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Part of MBP's St. Patrick's Day Feature

March is almost here! I can tell by the change in the air- it's been windy, the skies have been blue, instead of grey, and I see little shoots of green on my rose bushes and on some of my other plants around my house.  With March comes the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Though I'm not Irish, my husband is a touch of Irish, which makes my son a teeny bit Irish. It's important to me that our son knows about his heritage, which is why we decided to have a little St. Patrick's Day celebration of our own this year. We're also celebrating here on MBP, showcasing some wonderful businesses who have some fun and festive products we think you'll really take a liking to.

My husband and my mother-in-law love Celtic inspired decor and jewelry, and over the years, I have come to love it, as well. So, when I found Hidden Worlds a few weeks ago, I was really captivated by their unique designs, and wanted to know more about the world behind them. I was so pleased to connect with Bette Durr, co-owner of Hidden Worlds. Bette and her husband Robb met forty years ago, while they were in art school. They have been working on projects together ever since, and share a love for creating beautiful pieces of art to share with the world. 

A few years ago, Robb, who was a sculptor for a toy company, was laid off. His job was outsourced to China. He and Bete had been visiting a garden center in the Amish country not long after that, and fell in love with the little fairy garden pieces they found. They wound up purchasing quite a few pieces to build their own unique fairy garden, and loved the process of putting it together in their own flwer bed, and then seeing the joy the little fairy garden brought to all who discovered it. The two of them put their heads together, and decided that they would design and make their own unique collection of fairy doors and accessories. Robb and Bette create their own molds, which are then cast and sculpted by Robb. The pieces then go to Bette for hand painting, and finishing touches.

My package from Hidden Worlds has arrived!

I'd never given much thought to having a fairy garden, but I do love to garden with a passion. My heart is bursting with joy and thanksgiving, to see new life springing up from the earth. This season, we are focusing on our backyard, and are wanting to dress up the patio area that my hubby constructed. I have a potting bench back there, and think that the flower beds along the patio would be the perfect spot for my little fairy garden. 

Bette and Robb were kind enough to send me one of their unique, beautiful Celtic fairy doors, to get my fairy garden collection started. I selected the green design, because I knew my husband would love that one. I anxiously awaited its arrival, and when it was delivered, I couldn't wait to see it!

My new Celtic fairy door from Hidden Worlds, all wrapped up...

The fairy door was packaged in bubble wrap for protection, and came with a hand written note fom Bette and Robb. I always appreciate the folks that we work with, taking the time to send us a little note... it really shows how important customer service is to them. 

Pretty little package from Hidden Worlds...

My package was wrapped up in green tissue paper, quite fitting for a St. Patrick's Day feature! It was also tied up with a lvely purple ribbon, and enclosed was a beautifully designed Hidden Worlds business card.

The scene on the Hidden Worlds business card looks like such a magical place!

As I unwrapped the Celtic fairy door, I couldn't help but be very excited! I mean, this is my very first fairy door, and the thought of building my own little fairy world for my garden sounds like so much fun! As I ran my fingers over the door, I began to notice all of the details. I love the shape of the door, for one- not round or square, but arched. The border around the door is so intricate and lovely. The green shade used on the actual door is one of our family's favorite colors, and the detail in the little boards make it look so realistic!

A beautiful door for a beautiful little place...

My husband really loves the Celtic knot at the top of the door. It's beautifully woven, and the green and dark grey/black make it stand out from the actual door. The little gold details are also lovely, and set the door apart. The little hinges and handles are so delicate!

Just look at the detail in this beautiful piece of art... all had painted, my friends!

The door is free standing, as it has its own base. The door is made of a durable resin material, with a smooth back. Each piece is signed by Bette and Robb. Though the door is durable, and made to stand up to indoor/outdoor use in most types of weather, it is recommended that it be brought indoors in harsh climates.

I know that I am keeper of a very special piece of art that I will cherish for years to come!

Designing and building my fairy garden will be the next step I take. I am so excited for spring, and have planted some pansies in my pots and planters to give a little pop of color. Spring is coming, but I can't do too much in the way of planting just yet, because you never know when one last cold blast will decide to blow through. So, the building of my fairy garden will have to hold off for a few more weeks. For the moment, my new Celtic fairy door from Hidden Worlds, is on my front porch, sitting in between two flower pots on a little planter bench, and is already drawing attention from my mail carrier and some of our neighbors who often stop by to say hello.

Hidden Worlds has a beautiful collection of fairy doors and garden accessories. It's really the perfect place to go, if you're looking to start your own little fairy garden, or if you're looking to add some new accessories to an existing one!

Check out some of these lovely handmade accessories from Hidden Worlds...

Fairy Home Mushroom - orange
Fairy Home Mushroom

Fairy Door Tree Stump
Fairy Door Tree Stump

Fairy Garden Starter Kit - door, mailbox, table and chairs
Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Customized Fairy Garden Sign
Create your own sign

Arched Fairy Garden window box window
Arched Fairy Garden Window with Window Box

Aren't these just the most beautiful and adorable little fairy garden pieces you've ever seen? They do look lovely in these photos, but let me tell you- they are stunning up close and personal! I  am going to have so much fun constucting my own little fairy garden, and I can't wait to add even more pieces from Hidden Worlds to it!

If you have a fairy garden of your own, you will definitely want to browse the entire collection of available fairy garden doors and accessories from Hidden Worlds. If you don't have a fairy garden, and are interested in starting one this season, this is a wonderful place to start! The starter kit would make a beautiful gift for a birthday, for Mother's Day, or for a special 'just because' gift! I am thinking of purchasing a little set for my mother-in-law, who loves fairies!

Woodland Fairy Checkbook Covers a

Hidden World Designs available from Check Advantage!

That's right- Check Advantage has teamed up with Robb and Bette of Hidden Worlds, and their beautiful designs are being offered as checkbooks, covers, address labels, and more! This is an incredibly exciting step for the Durr's, and we're thrilled for them! Be sure to check out their artist profile here, and learn more about this special series of check designs from Check Advantage!

I am hoping to make my own little fairy garden just as beautiful as the ones shown in some of the above photos. My green thumbs are itching to create a beautiful new little world, all my own- with some very special pieces designed and handmade by the very talented duo Robb and Bette. I can't thank them enough for opening my eyes and my heart to a magical new world in my own backyard!

Green Hobbit/Fairy Door

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Hidden Worlds to learn more about Robb and Bette and to browse their entire collection of fairy doors and fairy garden accessories. You can also take a look at their wonderful Hidden Worlds Etsy shop for even more fairy fun and whimsical charm! Hidden Worlds is social and would love to connect with you through Hidden Worlds on Facebook.

Celtic Fairy Door

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Celtic Fairy Door, in their choice of color- green or brown. Remember that these are handmade and hand painted, and each one is truly unique! This magical giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Bette and Robb of Hidden Worlds for allowing my family to experience the magic of these beautiful pieces and inspiring us to build our own special little world! We also thank Hidden Worlds for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway for our amazing readers!

Good luck!


  1. These are all so adorable! I just love the Red Fairy Door and all the other ones!

  2. My daughter already started a little fairy garden using rocks, flowers, mushrooms and a few crafts we created. This would be the perfect touch!

  3. My fairy garden will have vines, little houses and tiny benches.

  4. My fairy garden would have lots of flowers and tiny houses with swings and benches. This shop has such adorable items!


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