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Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but we're already getting into the holly jolly spirit of Christmas. My mom and I attended a Christmas show over the weekend, went to the craft store to pick up some Christmas crafting supplies, etc. Someone else in my home is starting to sense the Christmas vibe, as well- little B. This will be the first Christmas that he is really becomming excited about, and sort of understands what it's all about. He's so excited, in fact, that we've even started working on his Christmas list together, and it's filled with one of his very favorite brands of toys!

WOW Toys

We have been so fortunate to have worked with WOW Toys, based in the UK, for almost two years now. WOW pretty much says it all, when it comes to these innovative toys for kids ages 1 1/2 - 5. WOW Toys are beautifully designed, don't need batteries and won't break their promises. WOW Toys provide children with hours of fun, and developmental benefits, as well. The design team at WOW is truly passionate about toys, and love to spend time thinking up magical ways for kids to play and learn.

We have reviewed and shared our personal experiences with numerous WOW Toys, and were delighted to have the opportunity to review another WOW Toys for the holidays. We were sent the delightful Dexter the Digger, a popular WOW Toy, which was on B's wish list. Dexter traveled all the way from London to our house in NC in just a few days, and B was super excited to meet him.

Our pretty brown paper wrapped package from WOW is here! Someone couldn't wait to open it!

Ta-da! It's Dexter! 

B was over the moon excited to meet Dexter the Digger, and couldn't wait to get him out of the package and check him out. Dexter is a big, friendly and helpful digger. He's very colorful, featuring yellow, red and blue coloring. His box was just as colorful, and featured some information for parents, as well as the snazzy WOW Toys logo.

Dexter's colorful box with a clear window...

The back of the box features more photos and information for moms and dads.

Dex, as he prefers to be called, has some pretty cool features. He's the boss of the WOW construction vehicles, and can do all of the heavy lifting (including boulders!) with his special lift and scoop (which really works). Dex has a friction powered motor, so he can go, go, go with just a little push from your little one. Dex also makes realistic engine sounds!

'Let's get him out of here, mommy, so we can play!'

Dexter and all of his parts came secured onto this cardboard stand, so nothing would be lost.

When we finally freed good 'ol Dex, B couldn't wait to get rolling and lifting! Dexter came with three grey colored boulders, which are super light, but rattle when you move them! These are great fun, especially for little hands! Dex also comes with a construction worker 'dude,' as I call the little people, who can sit inside of Dexter and drive the vehicle.

'Come on Dexter, let's roll out!'

Lift this lever to control the arm and scoop! Easy for kids to do by themselves once they're shown how.

Dexter also came with his own play scence, as all of the WOW Toys do. There are his three boulders, stacked up...

The Dexter toy by WOW, and all of the other WOW Toys, are geared toward different developmental stages based on your child's age. For B, who is three years old, these toys encourage social interaction, role playing and exploration. One of the best days for me, was when I overheard B playing with his WOW Toys in his room one day, making up scenarios and making the toys have conversations. It was proof that his little imagination isn't so little after all. It was one of those proud parent moments, for sure.

B couldn't wait to reunite Dexter with some of his WOW pals, like Dudley, Ernie, Fred, Harry, Robbie Racer, Ronnie Rocket, and some of his other friends, too!

Here, B set up all of the WOW scenes his toys came with, to make a WOW Town.

Teamwork- Dexter and Dudley, working together...

Wow Toys at work in WOW Town!

Dexter, dropping boulders into the back of Dudley's truck.

Dex is so helpful. Here, he is helping to load recyclable items into Fred, the Recycling truck.

WOW Toys has been bring joy to my little man for a long time. These are his favorite toys to play with, and not a day goes by that he's not having some sort of grand adventure with his WOW Toy friends. WOW has an incredible line of toys that are appropriate for boys and girls, ready to provide them with durable toys that can stand up to rough little ones, and provide hours of creative play. Each toy has their own personality, and they are so much fun to read about and get to know!

Each toy comes with a special 'map' as B calls it, with photos of all of the available toys by WOW, and a coloring and activity page on the back. B couldn't wait to circle all of the toys he doesn't have yet, but wishes for St. Nick to bring for Christmas.

'Toy Map,' with B pointing out the ones he would like to add to his WOW collection.

We love WOW Toys for lots of reasons, including their incredible selection! 
Take a look at some of our favorites...

Robin’s Medical Rescue
Robin's Medical Rescue

Bathtime Friends
Bathtime Friends Set

Lift-it Luke
Lift It Luke

Pippa’s Princess Carriage
Pippa's Princess Carriage

Cupcake Chloe
Cupcake Chole

With so many WOW Toys to choose from, you'll find yourself pouring over the WOW Toys website, checking out the toy's profiles, zipping around the Kids Zone, and exploring the free printable coloring sheets (they even have some Christmas themed coloring sheets available right now!). Our WOW Toys have never let us down, and I know that B is already asking Santa to bring him a couple more WOW Toys for Christmas. It's not hard to see why these toys are so well loved, by adults and children, alike. We hope you'll consider gifting one of these fabulous toys to your littles this Christmas. It'll be a gift they won't want to put away!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to WOW Toys to browse their complete line of wonderful toys for girls and boys! You can browse by gender, or by category for easy shopping! Check out the toy profiles and be sure to read about what each can do, and how it aids children's development at different ages. You can also connect with WOW Toys on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for added WOW excitement and fun!

Dexter the Digger

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Dexter the Digger this holiday season! Just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win, win, win! Don't forget to leave your comment so your entries count! Giveaway is open world-wide to those 18 +. 

Special thanks to our friends at WOW Toys for wowing us with another fantastic toy, and for offering this special holiday toy giveaway to our readers.

Good luck!

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  1. Heather Hayes PanjonNovember 25, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Would Love The Bathtime Friends Set!

  2. Dexter for sure! My son would love it.

  3. I love the medical rescue; my daughter would probably want Lift It Luke!

  4. My son would also love Dudley Dump Truck!

  5. My son would love the dexter truck or lift it luke

  6. My daughter would love Pippa's Princess Carriage.

  7. My kids like the Robin’s Medical Rescue ambulance.

  8. My son would love Dexter the Digger, Flip N Tip Fred (or any of the vehicles!!) :)

  9. Lift It Luke is too cute, and would go along with this one perfectly!

  10. To go along with construction, how about a Drill-it Denny, a big, colorful hole-drilling truck? :)

  11. My little one would love the Farm Friends toy

  12. The ambulance, my dd wants to be a paramedic when she grows up

  13. Oh Carter would also love the Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred!

  14. Mine would be Claw the crane and he'd have a long crane kids would reel in, with a wrecking ball attachment as well as a claw attachment!

  15. My daughter would have a blast with Robin's Medical Rescue.

  16. I would invent the Trembling Train and he would shake as he steams ahead.

  17. My grandson would love Dexter and Tip it Toby

  18. My son would love a helicopter with a crane lift, we'd call it cranky!

  19. My friends daughter would love the Pippa's Princess Carriage. So pretty and it!


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