Pretty and Polished Nails for All Seasons! Nailritz Nail Art Kits #Review

The holidays aren't quite over, and with New Year's celebrations just a few days away, I am ready to glam it up! I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to my fingernails or toenails lately. I used to give myself lovely manicures and pedicures, before I became a mom, because I had that kind of time on my hands. Today, I don't have much time to a whole lot for myself, so when I do steal away a few minutes to dress up my nails, it has to be a quick and easy process.

Just a couple of days before Christmas, I was introduced to NailRitz, a snazzy product for those who love nail art, or who might be looking for some fun glitz and glam to add to their nails. Nailritz is so cool! Ths unique product combines nail polish in an easy to use applicator brush, plus microtip pen. Basically, you can paint your nails and then draw on them, too! I was lucky enough to receive a Nailritz set of my choice to review for the holidays, and couldn't wait to give this revolutionary nail art product a try!

My Nailritz product came in a nice box with a letter, and instructions.

Nailritz set, next to the box and step by step instructions, laid out on my dining table.

Nailritz has seven different kits to choose from. I wanted to go with some colors that would give me a bit of razzle dazzle for the winter months, so I chose the Jewel Tone Kit. The Jewel Tone Kit came with ten colors: lavender, two shades of pink, blue, purple, yellow, whit, black, red and green. I was most interested in the red, green, black, white and then the blue and purple, as well. I loved the rainbow of colors before my eyes as I looked the kit over. I knew I would want to try the red, green and white pens for Christmas, and couldn't wait to see how they worked!

Popular color combinations- The Nailritz Jewel Tone Kit

Nailritz didn't seem to be tricky to use, but I wanted to read through the instructions, just to be sure that I didn't do anything wrong. Nailritz was actually incredibly easy to use, once I understood what to do. I unscrewed the colors that I wanted to use, and then just unscrewed the top of the polish I wanted to paint my nails with. I did prep my nails before I painted them... you know, trimmed them and put on a little base coat.

Easy to follow instrucions included with each Nailritz Kit.

Ready to get some Christmas polish on my tootsies!

I really loved the red, green and white colors in my kit. I painted my big toes white, and all of the other toes red. The brush was easy to use, and the paint went on smoothly, and even dried faster than I thought it would. After the base polish was dry, I used the microtip pen on the red and green paint, and mae tiny little red and green dots on top of the white paint on my big toes. I was left with a fun and festive holiday design, which was all sorts of holiday cheery!

Ta-da... cute holiday toes, thanks to Nailritz!

Here's a closer look...

A couple of days later, I was ready for even more fun painting Christmas nails! I easily removed the paint with my nail polish remover, and then used the green paint on my big toes, and alternated the red and white paint on the smaller toes. It was quick and easy! I painted a clear top coat over my nails, and the color lasted several days! I only experienced a little bit of chipping from not wearing socks with some of my flats, which happens with all of my other nail polishes, as well.

Christmas toes! Fa-la-la-la-awesome!

I am having so much fin with my NailRitz kit, that I shared some of the pens with our young cousins L & B. I knew they'd love the cool bright colors! I cannot wait to paint a dazzling design on my nails for New Years! I hae been getting lots of neat ideas from the Nailritz Gallery!

Check out some of the designs you can do yourself with the Nailritz pens...

Pretty for fall...

Let's celebrate!

Black and white

Flower Power


I think Nailritz is so much fun! I've thought about having the girls over for a maovie night and Nailritz Glitz and Glam party! I will not be able to ignore my toes from here on out! With the easy to use Nailritz kits, there's no excuse not to have beautiful nails- be they on your toes or fingers! These are great for gals of all ages! These would be so much fun for anyone who wants a custom design on their nails that can be done quickly and easily at home! I especially think this would make a neat gift for sports fans, college students, high school students, or anyone who loves to show school spirit or sports team pride!

With seven different kits to choose from, you can have lots of different looks for special occasions, everyday or seasons/holidays! Personally, I can't wait to try the Shimmer Kit during the summer months. Is it time to hit the beach yet? No, not quite, so I'll stick to those lvely jewel tones... at the first hint of warm weather, though, I'll be sporting my flip flops and ready for those shimmering tootsies!

Want It? Buy It!

You can have beautiful, custom designed nails anytime! Just head to the Nailritz website to browse their entire collection of Nailritz kits. Nailritz Kits range in price from $19.95 to $29.95. Want to have a fun Nailritz Girls night? Host a Nailritz party and earn incentives and bonuses, just for being a party host! Want to share Nailritz? Become a Nailritz consultant and start having fun, doing something you love, and making money! Ready to learn more? Head to the Nailritz website to shop, sign up, or to become a hostess. You can also connect with Nailritz on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Special thanks to Nailritz for allowing me to try out their amazing product, and share all about it!

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  1. Wow! I had no idea something like this existed. I LOVE painting my nails and am always looking for fun designs, but it's so hard to do because the polish brush is so thick. This seems perfect. Thanks for pointing this out! PS. I adore your nails.


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