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Make it a Celebration to Remember with Tin Parade Table Banners #Review

I love to entertain. I often wish I had more room to have lots of people over, becase I love to play hostess. Aside from hostessing, I love decorating! Decking the halls of my home is one of my favorite things to do, and this year, I had a special little pal who was very excited to help mommy pull out the decorations. One of the areas of my home that I always have a hard time decorating, though, is our dining table. It was given to us by my grandmother, and I love it, because my uncle made it. It's a big woodn table, which seats eight people, and it's really huge. I never know quite how to decorate it for Christmas, because of its size, and because it gets used daily by our family.

Enter Tin Parade, a sweet company who specializes in vintage party goods, like pre-packed party packs and table banners. The idea for Tin Parade came from two lovely ladies who love a good old fashioned party, good design, and attention to detail. Since the ladies love vintage and old fashion, classic style, they began to put parties together for their children's birthdays- like a vintage train party, classic baseball party, and old fasahioned tea party. Since they were using lots of items that could be reused and lots of cloth, they noticed how much it cut down on paper party supplies. So, the ladies began to make their vintage party packs available to others, which in turn allowed them to become their own bosses, and spend more time with their children.

I happen to love vintage style, and in fact, the dining room table in our home was made to look vintage, and features a distressed tabletop. It's the place we gather for large family meals, the place we do projects and crafts, and it's where I put out the big spread when we have company or when I entertain, so it was only natural that I would want to dress it up for the holiday season.

My pretty little package from Tin Parade...

Tin Parade recently came out with a line of table banners, the perfect addition to any celebration! I was so excited to receive one of their holiday table banners for review. My Christmas table banner from Tin Parade came packed in a lovely paper box, made from recycled paper, and with an open window cut out, to showcase the banner.

The banner is made from a cotton/poly blend fabric, and is white with red and green designs. The banner is made not to cover your table like a tablecloth would, but to sit down the middle of the table, and hang over the front like, well- a banner!

Beautiful vintage package design on the banner front, says 'Very Merry.'

Here's what the banner looks like hanging over my dining table... beautiful!

Details of the table banner by Tin Parade

Fabric color: White, 65% polyester / 35% cotton.  
Washable / size 32" x 74"
Your Table Banner will arrive in a sylish craft gift box.

View of the banner hanging over the table...

I don't go crazy over centerpieces for my table, because as I said, the table is used on a daily basis. Rather than decorate it with a table runner this year, I love the table banner. It gives it a special look and feel for the holiday season, and gives it added beauty if and when we have company. Everyone who has seen it thus far thinks it's so beautiful. It reminds me of some lovely old Christmas tablecloths that my mom has, and perhaps that makes me love the table banner even more.

Next year, I am hoping to host an old fashioned cookie exchange, and plan for the Tin Parade vintage table banner to be the star of the show as all of the platters of cookies are set out on the big dining table!

Love the look of my new table banner by Tin Parade? 
Take a loot at some of their other chic party products...

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vintage party signs
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Green Gala Shower Pack

Whether you're hosting a Christmas get together, planning a fabulous New Year's Eve celebration or brunch, hosting a baby or bridal shower, or want to plan a beautiful vintage party for a special little one in your life, Tin Parade has the perfect party products for you. There's gorgeous, reusable and so much fun! Why not break from the norm and throw a party that brings back the long lost feeling of the good old days? Want to gift Tin Parade this season? Their vintage table banners would make a wonderful hostess gift, or gift to a friend or family member who loves to entertain! I can't wait to build my Tin Parade table banner collection!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Tin Parade to browse their entire line of table banners, party packages and party supplies, ala carte! You can also connect with Tin Parade through social media on Facebook, and be sure to check out the Tin Parade blog for lots of stylish, vintage party ideas and more!

Special thanks to the team at Tin Parade for allowing me to experience their beautiful vintage style this holiday season!

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