365 Acts of Kindness: Week 34

Happy Monday! We're bringing back our 365 Acts of Kindness today, encouraging everyone to do one nice thing for someone else every day, for the next year. It doesn't have to be random- you can certainly be kind to someone you know, or a complete stranger. The idea is to pass love around- help someone else out, and inspire them to do the same. Sometimes, we have to change to be the change we want to see in this world.

Every Monday, we're posting a weekly roundup of Acts of Kindness, where you can share how you've helped others, or how others have blessed you by their acts.

Our Acts of Kindness from Last Week...

I went to visit a friend that I used to work with at the airport, and she told me about a fellow airport worker that she blessed by sharing her lunch with her a few days earlier. The girl told my friend how much it meant to her, that she shared her lunch, because she normally shares lunch with her brother, who also works at the airport, and they rarely have enough to eat. I felt compelled to give to this girl, who I'd never met. I picked up a gift card the next time I was at Wal-Mart, and took it back to my friend at the airport, and asked her to give it to the girl she had shared her lunch with. She later told me that the girl was in tears when the gift card was presented to her. She just couldn't believe that a complete stranger would hand over money like that. It was a true blessing to her family, and warmed my heart to be able to help them. -Britt

This is Week 34 of this special Bloggers & Readers Challenge, and I am so eager to read everyone's comments on how they were able to offer kindness, or how they received kindness from someone else last week.

Be sure to leave us your comment, and keep spreading the love around! You never know- your comment might be featured in next week's post, or we might randomly show kindness to one our our readers!!

Be kind...

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