to the music. It's a fun time for us to spend together, laughing, singing and learning.

I may just love the Sweet Songs and Lullabies Collection best of all.It's about thirty-two minutes long, and is just visually stunning. There are ten music videos, which include, 'Good night, Sleep Tight,' and 'You Are My Sunshine.' These songs and videos really help to lull, even my busy little boy to sleep. At the end of a crazy day, we love to sit down as a family, and relax, enjoying the sweet sounds of these GiggleBelly lullabies. The animation and all of the visuals help B to relax, getting him ready for sleep mode.

B, settled on the couch with some of his friends, his new pal Peanut and a cup of milk before nap time, while watching The GiggleBellies Sweet Sounds and Lullabies.

It's easy to see why The GiggleBellies have won so many coveted awards, like 2013 DVD of the Year from Creative Child Awards, one of Dr. Toy's 10 Best DVD/Audio awards, a 2013 Family Choice Award and the Pixie Awards Platinum! Congratulations to The GiggleBellies team for a job well done! I owe my dad thanks for first introducing us to The GiggleBellies in 2011. I remember him telling me that he'd found something so wonderful, trippy and magical. The GiggleBellies is appropriate for ages 0+, and their videos are well loved by adults and children, alike! I'm so glad to have this amazing collection of beautifully animated music videos that are engaging, stimulating and just down right happy and fun for my child!

The GiggleBellies Volumes 1 & 2, and The GiggleBellies Sweet Songs & Lullabies each retail for  $14.98. Peanut the Playful Plush Elephant retails for $24.98.

The GiggleBellies Ultimate Fan Pack (which is what we received), retails for $62.92, and includes The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Volumes 1 & 2, Sweet Songs & Lullabies, as well as a Peanut the Elephant Plush toy. This set also includes special downloads, which you will need a computer for. You can download all of the songs from the music videos, lyric sheets, fun coloring sheets, and more!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to The GiggleBellies website to check out all of their amazing award winning DVDs and products! You can preview all of the songs and videos, directly online and order your favorite products, as well! MBP readers can also use the coupon code mom2014 to receive 10% off your purchases with no minimum purchase amount. Coupon code expires on March 31st, 2014. The GiggleBellies would love to connect with you, and we encourage you to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a GiggleBellies Triple Pack, featuring all of the DVDs that B and I reviewed above. This set retails for $39.94. Peanut the Elephant Pluch Toy is NOT included with this prize. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use our super easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win this wonderful prize!

Special thanks to The GiggleBellies Team at 3D Magic Factory for allowing us to review, experience and share about these wonderful musical DVDs and characters, and for allowing us to host an awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. I bet my 3 year old would also enjoy that lovable stuffed elephant. Peanut is so bright and happy looking!

  2. The GiggleBellies DVD Sweet Songs & Lullabies would be great for my little one.

  3. I liked The Wheels on the Bus growing up.

  4. I'd love to get my daughter the LULLABY DVD.

  5. Oh I would love the The GiggleBellies DVD Volume 1! Carter loves watching The Wheels ON The Bus on YouTube and would love to be able to watch it on TV too.

  6. I would definitely love the The GiggleBellies DVD Sweet Songs & Lullabies. My little guy LOVES music (its generally the only thing he will pay attention to on the TV).

  7. My favorite songs were those featured in Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid!

  8. Oh I loved Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, and In A Cabin In A Wood!

  9. Oh I also really loved Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes!

  10. LO would love peanut and sweet songs!

  11. I would love the Sweet Songs & Lullabies!

  12. I liked Itsy Bitsy Spider growing up. Now I'm terrified of spiders though so who knows what happened!

  13. The wheels on the bus growing up

  14. Sweet Songs & Lullabies dvd - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com


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