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This year, my family and I are making a big effort to be healthier. This includes simple lifestyle changes, like drinking more water, getting more exercise and making some dietary changes, as well. Something that has been difficult for us, has been to cut carbs- my hubby is a bread, pasta and potato lover. I could take or leave the carbs and make a point to eat less in portion sizes at mealtime. Neither one of us are big on seafood, which sort of stinks, because it would be a much healthier choice for us than a lot of the entrees we're eating for meals. So, when we were given the opportunity to try some new products from Gorton's, I was up for the challenge.


Gorton's has been a household name for many years. They have been providing families with quality seafood since 1849, when Gorton's began with a father son team. The Gorton's were the very fist folks to pack salt-dried cod. Gorton's mission remains to share the goodness of fresh seafood with consumers. 'Trust the Gorton's Fisherman' is a beloved American jingle, and rings true, as Gorton's remains America's go-to seafood brand.

I wasn't sure exactly what our Gorton's experience would be like, but knowing full well that adding seafood to our diet would be good for our family, I was willing to give it a try.

Gorton's sent us an awesome gift pack!

Our package from the kind folks at Gorton's included five coupons to be redeemed for Gorton's product, two oven mits, a spatula and recipe cards- which was wonderful, because I know nothing about cooking or baking fish.

Striking blue oven mitts with The Gorton's Fisherman on them, and a handy spatula for cooking!

These coupons would allow us to select the Gorton's products we felt would work best for our family.

Here are some recipe cards we received for inspiration!

My hubby actually does like some seafood, like tuna steak, tilapia, clams, etc- so he was eager to head to the store to see what types of product we might enjoy from Gorton's. I am always willing to try just about anything... and I've tried lots of different types of seafood, so I didn't mind trying some new selections from Gorton's. We headed to the grocery store, and went to the frozen food aisle and then found the case that housed the Gorton's seafood products. I let my husband choose the products he most wanted to try.

Choice #1- Grilled Tilapia

Sacha selected mostly tilapia, because he said it was the least 'fishy' seafood out of all of the products available. Tilapia has a very mild flavor, and I have actually had it before, so I knew I would probably like the selections we made.

We first tried the grilled tilapia in roasted garlic and butter. We simply baked it in the oven, and served it with green beans and rice. I didn't want to go crazy over recipes, since I am pretty new to seafood. The fish was very tender, it didn't have a fishy smell, or taste. The roasted garlic and butter gave the tilapia a delicious flavor that I rather enjoyed, and so did Sacha.
Choice #2- Grilled Fillets

We have not yet had the grilled fillets, but my idea is to serve it up with roasted corn and zucchini. I can't wait to try it, considering how yummy I thought the grilled tilapia was!
Choice #3- Tilapia Fish Sticks

Fish sticks seem to be a family freezer staple. I can remember eating fish sticks as a child, and not complaining about it, because it's what my mother put in front of us at the dinner table. I have been trying to get my own son to eat fish sticks for quite some time, and really hoped that the Gorton's tilapia fish sticks would be a winner for him!

Gorton's Tilapia Fish Sticks, ready to go into the oven...

...and look how crispy they turned out to be!

I am pleased to say that we all enjoyed the tilapia fish sticks from Gorton's. They're really wonderful to have on hand for a quick meal- be it lunch or dinner, and they're extremely kid friendly! I have a feeling that we may be using our leftover Gorton's product coupons to purchase even more tilapia fish sticks, although I wouldn't mind more of the grilled tilapia! Yummy!

Want Some? Buy Some!

Gorton's seafood products are waiting for you at your local grocery store. Just head to the frozen food aisle and look for The Gorton's Fisherman! Gorton's has a huge selection of delicious, quality seafood for the whole family, and we highly recommend the new grilled seafood products (which will be wonderful to have on hand as it warms up), and of course- the fish sticks!

Be sure to head to the Gorton's website to learn more about Gorton's, and connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and you can also sign up for the Gorton's Newsletter.

Want Some? Win Some!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Gorton's prize pack, which includes two Gorton's oven mitts, one Gorton's spatula, and two coupons redeemable for free Gorton's product. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the easy peasy Raflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!


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