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Need to Warm Up? Throw on Some Layers from Independent Scentsy Consultant- Kim Getchell! #Review

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner--eek! I don't know where January went, maybe between all the school cancellations and delays I just missed it all. I know this Valentine's Day, I want to spend some time with my wonderful husband and celebrate. I know you really should be thankful and loving all year round, and we truly are, but I do think we make an extra effort amidst our crazy life on Valentines.

We don't go out and have a fancy dinner, we usually make something a little nicer or grab something from a local restaurant and bring it home, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get a bit dolled up for him. I am sure my yoga pants, sweatshirt, and ponytail are lovely, but a shower and some nicer clothes would probably be much appreciated. I was super happy when one of our great Spotlight Sponsors contacted me because it would be perfect for fancying myself up for Valentine's Day.

Scentsy is a direct sales company that specializes in safe ways to freshen and lighten up your home. More recently, Scentsy has expanded to offer a new product line that showcases their amazing scents in a personal and laundry care line. The line is called Layers by Scentsy and allows customers to not only wear Scentsy on their skin, but also within their clothing. I am a huge fan of the fragrances they offer and knew that the Layers by Scentsy would be a hit too.
I have gotten to work with Kim a few other times over the past and she is always prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. She knows her company and strives to provide great customer service to all her customers. To check out another review of Kim, click here.
My package from Independent Scentsy Consultant Kim is here!

 Great care is always used when shipping their products. I appreciate this, no worries about broken or damaged items.

 Wow! What a surprise to see a great selection of Scentsy products to try out. The Layers by Scentsy items are really neat looking and they aren't even all the way unwrapped yet, I can't wait!

 Kim sent me four different things from The Layers by Scentsy Line. I love the red, perfect for Valentine's Day. Kim sent all items in the Love Story fragrance-one of my favorites! Love Story is a combination of jasmine, amber, and dark chocolate rolled into one. It is very pleasant and rich all at once, but not overpowering. I really enjoy the scents that Scentsy uses, I have not had one that seemed fake or too heavy.

 The first item I came across was the Layers by Scentsy Shower Cream.

An 8 ounce container of smooth and silky shower cream that retails for $12. The shower cream is really great and it will last because it does not take much at all to wash up. My skin feels so soft after I use it and I have a faint scent of Love Story still lingering. I also think this would make a great shaving cream because of the thickness.

The second item I found was the Layers by Scentsy Body Butter. 
 A 6 ounce container of creamy body butter that retails for $12. Again in the yummy Love Story scent, this body butter is thick and goes on really well. This is not lotion, it is much thicker and does not require much to apply. It absorbs into the skin, but does take a little while (make sure to wait a bit before putting clothes on) and if you wait, it does not leave a greasy feeling like some other butters I have tried.
The third item in the package was the Layers by Scentsy Bath Tablets.
 A 5 tablet container of individually wrapped tablets, perfect for a relaxing bath, and retails for $10. I am a bath girl and since Baby C was born, I haven't gotten to take the time to really relax in the tub. These tablets gave me the perfect reason to do just that. They are packaged in a really neat little box, that can easily sit on the edge of the tub, ready for action. You just unwrap one tablet, drop it in, and your normal water now has a great Scentsy fragrance that lingers even after you are done.
The last item from Kim was the Layers by Scentsy Body Spray.
A 4.4 ounce spray that retails for $8. This is probably my favorite item of the four. Love Story is a refreshing, flirty fragrance and sometimes you just need a splash of something. I think this is that. It is not overwhelming or too perfumey, which is something no one enjoys. It really only takes one spray to freshen up and lasts quite a long time. I even let S splash some on when we are going out so she can smell like Mommy.
With all these amazing body care items, I am sure to be attracting my husband just a bit more come Valentine's Day. Love Story is just one of the many Scentsy fragrances offered and can be found in the romance section of the Layers by Scentsy section--what are you waiting for!?!
Want It? Buy It!
Scentsy has some amazing products right now, so head over and see what Kim has going on. Check out the scent and warmer of the month, you don't want to miss out. Interested in HOSTing a Scentsy party or JOINing a team, Kim can help you with that.

 Thanks to our Independent Scentsy Consultant Kim!


  1. I've never tried these products but love the packaging and seems as something I would definitely use!

  2. I never knew that scentsy had body stuff as well! I thought they were just candles...thanks for sharing!!!


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