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When Christmas rolled around and my family members started asking me for my Christmas list, I let my hubby know that one thing I really didn't need was jewelry. Truth be told, I am crazy picky about my jewelry. I don't do big, bling-y, or over the top. I like my jewelry to reflect my personality- simple, subtle, classy (or so I like to think). All of this said, sometimes a piece of jewelry really does stand out to me... perhaps because of its look, uniqueness, or even function. This year, I'm trying to tune into myself, and my needs and take better care of myself. My husband is constantly scolding me for taking care of others, volunteering my rear off, pounding away at the keyboard, and overlooking the fact that I am neglecting my personal wellness. So, in an effort to take better care of myself, I'm making time for yoga and pilates, prayer, devotions and reflection- daily. No excuses. I'm also looking for easy ways to relax- something I'm not so good at doing.

As I began to work toward putting together a fabulous Valentine's Day Guide for Mommy's Block Party this year, I really wanted to include some unique gifts and ideas. Picky as I am, I do love jewelry, and my parents, husband and son have given me some gorgeous pieces to cherish. Jewelry is such a popular Valentine's Day gift, and if you're looking for a jewelry gift that is beautiful, unique and every bit as lovely as the lady you want to give it to, you're going to love this!

I was fornuate enough to find Bliss Absolute, and connect with its owner, Inna. Inna hails from Philadelphia, PA, and began an Etsy shop in 2011, because she truly loves essential oils. Inna shares that her unique essential oil lockets are one of the best ways to use and enjoy theraputic essential oils. Inna uses only certified pure theraputic essential oils with her products. I was so interested in what an aromatherapy locket could do for personal relaxation, that I just had to reach out to Inna!

Lucky for me, Inna was on board with sharing her products with Mommy's Block Party, and she sent me a special package!

My package from BlissAbsolute, all wrapped up...

Inna and I both agreed that this would make a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day. As I opened the wrapped package from BlissAbsolute, I was so tickled to see the tiny pink bags, decorated with silver hearts. What a thoughtful, and festive touch for Valentine's Day!

One for me, and one for one of you lucky readers!

But first- my new locket...

Inna had messaged me, asking my preference on the locket. I told her that I would love the black beads with crystals, and also selected my preferred length. I could see the necklace peeking through the drawstring bag, and couldn't wait to take it out and have a look at it.

Aromatherapy locket with black beads and crystals.

Here, you can see the gorgeous design on the 1" filigree silver locket, being held onto the necklace by the silver and crystal 'o' charm.

The necklace is also accented with four crystal beads, which offset the black beads.

As beautiful as the necklace was, and as badly as I wanted to just put it right around my neck and wear it, I was so excited to check out the aromatherapy aspect of this piece of jewelry. I knew that I definitely needed to try and relax, because like a lot of moms, I feel that I am under almost constant stress, suffer from high anxiety and am ready to find alternatives to medicine to correct that.

My package from BlissAbsolute included a small sample sized vile of essential oils, and a small plastic pouch, containing six tiny felt squares.

Inna's instructions were pretty simple. The tiny felt square sits inside of the locket. My locket came with a felt square, already in place- a dark blue color. If you look closely, you can see bits of the color through the filigree openings of the silver locket.

The face of my locket. I love the large size, and the gorgeous design!

In order to use the locket to its full potential, I needed to sprinkle just a few drops of the essential oil onto the tiny felt pad. This was easy to do. I simply opened up the essential oils, put a few drops on the felt square, and then placed the felt square back inside of the locket, and then closed the locket back up.

Use one of the felt squares to hold the drops of the essential oil.

Put the felt square back in its place, close, and then you're ready to wear it.

I was very excited to actually wear this necklace. I knew that I would receive the full benefit of the essential oils by wearing the locket, instead of just playing with it. The essential oil never touches the skin, as its held by the felt pad. This is ideal for people who may have skin sensitivities to oils or perfumes. It's the perfect way for someone with these issues to still be able to enjoy their favorite scents.

Me, wearing the aromatherapy necklace for the first time.

The essential oil sample that same with my necklace is a Wild Orange Essential Oil, and it's meant to elevate your mood, increase energy and protect you during flu season. The first time I wore my aromatherpay necklace from BlissAbsolute, I was in love with it. Not only is it a beautiful necklace, the essenial oils are so calming. As soon as I hooked the necklace around my neck, the aroma of the wild orange scent filled the air around me. Within about thirty minutes, I really did begin to feel more energized- which is a god thing, because it was the end of the work day, and I was heading out for date night with my hubby!

The necklace looked so lovely with a black tank and open cardigan for date night!

Close up of this beautiful necklace, decorating my neck...

My husband loves this neklace. He thinks it's pretty, and that the way it holds and releases the essential oil scent is so cool. He was able to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils on date night, as we sat close to one another during dinner, and caught a movie afterward.

For $29.00, this is an absolutely beautiful, unique and thoughtful gift, and would be perfect for Valentine's Day! It can be personalized from the chain length to the bead color. Just check the item listing for details.

But wait- BlissAbsolue has so many more gorgeous designs that I'm so excited for you to see...

Beautiful lockets to choose from...

Gorgeous glass, too!

Silver perfection with a pop of color

If gold is more your style...

Lovely band and locket combnation

Any of these designs would be such a wonderful gift! Though these are wonderful for Valentine's Day, I can't help but think what a nice gift this would be for a new mom, or perhaps someone who is recovering from or battling an illness. I can honestly say that my experience with the necklace I received has been so enjoyable. When I'm not wearing my necklace as part of my outfit for the day, I slip it on each morning, after I do my yoga routine. It helps me stay relaxed and focused as I start my day.

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to BlissAbsolute to take a look at all of these beautifully designed pieces by Inna. You can also find more designs at the BlissAbsolute Etsy Shop. Click here to find certified theraputic grade essential oils. Have a question for Inna? Feel free to ask it here, or send her an Etsy convo.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own gorgeous silver lace filigree locket on a silver chain. This comes packaged in a drawstring bag (like mne did), and includes felt pads and the essential oil sample for use. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win!

Special thanks to Inna of BlissAbsolute for allowing me to experience the beauty and relaxation of this beautiful necklace, and for offering our readers the chance to win one, as well!

Good luck & namaste!

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