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Jess' Journey; The Road To A Healthier Me

Jess’ Journey

I Hit A Wall

So I have been on my journey for almost 20 weeks and I’ve lost 20lbs. That may sound like it is a good thing, but I haven’t lost any more weight since before Christmas. I know with the holidays it was really hard to eat right but I did really well. Now that it’s colder than a well diggers nose, salads and crisp fruit just don’t cut it. I want warm and comforting, not cool and refreshing. Anyone have any comfort food recipes that are good for you? I’ve got one for veggie lasagna and plenty of soup recipes but I can only eat soup and lasagna so many times before I'm tired of it.

I’ve also not been exercising like I wanted. I’ve been sick since before Christmas with different things and I'm just now starting to feel better. That being said, the exercise part of my journey needs to get started and quick because I promised my sister Id run a 5k with her this summer… HOW DO YOU GET MOTIVATED???!!! I have a treadmill at home and the street is always available to use but before I got sick, I just keep coming up with excuses. Id love to have a personal trainer or a gym membership, but they cost an incredible amount of money that I don’t want to waste. Honestly, I need someone to just come to my house at 5am and yell at me until I get my lazy butt out of bed… any takers? =) Lucky for me…and you(there’s a giveaway) I get to review a pedometer from Vanessa and Avon in the next few weeks so that will force me to get moving!!

In all seriousness though, I'm proud of my progress and I still want to keep going. I'm not giving up, I’ve just hit a wall. Slowly with the help of family and friends, I’ll tear it down and get myself back in gear. Thanks for sticking with me on this! 


  1. 20 pounds is awesome! What kinds of things do you enjoy eating and cooking? I live in New England, so I have tons of cold weather recipes :-)

  2. Are you using a site like My Fitness Pal? You may want to. As wonderfully as you're doing with eating, sometimes having your macros (fat, carbs, protein, individual elements like magnesium and potassium) off can cause plateauing. And as counterintuitive as it may seem... eat more. Your body may be stopping because you need to change it up a bit.

    Congratulations on your weight loss!

  3. Hey, 20 pounds is nothing to sneeze at either. I hear you about the motivation too. I keep saying that I'll get out and exercise, tomorrow..Hopefully, I'll get my butt in gear soon.

  4. Thanks everyone! I really love simple things like mac and cheese. Nothing with tons of spices or anything like that. I am using myfitnesspal and it has really helped me track my food. I just need it to make me exercise too!!!

  5. That is awesome! I have that much to lose still from having my last baby. I could use tips and tricks!


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