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Kantek Tablet Stand: Shoplet #Review

My parents surprised me with a really awesome Christmas gift this past Christmas... a brand new Nook HD Plus tablet. Oddly enough, I was the only member of my family, who didn't have a tablet. I'm pretty tech-savvy, and my hubby and I have lots of devices from our smart phones, laptops, MP3 players, audio recorders, digital cameras, e-readers, etc., but just didn't have the tablet. I was so excited to receive it, and knew it would be a wonderful tool for me- both for work, and play. 

Along with the tablet, my parents got me a wireless keyboard, which folds over, and allows the tablet to stand. I love the keyboard, and love that the tablet rests against it and stands up, but sometimes, I use my tablet for entertainment, or to grab a recipe from while cooking, and I need a reliable stand that can be easily moved, without having the keyboard attached, in reach of little fingers.

Looky, looky- 

Imagine my delight when I was offered the chance to review a new tablet stand by Kantek! This handy stand would allow me to quickly, easily and safely stand my tablet up, so we can watch something, so I can have it ready when I need it in the kitchen, or just for general work/entertainment use!

Kantek has been manufacturing quality computer and desk accessories, since 1982, and prides itself on providing customers with innovative, functional products.

Kantek product manuel, and tablet stand underneath.

This little man couldn't wait to check out the new tablet stand!

The Kantek Tablet Stand came individually packaged in thick plastic casing. I knew I was going to have trouble opening the product, so I waited until hubby came home, and let him do the hard work. I do not recommend allowing a child to open this package, i.e.- pre-teen or teenager, because of the hard, thick plastic that becomes very sharp after slicing it with scissors or elecronic device opener. It's a grown up job- for a grown up!

The pretty packaging fortold how we would be able to use the product...

The back of the package showed the actual product, laid flat.

After hubby safely opened the plastic packaging and removed the tablet stand, we placed it on the table to get a good look at it and feel for it, as well. The stand actually rotates on the base, allowing the user to quickly and easily turn it. It's very lightweight and turns with incredible ease. Honestly, it moves if you barely tap it.

The stand, folded and tilted upward, ready to show us what it can do!

The base of the tablet has four grooves or positions to angle the tablet...

We deemed the first groove the best for B's viewing pleasure, since he's just a little guy.

The stand works so well with my tablet, especially for things like this...

Saturday morning cartoons... a must on a lazy day at home!

Product Details

Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand
Provides easy access to your tablet.
Rotate and angle your tablet for optimum viewing in Landscape or Portrait position.
Multiple Angle Positions.
Shoplet.com Price: $19.99

No complaints, here!

What I love about the tablet stand, is that I can use it for both portrait and landscape views. A lot of tablet stands only allow you to stand in landscape view. My hubby has a great tablet stand, but after having it for just one year, it's falling to pieces, and often collapses on itself, which can damage the actual tablet. Since our devices are not cheap, we need reliable accessories, and I can already tell that the Kantek Tablet Stand is going to last us a long time.

I also love that I can get just the angle I want or need for our viewing pleasure, swivel it, and then push it out of my three-year-old's reach. He's not allowed to touch mommy's tablet (he has his own!), and this really works well for us!

Want It? Buy It!

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