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Uncle Milton Holiday Review and Giveaway

Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide 2013
B is a first grader, and like most first grade boys I know, they like Superheroes. They also like gross things. B also like to know things, whether by exploring it himself, us telling him, or him reading about it, he will figure it out. This is an amazing chance to promote science to him because it can be gross and you have to take the time to figure it out. I appreciate the opportunity we were given, from a great company we have worked with in the past, that offers some amazing products to encourage kids to explore and discover their world. Check out our last experience with Uncle Milton here.
 Uncle Milton was founded in 1946 and is known for their imaginative and learning based toys, puzzles, and games. They created their flagship item back in 1956, the Ant Farm, and continue today to build on their products to provide science centered, educational items for kids of all ages. Uncle Milton has expanded to many different brands including In My Room and Fireworks Lightshow. They are a market leader and strive to provide items for play value and maximum kid appeal. 
We got to work with Hillary, the PR and Marketing Manager for Uncle Milton. Hillary offered to send us something from the Marvel Science line. I knew that combining Superheroes and science was going to be a hit with one 7 year old little boy!
Our Uncle Milton package has arrived!
 Woo-Hoo! Look what we found!
 One excited kid checking out his Uncle Milton Marvel Science Spiderman Web Creator Lab.
After asking for quite a few days in a row if we could "do Spiderman science", I finally gave in. Here we are getting all the parts laid out and ready to go.
It contains:
  • 1 Web Creator Lab Base
  • 2 sets of Web Molds
  • 1 Beaker
  • 1 Web Injector
  • 1 Web Extractor
  • 2 packets of Red, Sticky Web Material
  • 2 packets of Blue, Stretchy Web Material
  • 1 Instruction Manual/Educational Poster
Of course little sisters need to get in on some action too.
 We first looked at the instruction manual/educational poster. It had lots of neat information about Spiderman, spiders and their webs. Did you know that a long time ago, spider webs were used in medicine to help stop bleeding in a cut.

Next we planned our spider web creation by following the quick and easy to follow directions. We had four different web options to choose from (large web, small action web, web ball, and web net)-I like that it isn't just for one thing only and B can have some different experiences every time we use it. You also can choose between sticky or stretchy webs based on the gel you use. The gel is reusable and will liquefy over and over-another plus. 

B chose the large web in sticky (of course you would, right?). We first matched the large web plates, placed them in the base, and locked them to secure them. We also inserted the web injector into the injection port in the center of the plate.
B chose the sticky webs, so we took one packet of red gel and stuck it in the beaker with very hot tap water. It took the gel about 5 minutes to liquefy all the way, but B was very patient. Please be careful with the water, maybe have a parent do this because the water had to be very hot. B thought the gel "melting" was a cool feature.
Once the gel was liquid, I poured it into the injector for him. I was afraid his little hands would not be able to get the liquid in without making a mess but he could probably have handled it. B then put the plunger into the injector and slowly pushed the gel into the plates. He thought this was like giving shots. He also enjoyed watching the plates fill up with gel. 
Our web is filled and ready to set.
We had to wait thirty minutes for the gel to solidify. We talked a bit more about spiders and their webs while we waited. 
When our time was up, we slowly opened the cover and removed the top plate.
I got a little ahead of myself and wasn't so careful. You are supposed to use the extractor, which will give you a cleaner web. B then had tons of fun throwing his web at all of our kitchen windows and watching it stick. Very cool!
Next on his list is a blue sticky web to shoot at his sister.
I really think this was a great experience for B. It was age appropriate, interesting, and can be done again with different results. We have been pleased with all of our Uncle Milton experiences and appreciate the educational and fun they provide.
Want It? Buy It!
Get shopping for some fantastic Uncle Milton items right now, they will make a great holiday gift. They currently create and carry toys from these popular brands and categories: In My Room, Wild Walls, Wall Friends, Fireworks Lightshow, Ant Farm, Horrible Pets, Star Wars, Marvel Science, National GeographicNat Geo Wild, and John Deere. You can "Like" Uncle Milton on Facebook and tell them MBP sent you! Follow Uncle Milton on Twitter and see what they have going on today. Visit Uncle Milton on YouTube to see video of the products they offer. Subscribe to the Uncle Milton Newsletter by clicking here.
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Thanks to Hillary and Uncle Milton Toys!

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