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 Now that the weather is changing and the holidays are approaching, I start thinking about skirts, dresses, and extra pounds. S is a dress wearing little girl, who in her fashion mind doesn't understand that when the weather is colder, you need to cover up your legs. I worry about still looking nicely even when I might have put on a few holiday pounds. I also am still fighting to get off the baby chub and anything to look more put together is always helpful too. That is when shapewear and legwear come in to play and getting to work with great companies that provide them is the best.
 Silkies is a world famous brand of hosiery produced by the company Sculptz, Inc. Sculptz was founded in 1974 and is the largest direct marketer of pantyhose worldwide. They are manufactured in the United Sates and use innovative techniques to produce quality and consistent products. Silkies provides comfortable, stylish, durable products at affordable prices. Along with Silkies, Sculptz also produces Sculptz Shapewear & Legwear, Silkies Enriche, and PainVanish.

 I worked with Hannah, she was super friendly and excited for us to share Silkies with our readers. She had her team round up some amazing products for S and I to wear and we were so excited to see what was in store for us. Hannah was very thorough and followed up with me and made sure we did have all that we needed and answered any questions I had. We had a small delivery glitch but Hannah quickly solved the issue and made sure it was taken care of, she works quickly.

Our Silkies package is here!
 I let S help out with opening our surprises. She was thrilled to find such a full box of goodies. We are so thankful to Silkies and Hannah for providing us with such fun.
 Check out our finds!
Hannah even included a hand written note, I appreciate the extra time companies take to do this.

My first two finds were for me-hooray!
The first item is the Sculptz Shaping Brief which retails for $14.99 and is available in both black and nude color. Make sure to check out the sizing chart to get the right fit for you.
Can I say these are probably in the running for my favorite item Hannah sent. They are extremely soft, made from a blend of nylon, spandex, and cotton. I hardly remembered I was wearing them under my dress pants at baby C's baptism and they helped hold in the extra baby chub. They are a medium control to help flatten the tummy, slim the waist, and shape the rear. I really appreciated this because I wore a more form fitting pair of pants and still felt comfortable all evening. They are also seamless and tag free which is nice so they don't show through the more fitting pants. I could even put these in my regular panty rotation and not think twice. While it can be washed and dried in the machine, I am always extra careful with my shapewear by washing on delicate and hanging dry. 

My next find was the Sculptz Shaping Tank which retails for $24.99 and is available in both nude and black options.
This tank is tied for my favorite with the brief and when worn together makes for a great full body cover. It is still a medium control and can be worn all day without feeling tight and uncomfortable like you can with some shapewear. It is just as soft as the brief, made with the same blend of nylon, spandex, and cotton. I like to wear this under some of my more form fitting shirts, including my favorite oatmeal colored tunic top. I also have found myself wearing it under tees to give me a little more coverage and would be fine with throwing it on under a sweater for just a little more layer and I love the length too. The high back design and scoop neck makes it look like a normal tank so you could probably pull off wearing it as is too.

My next goody find consisted of these three items.
The first is a pair of Sculptz Tights with the Shaper Top. They retail for $12 and come in a variety of color choices.
I am not normally a tights wearing person, but when we attend winter weddings or other fancy functions, tights are a necessary item. The Sculptz pair are very nice. They are a spandex, nylon blend that has just the right amount of give and take. They are shaping, so they will be more form hugging to give the support they should. They are meant to help flatten legs, tummy, hips, and thighs, and smooth the panty lines. That said, they are still soft and comfortable to wear. I haven't had the chance to wear them long term, my fancy function schedule is pretty slim currently, but I know starting in the next month or so I will have to bust them out and if they maintain the form and function the tank and briefs do, I will be as happy as a clam.

The second item is the Sculptz Shaping Shorts which retail for $12.50 and come in black, nude, brown, and pink.
These shorts are a great little find. The would be perfect for a stocking stuffer for someone who dresses up most days for work or loves to wear form fitting dresses. They are an all over slimmer for tummy, hips, thighs, and are meant to be worn for all day support. I wore these with a longer tunic top and leggings to give me a little more support when we did some recent family photos. While I wouldn't normally wear them with pants, I wanted to give them a good try and wasn't planning on wearing a form fitting dress anytime soon. I really liked the feel of the shorts, they made my thighs feel much slimmer, and with leggings you want that look. They are made of a nylon, spandex blend and have a lace trim on the leg. These would be perfect for a New Years Eve fancy dress to give you the all over support and slimming you would want.

The third item is the Sculptz Control Top Opaque Leggings. They retail for $12 and are available in a variety of colors including yellow, green, and pink--FUN!
These leggings are totally my style and I would love to see the other colors in person because they look awesome on the website. I am really loving the tunic and legging combo with tall boots and needed to add some to my collection. You could also pair these under a dress or skirt and have really cute results too. I like how they offer support and slim unlike other leggings that are just there. The Sculptz leggings helped slim my belly chub and made my thighs and legs look smoother-definitely needed these days. They didn't feel like nylons, which always make me feel itchy and were comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. I love that they go all the way to my ankles so that I can still wear ballet flats and have it look normal too.

All three of these items should be hand washed and line dried for best care. The tights, shorts, and leggings are all a great option for dressing up or dressing down, they offer great support and make you feel slimmer and smoother.

The last set of goodies in our Silkies package were for S. She could not wait to see what Hannah had sent her and get them on her little body.
S got three pairs of Little Silkies Footless Tights. They retail for $6 a pair and come in ten color options. These could not have come at a better time, Miss Dressy girl has to have something covering those legs at school and church.
Hannah sent us a pair of White, Navy Blue, and Deep Purple.
S loves her new leggings and does not fight about putting them on because she knows she still gets to wear her dresses. Luckily for us, the color options match a variety of S's things so we have had an easy time pairing them too. S is on the small size so they do run a bit big on her, but we just pull them up and I haven't had any complaints. They work really well with her boots or really cute with flats, you really can't go wrong with them. They are also really soft and we have had no complaints about itches either. They have also held up really well to playing both inside and outside on the playground.

All of our goodies from Silkies have been a huge hit and very welcomed. I am really appreciating the support and slimming I am getting from all of the products with my post baby chub. I would recommend these for anyone looking for shape and leg wear for women or children.
Want It? Buy It!
Silkies are a must for the cooler weather and holiday coming up. You can find all your legwear, shapewear, and intimates at Silkies. Sign up for their email and get $5 off your next purchase of $20 or more. You can find Silkies on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Look for Silkies on Facebook and Silkies on Twitter for information, photos, and more. You can also find some great things on the Silkies Blog, make sure to read the one about colored tights, I wish I could be brave like that!

Many thanks to Hannah and Silkies!

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  1. Nice and thorough review. I would love to try the leggings. I need some soft comfortable leggings. Thanks for letting me know where to find some.


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