Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Opposite Day, Spouse's Day and Comic Books!

Last weekend was amazing! Although we didn’t get to do everything we had planned, we still managed to do a lot of it, including making some Jiffy Pop on National Popcorn Day. It was pretty neat, but because of certain restrictions (you are not supposed to use it on a ceramic stove top, which is what we have) it took a little long and our girls lost interest while Matt and I both lost feeling in our right arms from shaking it over the Sterno stove. This weekend we’ll be celebrating another “holiday” and just enjoying our time together.

The Wigglesworths

 Today is Opposite Day and as much fun as I could have with this, I think it would be too confusing for our girls and probably a little annoying to most of the adults I know. I think we might actually have to go grocery shopping, but first Drew must go (at her request) on her first Comic Book Store outing! Matt is pretty excited that she asked, and honestly so am I. Since we have two girls I’m always a little concerned that they will drive him up the wall with princess, Barbie, and other such girly things, but so far they are both turning out pretty well rounded. Drew LOVES superheroes. Her favorite is Steve Rogers/Captain America, but she also loves Peter Parker/Spiderman, and Tony Stark/Ironman. Perhaps Matt will end up taking Drew, instead of all 4 of us going.This way they can enjoy some Daddy/Daughter time while bonding over a shared interest. I think Drew will love it. Reese and I can stay home and read some Thomas the Train books and draw pictures.Then, when Drew gets home we can hear all about what she discovered at the comic book store with Daddy! I’m already excited for her!

Tomorrow is Spouse's Day and I’d love to surprise my husband. As much as I’d like to make it a day long event, we will actually be pretty busy during much of the day. According to the Holiday Insights website,  it’s not so much about gift giving as it is about expressing how much you love your spouse and appreciate them. Still, I think I am going to leave a basket of “movie snacks” on the driver’s seat of our car tonight, with a note indicating that we will have an at home movie night once the girls go to bed. If all goes as planned, he’ll find the basket in the morning before church, he will be looking forward to our “date” all day, and we’ll both actually stay awake and watch the movie! 

Well, now that you know about our plans… what are YOU doing this weekend? We’d love to hear about it, so let us know by leaving a comment below :-) 



  1. Tomorrow is my birthday so it's Sushi night with the husband. Can't wait :)

  2. It sounds like a well-rounded weekend with the ones you love. Ours will be pretty boring, but just the way I like it. ;) We're staying out of the cold and catching up on some reading, knitting, and other hobbies. We might even play a few games together. It's always nice to have the time to stay home now and then.

  3. Nothing exciting here this weekend. Cleaning and family time. Relaxing!

  4. This weekend we had soccer tryouts, scouts, and tomorrow is mass and religion class - followed by grandparent time on both sides of the family. BUSY!

  5. We are planning on making 3 different kinds of pizza for all three meals, shovel out our vehicle since we got another 6 inches of snow last night and just stay warm! ;)


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