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Our new year has been off to a pretty good start. One of the best changes that I have noticed, is in my son. He's been terrible about eating at mealtimes since he was a super tiny guy. We've spent countless nights up at 3 am, because he was hungry, due to him refusing to eat his dinner. I'm hoping not to jinx anything, here, but B has been eating like a champ since Christmas- at every mealtime, and I am so happy about that. No parent wants to spend their entire mealtime fighting their kids to get them to eat.


I can't take the credit for this behavioral change, though. I have a feeling that it's partially due to us introducing a new set of dishes to B for his meals. Strange as it sounds, kids are more likely to spend time at the table and eat their meals if they're free from distractions, and if their dinnerware is intriguing. So, when the kind folks at one of our favorite companies, Bumpidoodle reahced out to me and offered us the chance to review a set from their new line of children's dishes and aprons, which launched in the fall of 2013, I jumped at the chance! I was eager to see what Bumpidoodle had created, and whether or not my three year old son would take to it.

We've been fans of Bumpidoodle for quite a while, as they created a line of absolutely adorable floor cushions and pillows for kiddos. You may remember our review of Marley Mouse, which you can check out, here.

Toby Turtle Dish Set by Bumpidoodle

Bumpidoodle just released some seriously cute dish sets and aprons for kids, all based around their already well known and beloved characters. I asked for Toby the Turtle for B, because he's fascinated by turtles, and I thought Toby would make a great mealtime companion.

Our Toby Turtle Dish Set straight out of the box...

I couldn't wait to get Toby out of the box, washed and dried and set up for our first meal with him. Toby is a lovable turtle, who is best friends with Parker Pig. His big smiling face would put a smile on your face, too! The kid's dish set is a five piece melamime set, which includes a plate, bowl, fork, spoon and tumbler. The tumblers are BPA free, and the melamime dish set is very durable.

Here's Toby at our kitchen table, ready to go for lunch time!

What an adorable set!

My favorite piece from the set- the tumbler. It's glittery in between the layers!

When I called B into the kitchen for our lunch, he was so excited to see a new set of dishes on the table. He immediately said, 'Look mommy, a turtle!' I made some introductions, and let B know that Toby is one of Marley Mouse's friends. He was very excited to hear that, and then begged to have his lunch with Toby.

B, checking out his new bowl...

...and of course, the sparkly new cup!

When it was time to eat, B did so quite happily! He had no trouble using the utensils, or drinking from the tumbler. He ate his lunch without me having to ask him to take bites a milion times, which was wonderful, because it meant that we could sit and talk and have a pleasant meal together, which usually isn't the case.

'Sing it with me, Toby- Are you a rock star? Yeah, yeah!'

I hand washed the dish set when we were finished with lunch, because I wanted to set it out again at supper time. The dish set is, however, top rack dishwasher safe. This set is not for microwave use, though! We love having our meals with Toby Turtle, and we're thinking about adding some more Bumpidoodle dish sets to our collection, since B seems to love Toby so much! Along with the tumblers and dish sets, Bumpidoodle also offers glitter sippy cups with a handle and straw, regular sippy cups, and 3D sippy cups!

And that's not all, folks...

Toby Turtle Apron

We also received one of Bumpidoodle's new Kids Aprons! We chose Toby Turtle to go along with our new dish set. Since B loves to help out in the kitchen, and I am always happy to let him, a new apron for 2014 was in order. He's definitely outgrown his old ones, and this brightly green colored smiling turtle face puts us both in a great mood when we're floating around the kitchen together!

The Bumpidoodle aprons are 21" wide x 25" long, are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable. They are easily adjustable by the tie backs and they're comfy for kids to wear. The other apron we previously has for B was so stiff, he refused to wear it. This one is durable, but soft. B had no problem wearing it while we worked on some art projects, and played with play-doh after the holidays. He usually wears his apron for all of two minutes and then rips it off and throws it on the floor. I am pleased to say that Toby Turtle lasted the duration of our project and play time! I can't wait for B to don his new apron when we make homemade pizzas later in the week! It's one of our favorite family night at home activities!

Bumpidoodle has so many adorable dish sets, aprons and floor cushions for your little ones, and I'd definitely recommend these to those of you who have little ones, especially if they love animals!

Dillon Dog Dish Set

Ellie Elephant 3D Sippy Cup

Leonard Lion Sippy Cup with Handle

Bumpidoodle Floor Cushions

Displaying Ellie Elephant Apron.jpg
Ellie Elephant Apron

With so many adorable character to choose from, you might just have to collect all of them! We love having Marley Mouse and Toby Turtle in our home! Bumpidoodle makes it easy for your family to get to know and interact with these cute pals, right on their website! Plus, there are lots of free coloring pages for you to print out for the kids, too! Be sure to take a look!

Want It? Buy It!

Ready to add some of these lovable Bumpidoodle characters to your family? Head on over to Bumpidoodle to shop their entire selection of dish sets, aprons and floor cushions! You can also connect with Bumpidoodle through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Displaying Mason Monkey Apron.jpg
Win this- Mason Monkey Apron!

Displaying Mason Monkey Dish Set.jpg
Win this- Mason Monkey Dish Set!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Mason Monkey Apron and Dish Set from Bumpidoodle! Mason Monkey is too cute, and you'll love having him hangin' around your kiddo(s)! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This giveaway is open to US residents, only, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Bumpidoodle for allowing us to review their new products, and for offering this special giveaway for our readers! We can't wait to see what Bumpidoodle will come up with next!

Good luck!

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