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Pinypon Holiday Review and Giveaway

Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Where I grew up many people traveled just north into Michigan to ski during the winter weekends. I never went, but learning to ski is on our family bucket list. Luckily, we recently partnered with a company that could bring some skiing to us.

Famosa, based in Spain, was established in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers.  They are a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer that strives for high quality products that are developmentally appropriate and safe for young children. In 2010, Famosa was acquired by Sun Capital Partners and US operations were established in late 2011.

Famosa currently markets many brands including Pinypon, Nenuco, and Nancy and Feber. Just introduced to the US in 2012, Pinypon toys are designed for boys and girls 4 years and older. Pinypon dolls are different because you are able to swap their heads, midsections, or feet to create not just one doll, but many different doll possibilities. We were sent two of the newest Pinypon items, the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow.
Our Pinypon package has arrived!
What a large box for one little lucky lady. S was beside herself with joy and excitement.
First she came across the Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow.
It's time for cross country snow adventures with the Car & Tow set. This delightful playset comes with a Pinypon friend dressed in winter attire and her pet. There's a snowboard, skis, luggage and more. When play is done, tuck everything away on and under the Tow.

The Pinypon Snow Adventure Car & Tow is available for around $10 and is for ages 4+.
Then S discovered the second item, the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge.
Ready for a ton of winter fun? The Ski Lodge is where Pinypon friends get away in the winter. They ice skate, ski, ride a snow mobile, build a snowman and get warm in the Lodge. So many accessories and fun details from the ski lift to the ski slope. This imaginative playset includes 3 Pinypon friends dressed in winter gear, 1 pet and winter sporting
   equipment from skis, skates, and snow mobile to sled and snowboard. There's even a real skating rink, simply add water and freeze.
The Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge retails for around $40 and is for ages 4+.
S was thrilled with both of her Pinypon finds and knew what they were from commercials she had seen on television. She wanted to start with the Snow Car & Tow, so we went for that first. 
Inside we found a pretty pink car with a tow, a Pinypon doll, a snowboard, skis, a pet, and a few more accessories. It also came with decoration stickers, which S got right on top of to make her car "so fancy".
This is a very sturdy and well made car. It drives on the floor smoothly and nicely fits the doll and her accessories. The tow also works well with the car and has room for more accessories as well as the skis and snowboard. The pieces are small, so be aware of them, with little hands these could easily be lost.
Next we opened the Snow Ski Lodge, which required an adult assembly. There were many, many pieces in this box and I was a little worried I would be putting something together all night. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly it went together. The instructions were very easy to understand and follow and included stickers, also numbered for quick placement.
This set has tons of accessories to make it a real lodge-snowman, trees, sleds, skis, snowboards, snow mobile. It also includes a skating rink (you can put water in the rink and freeze to make it real, we have yet to do this).
Three dolls are included and all mix and match to create different looks, along with some clothing accessories needed for skiing. The lodge is quite large and really cute and has a working lift and slope for the skiers, snowboarders, sledders, or snowmobile to use.
This set of Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and Car & Tow has provided tons of fun for both B and S. They love using the ski slope and changing the dolls to different characters. I am so pleased with this set and know it will continue to be a favorite all winter long.

Want It? Buy It!
To see what Pinypon can cross off your shopping list this season, visit them here. You call also "like" Pinypon on Facebook, or follow Pinypon on Twitter or YouTube.
Want It? Win It!
Enter to win your choice of 1 of the Pinypon sets OR the Nenuco Sleep With Me Doll and Cradle (featured in a separate review). The same giveaway will be featured on both reviews. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Open to US residents only.

Thanks to Pinypon and Famosa!

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  1. I'd Choose The Pinypon Set!
    Rafflecopter Entry Name- Heather Hayes Panjon

  2. I would choose the Nenuco sleep with me doll

  3. My favorite Christmas gift was a life size barbie I got when I was little

  4. I would choose the Pinypon set for my niece! :)

  5. a surprise anniversary ring from my sweet husband

  6. My favorite Christmas gift was a necklace my daughter had made for me all on her own.


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