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It's finally sweater weather in NC! I am so excited, because I love dressing in sweaters, scarves and boots this time of year. Our weather can be wacky, however, so even though I have my sweaters out and ready to be worn, I have to keep items like t-shirts and tanks handy, too. Sometimes we have weeks that start off in the 20's and by the end of the week we're up around 70 dgrees! Having great layering pieces in my closet for the fall and winter months are really helpful, and having unique pieces to change up my look is a huge plus, too!

I was thrilled to reconnect with Michelle, owner of Apricot Collection, which is a stylish online women's clothing boutique, based in Ontario, Canada. Michelle founded Apricot Collection  in 2012, not long after the birth of her second child. As a mom, Michelle knows that women take on many different roles- wife, mother, perhaps girlfriend, businesswoman, friend, teacher, student, etc- and often these roles collide into one single person. Michelle had a hard time finding clothing options that fit and flattered, were on trend and fit her lifestyle. When you're a mom, you often don't have time to spend searching for the perfect piece to wear with this or that, and visit several different stores to accomplish your goal. So, Michelle started an online boutique, which caters to all women, offering unique fashion pieces and accessories that fit and flatter all sizes- from XS to 3X. Apricot Collection aims to help as many women as possible look and feel fabulous 24/7.

I am one of those lucky ladies who has taken a bite of the Apricot! I partnered up with Michelle for teh first time last winter and reviewed a gorgeous winter dress, and was very excited to team up with Michelle again this holiday season to review a wonderful gift pick item from Apricot Collection! I had my choice of an item for review. I knew a sweater would be beneficial to me this season, so I shopped the Apricot Collection website and had a great experience doing so. I was easily able to shop for my size, using the handy filters on the Apricot Collection website. Within just a few days, my gift pick was at my door!

My new swetaer from Apricot Collection was folded up so nicely, and packaged in a clear cello bag, keeping it fresh, clean and unscathed during shipping.

Laid out for my first look, the Easy Sweater in brown.

I chose the Easy Sweater, because it's totally different from any other sweater I own. I love the brown- it's sort of a chocolate brown, which perfectly matches my favorite old brown boots. If you take a closer look at the photo below, you'll notice some white colored detailing. The white outlines are pretty faint, and there are white specs on the sweater here and there, as well. This gives it a sort of distressed look, which I really love. My hubby has a home restoration business, and this time of year, he wears old sweaters to work in. Some days, he comes home with his sweaters covered in specs of white paint- sort of like my new sweater. He chuckled when he saw it on me for the first time.

White specs and outlines here and there throughout the sweater make it truly unique!

Faded white around the sleeves, as well...

The Easy Sweater is called the Easy Sweater for a reason. It's so light and comfortable, not to mention soft! When I say light, I mean light! The sweater is actually tissue thin, and is the perfect layering sweater! I threw on a long white tank top underneath the Easy Sweater, wore it with a pair of jeans, my boots and a favorite necklace, of course. The sweater is so thin, it's almost sheer, which I like a lot. It gives your ensemble a sort of edgy look, but still cute and appropriate for a mom.

Whatcha think? Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

I love the length of this sweater, as well. I have a super short torso and long legs, so I am a huge fan of long tanks, tops and sweaters, because they give the illusion of a longer torso. The sleeves are long enough to fully cover my arms (thank you!), too! My hubby really loved the look of this sweater. It's not a sweater for warmth, however. It's a thin sweater, so if it's cold outside, you'd still want a coat on. One of the things that's so awesome about it being thin, though, is that it'l be perfect for those days that start out very chilly and warm up into the 60's. 

This is now my favorite sweater, hands down!

One of the things that I can really appreciate about Michelle's hard work to bring fashionable styles for moms to her boutique, is that these options are age appropriate for me. You guys, I am thirty years old, going on thirty-one, and I have the hardest time finding clothing that I feel is appropriate for me to wear. Isort of feel like I'm stuck in that bracket where I'm still young, but not young enough to wear what I see in a lot of old favorite retail stores. I want to be fashionable, and want clothing that flatters, but I don't want to be a carbon copy of the 18-25 year-olds, either. Apricot Collection offers stylish options that work for my body type, my size and my age, and still make me feel fabulous!

Here's my little model spin for you all, in my new Easy Sweater from Apricot Collection.

I've received a lot of compliments on my Easy Sweater. I wore it out while shopping over the weekend, and one of the gals in the store I was in just kept going on about the sweater. I told her about Apricot Collection and encouraged her to visit the website to take a look at all of the great styles available!

Take a look at a few more styles that would make great gifts this season, or would be perfect to get you through the winter months!

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If you're looking for great gifts, new wardrobe essentials to start the new year out right, or a fabulous boutique to add to your favorite online shopping spots, visit Apricot Collection today! Be sure to save it in your favorite places and to check back often for new styles and sales! Need help finding just the right size? Use their handy sizing guide, found right on the Apricot Collection website! You'll love how easy it is to find a style that suits you, and how easy it is to navigate the website and shop your heart out!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Apricot Collection to browse all of the categories of stylish goodness- from clothing to bags and accessories! There's something for every fashionista! Take a look at the style guides and the styling Q & A for a little personal shopping experience. You can also create your very own Apricot Collection wish list, right on their website! Apricot Colelction is social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Check out the Apricot Collection blog for more style tips, and don't forget to sign up for the Apricot Collection newsletter!

Apricot Collection
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Special thanks to Michelle at Apricot Colection for allowing me to review the stylish Easy Sweater and for offering this fabulous holiday giveaway for our readers!

Good luck & stay fabulous!


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