Crayola Dome Light Designer Review

Christmas may be over but that doesn't mean Winter break from school is.  Luckily we have been busy most of break and I haven't heard "I'm bored" because that means "Mom, find us something to do!" If I had heard that, I know that crafts would have been my go to over and over. You can never do too many crafts, especially during the holidays.
When it comes to crafting and supplies, I know I can trust Crayola to provide quality and affordable products. Our back to school supply lists are always filled with Crayola supplies and I remember my parents buying Crayola products for us when we were little.
Based out of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Crayola has been inspiring children's creations for over 100 years. Started by cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith, Crayola makes safe, quality, affordable crayons, arts and crafts tools, and toys for kids of all ages to explore and create.
Crayola loves to develop products that show kids new ways to create, one of those ways is with light. The highly successful Crayola Digital Light Designer inspired them to introduce a full line of Light Designers that use both lights and animation.
These new products included:
Lets kids draw and animate on three light up panels to create colorful animations and light shows
Lets kids create and animate by using their favorite toys, pictures, or people using transparent panels
With a huge drawing surface for kids to draw and animate
We were lucky enough to partner with Crayola and check out one of their newest products, the Crayola Dome Light Designer.
   With the Dome Light Designer, kids can create cool designs on a 360 degree domed drawing surface and can even insert their favorite action figures through the open base to create their own awesome scenes.

Our Crayola package is here!
The Dome Light Designer is here and looks awesome!
 For ages 6+ and retailing for $27.99, Crayola has created a really neat new light option for kids to explore and draw.
 B can't wait to try out the new Crayola Dome Light Designer
The Crayola Dome Light Designer is designed to let kids draw on a 360 degree domed surface and internal flat panel. With an open base to insert toys or objects, kids can create cool scenes along with their personal drawings, turn on the lights and watch it all come to life. It has action buttons to select different animation and light sequences and effects. The Dome Light Designer comes with 4 mini gel markers for drawing and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).
We first took the Dome out of the packaging and installed the batteries
 Then, following the instructions, we looked online to find some design ideas. This is a great touch. We visited the Crayola site specifically designed for Dome Light Designer ideas. B selected his favorite and we printed it out.
 B then traced his cutout design from the Crayola website on to the Dome Light Designer flat panel plate.
This was a really easy way for him to draw something a bit more advanced.
 Then we inserted the flat panel in to the dome and B traced more pictures on the dome.
Check out our first Dome Light Designer creation
We were very happy with our Crayola Dome Light Designer and have used it over and over. Both kids seem to enjoy creating and letting the lights go to work animating their designs.
Want It? Buy It!
See what you can create by visiting Crayola. Make sure you stay connected with Crayola through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for fun and exciting products and ideas.
Many thanks to Crayola!

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