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When I was a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than pretend play. I loved getting dressed up in my dress up clothes and pretending to be anything from well know characters like trouble-making Tinker Bell to Dorothy from the Wizzard of OZ. My sister Britt and I wound up having to become pretty creative as we played. We didn't have a lot of props or even a big back yard, but we had wild imaginations, and when you're a child, anything is possible.

Manhattan Toy knows the importance of encouraging children to use their imaginations through creative play. Founded by Francis Goldwyn in 1982, Manhattan Toy began to implement the use of non-traditional fabrics in their toys. Manhattan Toy aims for the highest possible craftsmanship of their beautifully designed, award winning toys. The company is commited to offering children unique opportunities to use their imaginations through play with some pretty cool toys and games by their side. Manhattan Toy puts quality and safety at the very top of their list of priorities, and truly care about the development and growth of children, as they bring their imaginations to life.

We were very excited for an opportunity to work with Manhattan Toy and feature a play set from one of their best selling toy lines- Imagine I Can. Manhattan Toy offers over 30 beautifully crafted toy or creative craft sets for little ones to play and explore with. We chose to review the Imagine I Can Pirate Treasures Set. B is a typical three year old boy, loving all things planes, trains and pirates rigt now, so I knew this would be right up his alley.

Bright, bold, beautiful coloring on the package captures your child's attention right away.

The back of the package shows a lovely picture of the contents of the play set.

When I told Balian that I had a special surprise treasure for him, he couldn't wait to see what it could possibly be! We sat down together on the floor and I presented him with the lunch box style tin that the Imagine I Can Pirate Treasures set was in/

'Wow! Is that a pirate, mommy?'

'Let's open it! Puh-lease?'

I couldn't remember that last time I saw my son so excited over a new play set. As soon as he opened the tin and saw the pirate patch, he couldn't wait to find out what else might be hiding in the tin of treasures! I hurriedly opened up the plastic package, which contained the loose contents of the play set, and laid them out on the floor for us to take a look at.

Play set contents were wrapped up inside the tin.

Pirate Treasures Play Set Includes: Treasure Map, Pirate Scarf, Compass, Eye Patch , Sword, Treasure Bag (with five gold debloons), and a Rope Belt with loop to hold the sword.

I was inpressed by all of the pieces that came in this play set. The tiny compass really works, and was beautifully made. The natural wooden sword is very smooth- there are no splintery pieces coming off, and no sharp edges, which puts my mind at ease. The eye patch and head scarf are the perfect size for little dudes and dudettes. The rope belt fits easily around a little waist without a problem, the sword actually fits through and sits in the loop, like it's supposed to and the gold pieces fit right inside the little treasure pouch. The treasure map is stiff, but flexible, so it can be folded up and tucked away.

Balian seriously couldn't wait to get all decked out in his new pirate gear, so I helped him dress, explained what everything was, and within minutes, he was transformed into an adorable little pirate!

'Avast me hearties!'

'Come on mommy, we have to find the treasure!'

As soon as B was dressed in his pirate accessories, he grabbed his treasure map, the compass and asked me to hide the gold pieces somewhere in the house. I complied, and then we set sail into the sunset, off on a grand adventure that lasted the better part of the afternoon, looking for said treasure! We encountered obstacles to overcome, made some new friends and even stopped to administer help to a wounded stuffed animal along the way! I loved that B was stopping every few minutes to look at his treasure map, tuck it back in his pocket, and then point his sword outward to point the way he wanted to go next.

Even mommy got to dress up... how fun for her!

The best part of the play set, other than the well though out and beautifully made play accessories, was that it encouraged Balian to play, making up his own story as he went along. It kept him engaged all day, and encouraged the two of us to play together. I was thrilled to see my little man taking on a leadership role, sweetly stopping to help others, and for sharing with me. We've played with the Imagine I Can Pirate Treasures set every day since it arrived at our house, and we've even taken it over to grandma's house to play pirates in the play room!

Manhattan Toy's Imagine I Can play sets come in various styles and appeal to both children and adults! Take a look at some of their other creative sets...

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Manhattan Toy has beautiful, fun, imaginitive toys and games for children of all ages, and we're so impressed by the Imagine I Can line of play sets. I am already contemplating purchasing another set to give to Balian for Christmas. Some of the craft/activity sets are priced right around $11.00, which is a fabulous price, escpecially if you're on a budget. I'm thinking that I may purchase a Lace and Play Set (just $5.00!) for a stocking stuffer!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Manhattan Toy to check out all of their unique toys, games and play sets! Trust me, you'll be quite impressed by their design, and you'll love the prices! You can also connect with Manhattan Toy by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!

Special thanks to Manhattan Toy for allowing us to use our imaginations through play with the Imagine I Can Pirate Treasures Set and giving us some great ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season!

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