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Springfield Dolls Holiday Review and Giveaway

Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Dolls are little girls best friends. They can dress them, talk to them, feed them, and take them with them wherever they go. I know my little girl loves her dolls and spends many hours of the day with them. She doesn't seem to tire of them and in fact asks for more with each holiday and birthday she has.
I know some dolls on the market can run upwards of $100 or more just for one doll and even more for clothing and accessories. That can get pricey and many families can not stretch their budget to that extreme for one gift. It is nice to be able to find other quality options with a more affordable price tag and I have seen a few more choices out there. That is where Springfield Dolls comes in, offering a collection of dolls that retail for just $21.99 per doll and are available at major retailers like AC Moore, Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Springfield Dolls is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Fibre-Craft Materials Corp. Established in 1953, Fibre Craft is known for their arts and craft supplies for children. They strive to maintain their high standards for quality and creativity. The Springfield Collection is a fun and fashionable line of five, 18 inch dolls with clothing, accessories, and furniture.

The Springfield Dolls are an affordable, trendy, and quality collection that include Abby, Emma, Maria, Madison, and Olivia, each doll has their own personality and story. I was asked to select one of the five Springfield Dolls to review. I was also told I would receive a special outfit and shoes from the Springfield Collection. I had a hard time choosing which girl would be perfect for S. Here is a closer look at my options:

Sporting long blonde hair, this 18" doll arrives in a cute blue dress that matches her eyes.
When she grows up she hopes to be a veterinarian.
This sweet brown-eyed brunette arrives in a bright pink dress. She loves to swim and she owns more
than one dog!
You can’t miss this red head on the soccer field playing her favorite sport. Note her green eyes and
aqua green dress show off her gorgeous red hair.
Soft, curly brown hair accentuates the yellow dress on this African American doll with
dazzling brown eyes. She's practicing to be a famous singer one day!
 Her pretty green dress shows off silky black hair with bright brown eyes framed by long eyelashes
with a skin tone darker than her "sisters" Abby, Emma and Olivia. She hopes to become a doctor.
Each of the dolls in the Springfield Collection are 18" tall, have long eyelashes, eyes that open and close, a soft cloth body, and posable jointed arms and legs. They come in their own colorful dress that matches their personality and arrives in a labeled gift box. We carefully chose our favorite and waited patiently for the arrival of our package.
Our Springfield Collection package is here!
"Can I open it yet please Mom?!?"

Neatly wrapped inside the box, this was a cute little extra touch for a special surprise.
Tucked inside her very own gift box was Emma.
 Emma has long brown silky hair, brown eyes, and an adorable hot pink dress. I was really impressed at her quality even before she came out of the box. On the back of her box it read "Hi! My dream is to become a teacher. I love spending time outside with my dogs. My best day was when I got to dress up to accept an award for being the top student in my class!" She was quickly removed from the box and into the arms of one happy little S. S was so excited to have a new baby in the mix, especially one that was so realistic looking and well made. She wasted no time getting her hair brushed and clothing off to change her into a new outfit. I was pleased with how easily S got the clothing off, it is something she does struggle with on some of her other dolls. I think the fact that the doll is a soft bodied, posable doll that it was easier for her to manipulate and use.

This special outfit was also included in our box. The Green Ruffle Dress and Black Ruffle Flats. Both the dress and flats are reasonably priced at $8.99 and $4.99. There are currently over 60 items in the clothing section and over 30 in the shoes section to choose from.
 The dress is a satiny green party dress and was very "fancy" for Emma to wear. The flats are also black and fancy. S decided she was going to a party to celebrate. S did need some help getting the dress and shoes on, but they both were easier than some others we have experienced. The clothing and shoes also stayed on Emma very well.
One very happy doll lover with her gifts from the Springfield Collection!
S and Emma made for fast friends.
Another part of the Springfield Doll Collection is the SF Style Club. You can sign up to receive a FREE membership bracelet and card. Visit SFStyleClub.com to dress the dolls in your own creations, create your own style gallery, share your looks with friends and family and much more.
You can also check out the Springfield accessories and furniture for even more affordable and adorable fun for your doll lover and the Springfield Dolls.

 Want It? Buy It!
Are you looking for a doll for your little one? Look at Springfield Dolls for a great selection of dolls and accessories. You can also find Springfield Dolls on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more photos, sales, and information. You can also sign up for the Style Club here.
Want It? Win It!
Enter to win your choice of one doll from the five listed-Abby, Emma, Maria, Madison, or Olivia. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Open to US residents only.

Thanks to Springfield Dolls for bringing us Emma!

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