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**Since we at MBP like to bring an assortment of things to our readers, it makes sense that we offer a range of maternity and newborn items right now. We searched around for some of the best maternity companies we could find and we have been blessed with some amazing products.**

After I have a baby, I have baby chub that just sort of hangs around. Now that I have had three babies in the last 7 years, I have had a lot of baby chub and I am ready for it to be gone. I know it is a battle scar of amazing things my body did, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the extra bulges to be showing off either.

I was lucky enough to have discovered shapewear after my first baby and have worn it over the years when I needed it. It makes me feel more confident and pulled together, especially when wearing something more form fitting. I knew that after baby C was born that I would continue to need some shapewear, especially with some special occasion activities coming up.

I found a company called Belly Bandit and contacted them about working with us on our pregnancy/maternity/baby reviews. They quickly agreed to partner with us once baby arrived and we would figure out what products of theirs would best suit us to showcase.
Belly Bandit was created for women, by women. Women who know what it is like to look put together and smoothed out when they are out and about with a post pregnancy body. They focus on creating new, helpful, and quality products for moms of all kinds. Belly Bandit is the top post pregnancy shape wear collection recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas, fitness experts, and other new moms.
I worked with Kari and post partum, although Belly Bandit is known for their signature item, the Belly Bandit, Kari suggested the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank. I knew this would be a great choice, since over the coming year I would be nursing baby C and occasionally needing some extra help in the shapewear department.
Designed in an ultra-soft breathable knit, The Mother Tucker™ nursing tank has been engineered to offer exceptional underwire-free support, slide-over cups for discreet nursing access, and not one, but three strategic zones of compression to flatten your belly, tame muffin top and battle back bulge. Signature details include a 3” anti-roll bottom, tummy flattening center and extra-wide straps for superior shoulder comfort. When worn consistently, this Mother may help postpartum stretch marks by containing loose skin, as well as perfect your posture. Let the Mother Tucker® be your secret to a sexy silhouette.
  • Easy pull-side nursing access without snaps or flaps
  • Extra-wide adjustable straps for comfort
  • Smoothes “muffin top”
  • Tummy-flattening center
  • Three-inch anti-roll bottom
  • Hold its shape, wash after wash
  • Three targeted compression zones
  • Seamless, breathable knit
  • Perfect alone or under clothes
I think the name is hilarious and you have to do a double take to make sure you did read it correctly. I couldn't wait to get it and try it out.

My package from Belly Bandit is here!
 I love the packaging it comes in. It is colorful and bright and full of fun things. I knew that if the outside of the package was this fun, the things inside would be pretty great too.
I had to quickly open the bag up and see what was inside. Even though I knew the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank was there, I was surprised by the few extras that came too.
This fun bag is really stylish and S thought she needed to possess it immediately. I keep finding it around the house with different pieces of jewelry that she has hidden in it. It is a great size and shape and I love the colors.
There also was a booklet and pen in the package. I love this pen and it has a safe place in the diaper bag for all my needs. There was also a little book full of Belly Bandit products, information, and fun facts. I enjoyed the Kourtney Kardashian information and her Limited Edition Belly Bandit.
According to the book I received in my package, the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank says to "Don't Nip it or Suck it, Simply Mother-Tuck it! This is amazing advice and I love the humor Belly Bandit uses. Most new moms need some extra laughs to get through the exhaustion and the quick little jokes are appreciated.
Before Kari sent the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank, I had checked out the sizing chart and knew that while I was close to being a medium, a large was a smarter choice. Everyone knows how lovely the growth can be for your chest while nursing. The Nursing Tank is really nice looking. I knew that with my cousin's wedding coming up, the need for this was huge. I would definitely need some smoothing and compressing to feel my best and still be able to feed baby C without too much hassle.
 I washed it before wearing, it is a hand wash/lay flat item, this will keep the nursing tank in excellent condition and continue to support and compress like it should.
When the wedding arrived, I was feeling a bit self conscious because I was not at the weight I was hoping for. I put the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank on under my blouse and immediately felt the support. Not only was it snug in all the right places, it was comfortable. It has an underwire free cup, which isn't always my preference but must healthier for my breasts. I felt totally supported in that region and had easy access to feed baby C. The straps were comfy and did not dig in to my shoulders and stayed put. The tank has three zones of compression-belly, muffin top, and back, all the places I was feeling insecure. I will have to say, the zones were right on and I felt smooth and sucked in but not uncomfortably so. I was really pleased with the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank and it definitely did its job. It has also helped with some everyday wear too.
The Mother Tucker Nursing Tank is available in nude and black for $79.95. It can be purchased online from Belly Bandit or in local specialty shops. Make sure to check out the store locations here.
Want It? Buy It!
Would you like to have some new shapewear to get your body feeling a bit more controlled? Belly Bandit has some great products to help all new moms out. Make sure to stay connected by following Belly Bandit on Facebook, Belly Bandit on Twitter, and Belly Bandit on YouTube too!

Thanks to Kari and Belly Bandit!

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