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Cozy Wall Art#Review

Whether you hang paintings or photography or you have shelves with knick-knacks, walls look better when they are decorated. However, decorating walls can be pretty costly. I don’t know about you but I know that the when Josh and I started our home together, the majority of my d├ęcor budget went to covering my walls. I spent a ton of money on the art and things that are on our walls, and that’s even with my best friend being an artist and giving me a few of her paintings for no cost. Walls are the first thing people see when entering my home so I want them to look good.

Wall decals are the new black and everyone I know is using them!  Im so grateful for wall decals, this simple new product is uber popular right now. Decals are making expensive decorated walls a thing of the past. We had a beautiful quote on the wall of our bedroom in our old apartment but sadly we couldn’t get it off without ripping in when we moved. I’ve been missing that creative touch in our bedroom of our new house for quite some time now, but I haven’t been able to find that perfect decal in the stores.

Cozy Wall Art

That is where Cozy Wall Art and Sherry Neil come in. I was allowed to review whatever decal I wanted so I chose one that would look really neat in our room, that really gave it that extra something special. I picked the Cherry Blossoms In Vase wall art. 

I wanted this decal because it was creative and different, something I hadn't seen before. We have some stick shapes on our comforter so it matched that, but I really thought it was perfect for our bedroom because of the subtle heart shape. I got to pick the colors as well, so I went with the colors that were found in our bedspread. 

I even had the perfect place for our new wall sticker. I thought it would look great on this little "mini" wall that we have when you first enter our bedroom. The wall is just so plain, I wanted to put something there. 

The easy to apply decal comes on waxy paper for easy transfer.

The Vase is on. Josh wanted to leave it just like this but I said no way! 
The vase is done, now its time for the flowers. 

Such a handy hubby! Josh had a really easy time applying the decal.

I adore this!
Cozy Wall Art has really helped make our bedroom wall look fantastic! They would love to spice up your walls too. Check out some of their other great wall art.

Any child's bathroom or nursery would look adorable with these funky fish swimming around! 

Who doesn't want a quirky laundry room?! I love this quote!

I know quite a few teachers who would love this on their walls! I would have picked it for myself but I have brick walls so it would have been all bumpy.

Add elegance to any room of the house with this damask decal.

Show your kids how high they can reach with these star decals. 

Super hip decals add class to even the smallest of spaces. 

Want it? Buy it!
Looking for a creative and different Christmas present? Or how about a way to fancy up your walls without spending an arm and a leg? Well then make sure to check out Cozy Wall Art for your next decorative project or gift! With Cozy Wall Art and Sherry Neil, you can't go wrong. You can visit the Cozy Wall Art website, point them out on Pintrest, find them out on Facebook, or tweet with them on Twitter. All of our lucky readers are allowed to use the coupon code MommysBlockParty15 from now until December 31, 2013 for 15% off their entire Cozy Wall Art! Happy shopping!

Special thanks to Sherry Neil and Cozy Wall Art!

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