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Each of my babies has a special place in my heart. From the newborn phase, to the toddler phase, to the preschool phase, and now for B, the school age phase, time has just flown by. One thing I am forever grateful for is the time I have spent nursing my babies. With B it was about 15 months, with S it was right around 13, and Baby C is going strong into her 6th month. It is time I will cherish because it was just my baby and me, bonding, looking at each other, smiling, and being in general love with each other.

Once this precious time is over, I am sad. Sweet babies turn in to busy toddlers and getting that quiet one on one time is never as easy as when your baby is relying on you for nourishment. I have been unlucky enough to have had some very trying times while nursing but also some very simple and beautiful times too. When we were approached by a company called Milk Mom Baby, I was intrigued to learn more about them and see what they were all about.

Milk Mom Baby specializes in beautiful keepsake lockets for breastmilk. A mom named Brooke was inspired by her own breastfeeding experience, to preserve her special time in a unique way. She has a background in history and photography preservation and through some experimenting, came across a way to preserve breastmilk in a lasting form within lockets.

Milk Mom Baby offers a variety of locket kits with step by step instructions to create your own personalized keepsake. The lockets range in price from $16-$60 depending on size, make, and design. Brooke offered me my choice of kit, which I quickly decided on because I love them.

My Milk Mom Baby package is here!
What is inside this beautifully wrapped box, love the striped green ribbon.
 My Milk Mom Baby locket kit
 I chose the Paris Style because I loved the owl design. I thought it was very simple yet elegant but trendy enough to wear with anything. You can check out all the other locket designs on the Milk Mom Baby Etsy store here.
 Inside the package is everything you will need to create your Milk Mom Baby locket.
Brooke includes step by step instructions that take a little more than a full week to complete. Please try and be patient to get the best product, it can be hard to wait. I am a sort of crafty person, but could never have come up with something so amazing to create. Brooke has the right science down to really make something that will last.
All you need to create this is the locket kit, a stove, a small pot, and 2 ounces of fresh breast milk (or 2.5 ounces frozen milk), and paper towels.

Steps one and two involve prepping the locket with a protective gloss. This will keep the milk from turning green. You apply this gloss two times before adding in the milk.
 Step three is condensing the milk on the stove and adding the vials that are with the kit. The milk will turn in to a glob which you then transform into a ball and place inside the locket.
A work in progress
Once the ball is shaped and set, then you must wait five, long days for everything to dry.
The final step is to apply another three layers of protective gloss on three more days. Finally you have your finished, beautiful, unique keepsake. I love the locket and know that it will be something I keep and treasure for a long time.
 While there isn't very much work each day and it is fairly easy, it is a longer process to complete but well worth it.

Brooke had this picture on her Etsy site, the owl locket even has room for a picture to complete the keepsake.

This keepsake, is preserving a moment in time that you shared with your child. It would be no different than keeping a special outfit or toy that your baby wore or played with or keeping a flower from a special experience. A keepsake is meant for a specific person to remember a specific event and this keepsake is truly unique. I am thrilled that Brooke chose us to share Milk Mom Baby with our readers and know I will be so thankful for this treasure for years to come.
 Want It? Buy It!
 Not only would Milk Mom Baby be the perfect gift for a new mom, but also a great baby shower gift for an expectant mom. You can also like Milk Mom Baby on Facebook for even more photos and information. Milk Mom Baby suggests that you order before December 20th for US shipping and 12/9 for International orders for holiday delivery. All Milk Mom Baby stock is limited and new items will not be added until after the holiday season.

Thanks to Brooke and Milk Mom Baby!

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