Sophie La Girafe Holiday Review and Giveaway

  Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Books make great holiday gifts for young and old. Our book collection grows every year and this year has been no different. With the addition of Baby C, we are looking at board books again because they are so sturdy and durable against drooly, handsy babes like ours.
Back in late August we published a quick preview of a new board book series that launched during the 2013 summer, that you can read here. This series is based upon the wildly popular Sophie La Girafe toy. We own both the toy and the teether because she is so fabulous, and now she has her own book series which we are in love with too.
Introducing the first ever Sophie La Girafe books!
 The Sophie La Girafe book series is published by bestselling DK Publishing. They are known to produce informative, inspirational, and entertaining book for all ages. Sophie La Girafe is licensed by DeLiSo and partnered with DK Publishing to create the first four Sophie La Girafe books released this past summer.

We worked with Mark (a marketer with EMG) who wanted to let us share the Sophie La Girafe series with our readers. We jumped at the chance since we already knew how much we loved the adorable Sophie toys and board books would be awesome for Baby C.

Our package from Mark is here!

 Inside we found the four fun and cute books featuring Sophie La Girafe.
Mark also included a hand written note-thanks Mark for taking the extra minute!

All four of the books have bright, colorful covers that feature Sophie La Girafe front and center. This is great because she is such a popular, familiar toy, that it automatically grabs your eye and attention. Each book is also shaped and designed a little differently to give each one its own uniqueness.
 The first book is Colors.
A board book packed with simple text, bright colors, and lively pictures. Perfect for object recognition and color naming skills. Retails for $6.99 and is geared for children ages 0-3.
This book is really good. It is a hard board book with extra thick pages that are very eye catching. I love that every page has not only a new color but also familiar items that children will recognize. On each page someone is hiding behind something of Sophie La Girafe's and the reader must lift a patterned flap to discover who it is. Behind the flap you find a friend and the color in repetition.
Our favorite page of Colors
 The second book is Let's Get Counting
This board book is filled with numbers and counting while interacting with Sophie La Girafe. Retails for $5.99 and is geared for children ages 0-3.
Another true board book with normal size thickness of pages. Sophie and her friends count every day objects from one to ten and then my favorite part-counting in other ways too. It shows pages of 20, 50, and 100; counting objects from a bag; counting items friends have; and counting on a number line. I really like that they chose to have more than just one to ten, most books do not go above and beyond like this one does.
Our favorite page in Let's Get Counting
 The third book is Sophie's Busy Day.
A touch and feel board book dedicated to introducing the world of Sophie La Girafe. Each page has different textures to explore and interact with. Retails for $5.99 and is geared for children ages 0-3.
This book is a padded cover board book, a nice change from the traditional look. Each page is filled with everyday objects and scenes like waking up, doing chores, playing, and sleeping. Children can easily relate to all that Sophie and her friends do each day. There is also something to touch or feel on each page to encourage interaction as well.
Our favorite page from Sophie's Busy Day
 The fourth book is Peekaboo Sophie!
This lift the flap board book is full of colorful pictures, simple text, and promotes thinking skills and parent child interactions. Retails for $6.99 and is geared for children ages 0-3.
My favorite kind of board book- a lift the flap! Sophie's friends are all hiding in this book and Sophie must find them. My kids love hide and seek so they can totally relate to this book. Each page has an assortment of bright colors that draw you in. It also gives very basic directions for the reader to follow as well to find the different textures to feel.
Our favorite page from Peekaboo Sophie
 I really like how Sophie and all her friends make appearances in each book so that you become familiar with who is who. Each book is also unique in its own way and we had trouble choosing our favorite. I think Baby C will have to wait to make her choice, but mine is Peekaboo Sophie. You will have to try out the series for yourself and see which one you like best.

Want It? Buy It!
The Sophie La Girafe series is available online at many retailers.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a set of Sophie La Girafe books for their collection. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thanks Mark for sending us a series of Sophie La Girafe books-we love them!

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  1. No, not yet, but it's on my registry for my soon to arrive little one

  2. All of the books look wonderful, but I think my favorite is the Peekaboo book

  3. I like the peekaboo book the best, but Sophie's Busy Day looks great too

  4. My daughter would like, Lets Get Counting.

  5. No, we don't have any of the toys.

  6. Let's get counting would sure be a great book to have, but I think my favorite is still the Peekaboo book

  7. The Peekaboo book definitely looks like it would be a favorite in this house!

  8. Peek-a-boo book looks adorabel!


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