Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Bummas Cloth Wipes #Review + #Giveaway

**Since we at MBP like to bring an assortment of things to our readers, it makes sense that we offer a range of maternity and newborn items right now. We searched around for some of the best maternity companies we could find and we have been blessed with some amazing products.**

Having a baby comes with lots of fun things and a handful of not so nice things. One of those not so nice things is dirty diapers. Dirty diapers means wiping, and wipes are a lot for baby's delicate skin. I know my kids always have had to use the sensitive skin, unscented wipes because if they didn't, it seemed to cause diaper rash. The painful, red irritation is something no parent wants to see their baby, but it does happen.
I know when all of my kids, baby C included have had a rash, I needed to treat it before it got worse. I was quick to jump to ointments and even powder as they got older and found them semi effective. I was so thrilled when we found a company that I just knew would be a great alternative to using wipes and ointments.
Bummas is a company that was created by new parents (aren't the best ideas from new parents?) and based in California. After hearing tons of advice on all things baby, (things like "Use the wet commercial wipes, don’t use the wet commercial wipes, use gauze; use whatever is handy to block the pee; use another diaper to block the pee; don’t use that, use this; use powder to dry them off, don’t use powder-it contains talc and studies have linked talc to cancer.”) they realized they were not hearing how to dry off their little guys parts during and after clean up. They set to work to find the best way to help soak up some wetness and Bummas were born. Bummas are a soft, absorbent, colorful baby cloth that, when wet, can be used in place of a wipe, used as a cover to prevent any accidents during changing, or used as the final step of drying off those sensitive parts before putting on a new diaper. Tada! Dry skin helps prevent diaper rash and you won't even need the ointments or powders. Bummas are pretty great.

I was so excited to get to work with Bummas and try them out on Baby C. I worked with Casey, who is pleasant and helpful. She offered to send us a package of Bummas and offer one as a giveaway to our readers, so make sure you enter below. Casey also let me know that Bummas had received the seal of approval from PTPA and an award for Eco-Excellence as well.


Our Bummas package is here!

 We were sent the Wild Bummas
They come in a nice little package of ten and retail for $15. I love the assortment of colors, perfect for boys or girls. The detail in the packaging is very nice too. The saying on the front is adorable too-"After the wipe and before the dipe. Use a soft kiss of cloth to dry the bum off. Keep diaper rash at bay the Bummas way!" You can also easily open the exterior to get to the Bummas.

  All ten of my new Bummas ready to head to the washing machine, after many washings they are still in great shape. My favorite Bumma is the dark blue with green trim.

All of the Bummas are made with 100% cotton and woven velour terry cloth, making them soft and comfy for baby bottoms. They are a great size too, each measuring 5" x 7". I love that they can be used over and over again, quite a money saver, especially when we are really starting to crack down on our budget. Cutting down on wipes and ointment is a big help on the wallet. While you can use them as wipes, I also use them as washcloths for bathtime. They are perfect for scrubbing Baby C down and hold the soap really well. I love our Bummas and they have many uses in our house, they have been a great addition!

Check out Bumma's other fun color options, all retailing for $15
and the newest release-Trendy

Want It? Buy It!
You can never have enough baby wipes, so check out Bummas to grow your stash. I know they have been my go-to and they can be for you too. You can also follow Bummas on Facebook for important facts, photos, findings, and products. Have questions or need some extra help with your Bummas? Contact customer service here. Looking to find Bummas in store, check here to see if there is a retailer near you.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a set of your own set of Bummas, winners choice. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thank you to Casey and Bummas!


  1. Wow! I wish I had those when my kids were little! But I know a few people with little ones that these would make great gifts for!

  2. Yes, I would love to try these out. We are trying to go as green as possible with our little one.

  3. These are amazing. We actually have some at our home. I love using the older ones to polish shoes. They hold up for ever!

  4. that's amazing! reusable baby diaper wipes? who knew? where were these when kids were little?

  5. I'm still trying to decide if I want to use cloth wipes or not. We've cloth diapered for years and I have cloth wipes but I still don't use them. I really need to find out a nice solution to use so I can try them out.

  6. Yes, we use wipes and ointments on the littl one

  7. I wish this was open to Canada too! I really need more wipes :(

  8. I don't currently but my friend is going to have her baby in a month!

  9. We use cloth wipes for my daughter, with coconut oil if needed for rash!

  10. We are cloth diapering here, so most ointments are out. Wipes and a little coconut oil is what we use here.

  11. We will be cloth diapering so no ointments and I am trying to get our wipe-stash together before baby gets here.
    me_juliet AT hotmail DOT com

  12. I do use wipes and ointments, I would love to start using washable wipes with my daughter due in a few weeks! I am learning different products and brands that are good to use!

  13. I love the wild Bummas! The other colors are nice as well, but I love the variety of bright colors!


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