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DIY Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments #homemadeholiday

We are sor of seriously slacking this season, as far as getting out Christmas tree up. We've hardly been home, and it's been raining every day/night for the past week. Yuck! No one wants to mess with picking out a Christmas tree in the rain, so we're waiting until all of this wet weather has moved out of our area before we bring a tree home. Little B man has been so excited for a tree, though, so I dug out a smaller artificial tree that we own, and set it up for him yesterday. Our ornaments were all packed away and I didn't want to bring them out before getting the real tree set up, so I decided that it would be great fun for B and I to make homemade ornaments together.

Homemade ornaments
Sharing this image from Pinterest, because it has the salt dough recipe. Couldn't be easier!

Just mix the ingredients- I split the recipe and made two batches of the salt dough.

Put some wax paper down to protect your work space...

Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make the ornament shapes.

Here's B, learning that salt dough is NOT like cookie dough!

Poke a hole near the top of the shaped dough for a ribbon...

Bake the shapes at 325 degrees for about 40 minutes. The dough will become very hard. Let the ornaments sit and cool completely for 30 - 45 minutes, and then you'll be ready to decorate them.

We used markers, puff paint, glitter glue, beads and pom poms to decorate our ornaments...

B had great fun coloring the 'cookies!'

After all of the ornaments decorations had dried, we had a lot of fun hanging them on the little tree, It feels really special to have a little tree in the house, filled with homemade ornaments that my three year old and I made together. I have such fond memories of making homemade ornaments with my mom and my sister, and I plan to do this each year with B, so he'll have the same wonderful memories when he's all grown up!

Here's our little tree...

Beaded and painted circles...

WCU colored ornament for daddy, candy canes and cozy sweaters!

This is such a fun, simple project the whole family can do together! It's a great activity for a rainy day. We plan on making even more ornaments to gift to our family and friends this season, and would encourage you to do the same!

Hope you'll give this project a go with your family this Christmas!

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  1. I need to try this out! Thank you for sharing the recipe!


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