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Organize Your Tea Bags with the YouCopia TeaStand #Review & #Giveaway

With the cooling temperatures of November upon us, I am fighting to stay warm in my house! We try to keep the thermostat set to a 'reasonable' temperature this time of year, mostly to help save a little money. So, I like to warm myself up in the afternoons with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. For some reason, I tend to go for tea in the afternoon. I don't want anything incredibly sweet and don't really want a big caffeine jolt, either. My problem, however, is that I have so many boxes and bags of tea, that they are exploding onto my pantry shelves and I can never seem to find the tea I want without having to dump all of the mixed boxes out all over the counter. This, of course leaves a huge mess, and leaves me frustrated. The solution? The latest and greatest organizational product for- you guessed it... tea bags!

I was so excited to learn that YouCopia just came out with a fabulous organizer for tea bags! I had the pleasure of working with YouCopia over the summer, and reviewing their awesome CoffeeStack, which organizes K-Cups. I grab a K-Cup from my CoffeeStack every day! I love that product! YouCopia was founded in 2006, by father-daughter duo, Mark and Lauren Greenwood. The Greenwoods had one common goal in mind- to provide consumers with everyday organizing solutions that are functional and innovative. It all started with their award winning SpiceStack (watch for our review!), and has since grown into a business that offers twelve must-have products for the kitchen and the home.

YouCopia's newest product- the TeaStand.

A slim, functional organizational holder for tea bags!

I already mentioned my tea bag dilema- they were beginning to take over my pantry. So, having this handy new organizer for my tea bags was going to be wonderful. I couldn't wait to open up the box (which had gorgeous pictures on it, by the way) and get my TeaStand filled up with tea bags!

The TeaStand by YouCopia, still in its box...

Wrapped in plastic for protection...

I removed the plastic bag from the TeaStand to find my wonderful new organizer. The TeaStand is lightweight, slim, and features twelve little compartments or boxes that pop out of place, and are then locked into the holder. The compartments are clear plastic, so you can see what's in them once you place the tea bags in them.

Lovely white TeaStand, ready for some tea bags!

Slide this into a cabinet, in between small appliances, etc- look how slim it is!

I couldn't wait to get into the kitchen with my TeaStand, but first, I had to tear apart the pantry shelf with all of my boxes and loose bags of tea. I had over ten boxes stacked up, and had three plastic containers with individually wrapped tea bags to sort through! Sheesh!

My mess of tea in the pantry...

Lucky for me, I had a very special helper in the kitchen with me the evening I decided I was ready to organize the tea bags. Balian gleefully helped me sort the tea bags, and we turned it into a counting lesson, as we counted out stacks of ten tea bags for each flavor.

My little tea stacking elf hard at work (this is going to result in a bowl of well deserved ice cream!).

The tea bags, finding their new home in their little compartments...

In less than twenty minutes, my tea bags had a new home! My new YouCopia TeaStand holds up to 120 individually wrapped bags of tea! I can easily find the tea I'm looking for, without having to shuffle through mixed bins and boxes. My sweet hubby can quickly grab the Chammomile when I'm cranky, and brew me a fresh cup of hot tea, without having to shout, 'Hon, where is it?' from the other room.

Features of the fabulous TeaStand by YouCopia...

Organizes 100+ tea bags
Fits all kitchen cabinets, measures 10.8"D x 5.1"W x 8.6"H     (27,4 x 13,0 W x 21,8 centimeters)
Includes 12 clear, removable bins that are dishwasher-safe
Stands anywhere for easy display
No assembly required

Take a look at my TeaStand and CoffeeStack, side by side on my beverage bar! My K-Cups and tea bags are all neatly organized!

All of my favorite teas, in plain sight and within reach when I need or want them!

Turn it sideways for sleek, convenient storage...

I am in love with this clever product! I told my husband that having my Keurig out with the CoffeeStack and the TeaStand next to it, and the hanging mugs above them makes me feel like running a quaint be and breakfast. Actually, as lovely as that sounds, I'd drive myself and my family crazy if I ever tried to do something like that. The idea is still there, though, that my guests should help themselves to a cup of tea or coffee. Everything they need is out for them when they stay at my house, and no one has to wait for me to get up and make coffee or a pot of tea in the morning. 

Love my beverage bar, and my YouCopia organizers help me keep it neat and tidy!

I know at least three people in my family who love, love, love drinking tea, and would think the TeaStand the neatest thing in the world. I am seriously thinking about gifting one of these to each of them for Christmas! YouCopia's products are perfect for college students, newlyweds, folks who need a gentle nudge to be better organized, or for the organization fanatic!

Want It? Buy It!

You can find the amazing TeaStand by YouCopia and all of their other fabulous organizing products over on the YouCopia website! YouCopia is totally social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and they'd love for you to check out their blog, too!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own YouCopia TeaStand to gift or keep for themselves this holiday season! Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to our friends at YouCopia for helping us to be organized and warm up this season, and for offering this fantastic giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. My favorite type of Tea is Earl Grey but I go between the Charleston tea company, Twinings, and Celestial Tea. On occasion I will get some different types but it would be nice to organize per maker :)

  2. Planning the perfect Holiday Tea Party might be a little bit difficult given busy schedules but it certainly is cold enough for tea now! I don't have any fancy tea sets but do have a pretty tea pot and would have different teas available for people to choose from, hopefully using the youcopia organizer to make it easier :) I also have this lovely glass teapot that is able to keep tea cold or hot from pampered chef that I've been dying to use!

  3. I like chamomile tea, lipton sweet tea, chai, and holiday teas.

  4. I would plan the perfect tea party with my daughter's help of course. We would get out our fine china tea sets and get an assortment of tea so everyone could pick out their favorite flavor. We would make little tea cakes and cookies and then we would make a tea themed gift set to give away to add to the fun.

  5. Pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/41869471509607992/

  6. I prefer fruity teas like Celestial Seasonings Moroccan Pomegranate Rooibos Tea though my boyfriend likes Lipton Tea. So that's what I would organize in Tea Stand.

  7. I'd need chai, red raspberry, peppermint, blackberry pomegranate green tea, and a few others.

  8. We are planning a Sofia the First tea party for my daughter's birthday. We are going to have an assortment of tea, mini cupcakes, cookies and other little finger foods. All the girls will have tiaras and are being asked to come dressed as their favorite princess. I am also going to let them decorate their own tea cups like on the Sofia the First movie. I think they will love it.

  9. (Daily comment) I would like to have a Christmas tea party with my whole family. The tea stand by YouCopia would make the party even better by keeping all the different teas organized. I would buy all types of holiday teas and have peppermint sticks and cinnamon sticks for my guests to put in their tea. I really hope to win this because it would be a great addition to my daughter's Sofia the First tea party.

  10. We absolutely love Earl Grey and mint teas. We'll def store green teas as well! We're a tea-drinkin' family!

  11. I love any kind of tea that has a cinnamon or apple flavor to it. My boyfriend is all about the Earl Grey!

  12. I have sleepy time teas and sinus and flu teas by lipton

  13. I'm not a tea drinker my my MIL is and this would be a perfect gift for her! She could use it to organize all of her fruity teas!

  14. I'm a fan of good ole fashion Lipton Black Tea... but my fav is sweet n spicey

  15. A tea party is such a fab idea! I would plan a nice but simple little party with my girls, some gossip, cute lil fancy sandwiches... & of course teas!

  16. we have lots off traditional medicinals teas all over the place this would be awesome to neaten up the tea shelf!


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