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Zazoo Kids Digital Alarm Clock (#Review & #Giveaway) #holidaygiftguide

As a mom, I probably don't need to mention how important a good night's sleep is- for everyone. We started an incredibly bad sleeping habit when B was small, by co-sleeping. Mainly in the US, co-sleeping is viewed as highly controversial, but at the time, it seemed like the right decision, because it meant we were all getting a good night's sleep. Fast forward to today, and we're still dealing with a little snuggle bug who wants to sleep with mommy and daddy. You can probably imagine the strain this puts on mine and my husband's relationship, as we wind up with very little alone time, not to mention, it gets awfully crowded in our bed with our growing boy!

We've tried everything, of course, to get B to sleep through the night in hs own bed, but nothing has worked. We've been left feeling frustrated, have woken up lacking hours of sleep due to trips back and forth from our room to B's during the night, and have been fighting sore muscles from being scruntched into bed!

ZAZOO KiDS - ZAZOO Photo Clock

When I heard about Zazoo Kids, a digital photo clock, featuring multi-media for kids, I knew it would be worth checking out and even trying out with B. Zazoo kids was founded by a mother of three 'bad sleepers,' in Chicago, Illinois. She researched products that would encourage her kids to stay asleep, after many sleep-deprived years with her little ones. With a new photo clock concept, input was collected from Chicagoland moms, and the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock was launched! The Digital Photo Clock is designed to display the time, which is easy for kids to see and recognize, before they can even really tell time. It's colorful, bright, fun and filled with a few surprises, too!

We received a Zazoo Kids Photo Clock to check out for ourselves! It arrived in a nice box, with lots of helpful information and a colorful guide, too!

Photo Clock box...

User guide...

Our clock was extremely well protected during shipping. It arrived in its own box, and was tucked in by protective padding, and the screen of the digital clock was covered in plastic, to avoid scratching.

Nice and snug in its packaging, here's a peek at our new Zazoo Kids Digital Clock!

I was pretty excited to remove the digital clock from the package and take a look at it. There were lots of cute styles available to choose from, but I fell in love with the blue frame with the little fishies, and guessed B would love them, too! He has a blue bedroom, so this was going to fit right in!

Clear, flat screen, sleek design, and cute fishies!

The back of the digital clock, with playback and volume controls, a stand, and outlets for the power cords.

The convenient stand pops right out, and easily lets you place the clock wherever you'd like it to sit.

Included with the digital clock, is a handy remote, power cord, and USB cord. These tools allow you to keep the clock powered up, to connect it to the computer, so you can download new background images and greetings, and so you can control the clock with the press of a button from across the room!

Clock comes with these accessories...

When I plugged in and turned the clock on for the first time, a settings screen popped up. I used the remote control to quickly navigate my way through the setings menu, and set up the clock to display the current time, as well as set the time for the alarm.

Settings screen...

Set the date and time with the press of a button!

After I set the date and time on the clock, and the alarm, it was time to select a background screen to display on the clock during daytime hours, and a corresponding image for nighttime hours. The images are a lot of fun, and easy to set. I was able to choose from dinosaurs, rocketships, robots, and a bright sunny day scene. I knew B would love the dinosaur, which has an awake and an asleep screen, so I chose that setting and saved it.

A little commercial for the clock playing on the screen!

The sleeping dinosaur screen (the one we chose!).

I have been having some serious fun with the Zazoo Kids Digital Clock. I mean, B loves this clock, but I loved scrolling through and selecting the nightime music, and then the music for the wake up alarm, as well. Right now, B really loves that we can change from the dino screen to the rocketship screen, depending on what he feels like that day. We may even wind up feeling like having a robot day down the road!

Each night, we do the Monster March before we go to bed. When the dinosaur on the screen is sleeping, B knows and understands that he should be sleeping, too. When the dino changes colors and is awake, B knows that he can get out of bed and get to playing!

Clock looking great on the shelf in B's room...

We've had a lot of success with the Zazoo Kids Digital Clock. For the first few nights, B was still waking up during the wee hours of the morning, but we quickly figured out that it was the bright screen that was keeping waking him up on the nightlight setting. I quickly adjusted the screen to grey, and the next night, he slept right through the night, with no problem. Every now and then, we still have the occasional night where B wakes up and winds up snuggling with mommy and daddy, but that's okay. We've seen a big improvement in the way we've all been sleeping the past few weeks, with big thanks to Zazoo Kids!

Check out some of the amazing features of the Zazoo Kids Digital Clock..

*Customize with your own photos
*Personalize with your child's name
*Listen and dance to 11 songs by well know children's musicians

Digital Photo Frame Features

Photo Viewer
7-inch TFT LCD
File formats: JPG, BMP
Supports photo rotate
Built-in speaker
Built-in alarm, calendar and clock
Resolution: 480 x 234
High speed USB 2.0 jack
Supports: Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS)

Merry Christmas
Special Christmas Morning Message to display on your child's clock!

Zazoo Kids makes it easy to surprise your little one with special messages for special occasions! Just select a special greeting from the Zazoo Kids online store for birthdays and other special celebrations! There's even a special message you can purchase and use for Christmas morning! Zazoo Kids has won multiple awards, and definitely deserves lots of praise and receives two thumbs up from this momma!

Want It? Buy It!

The Zazoo Kids Digital Clock would make such an amazing Christmas gift, birthday gift, or special treat for any time! It would even be a wonderful gift for parents who are working with their little ones on sleep training, or making the transition from crib to toddler bed, or from mom and dad's room to a nursery or big boy/girl bedroom. The Zazoo Photo Clock etails for $89.99, and is available through the Zazoo Kids website. You can also connect with Zazoo Kids through social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Zazoo Kids Clock of their own! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to the wonderful team at Zazoo Kids for allowing us to share our experience and get some much needed rest! We also thank Zazoo Kids for offering this incredible giveaway for our readers.

Good luck!

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