Time to Get Organized with #BrylaneHome: 5 Tiered Metal Closet #Review & #Giveaway

I can hardly believe it's fall already. I was so ready for it to be here, because it's my favorite season of the year, but with the change in season, comes lots of chores and cleaning. I know most folks do a big spring clean up, and so do I. I also do big clean ups at the start of the other seasons, and fall is no exception. In our home, we lack closet space. We also have no basement, and no garage, which leaves us with very little extra storage. With a growing toddler, you can imagine all of the 'stuff' we accumulate and sort of need to store as the seasons pass. I was in desperate need of some major storage solutions for our home, and a makeshift closet for my laundry room, was at the top of my list!

At Brylane Home, customers are connected with the very best options for sprucing up their homes, or adding special decorative touches. Also available from Brylane Home, are home furnishings, storage solutions, small appliances and more! Brylane Home is pleased to offer exclusive products, as well as products from well known brands.

I was very excited to browse through Brylane Home's website and select a product that I knew would be very helpful for us, in our home. I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and to get it all put together and put it to work! I selected the lovely 5 Tiered Metal Closet to use in our laundry room. I hoped that it would act as a sort of make-shift closet, or at least give me a place to store some items, and give me a place to let some of our nicer clothing pieces air dry on hangers.

Our Brylane Home package- our product was securely shipped in this large box!

All of the pieces in the package were bound together, to keep pieces from bending or breaking during shipping.

I was in charge of keeping my almost three year old out of harm's way while my husband opened up the contents of the package. The pieces were all pretty large, and they were tightly bound in plastic and tape, so we had to use the mega multi tool (my husband's favorite tool) to remove the metal pieces and hardware.

The shelf pieces were sort of wrapped up, accordion style, so opening it took a while.

Still working on opening the new shelf, but we're getting there...

The metal shelving until from Brylane Home contained a lot of pieces, so hubby and I worked together to lay them out and prop them up, so we could get a good look at everything before we started trying to put it together. I loved seeing the heart-shaped metal scroll work on the side pieces of the shelf. It added a little feminine touch to the black metal pieces.

Some of the pieces to the 5 Tiered Shelf, laid out in our dining room...

Hubby, inspecting some of the side pieces...

Even more pieces to the shelving unit (I mentioned there were quite a few, right?).

Once my husband read through the directions and began looking at the labeled shelving unit pieces, he decided he was ready to give it a whirl, putting this baby together. I was eager for it to be put together so I could get it into my laundry room! I offered a hand here and there, to help hold a couple of pieces in place. I would recommend having someone help you put this together, to have that extra hand around.

The pieces fit together easily, and the screws went into their holes and connected with their corresponding pieces with little help from us.

Progress- one of the side pieces, laying on the floor, waiting for its mate!

Hubby, attaching the rest of the pieces to the shelf.

As Sacha (my husband), put some of the other pieces of the shelf together, we noticed that a couple of the pieces were a bit bent, and didn't want to fit together. We tried, and tried, and eventually got the pieces to work together, though some wound up being crooked, and the shelf seemed to be leaning to one side a bit. Sacha tried to straighten them out, and tighten up all of the hardware, but it didn't seem to make a difference when it came to it leaning. I decided that it wasn't bad-looking, and I could live with it, so into the laundry room we went.

Now, before I show you the shelving unit in the laundry room, I have to show you a photo or two of what my laundry room looked like beforehand. It's completely embarrassing, especially since I pride myself on being neat and organized, but like I said earlier, the laundry room sort of became the storage room for the stuff we just don't have room to store in our tiny closets.

Here's a photo of the laundry room before the shelving unit was brought in...

As you can see, we had stuff piled up everywhere: tools, gift wrap, boxes of B's old clothing and other stuff, as well. I mean, seriously, I could just die, having shown you this, but I strive to be completely honest with you guys.

So, I cleared all of this junk out, and made room for the 5 Tiered Metal Shelf from Brylane Home. It fit perfectly into the space I wanted to place it in, which was awesome, because it meant that I didn't have to move my laundry cart! I placed lightweight boxes, extra linens (like tablecloths and beach towels), the gift wrap and a few other items on the shelf and took a big step back to look at it all.

The Big Reveal...

As you can see, this shelf has a lot of space!

The items on the shelf still look a bit disorganized, and trust me, no one wants this to wind up looking like the pretty photo from the Brylane Home website more than I do. That's my goal- to get these boxes out of my house, to find a better place to store hubby's drill and accessories, and to get rid of some of this other junk, too. Hubby seems to think we need to hold onto everything... forever. Have one of those at home, too?

Finally- a place to store linens in the laundry room!

I can't wait to organize the extra towels, like beach and pool towels, extra sheets and a few curtain sets that we're not using right now, and just get those neatly folded and stacked on this shelf. It'll be great to know where they are, and to be able to grab them when I need them, without having to rip closets apart to try and find them.

Gift wrap storage...

I can tell who was last in my gift wrap box. It needs to be reorganized too, but at least it now has a place to live, and I don't have to stand on a chair in order to reach it and find what I need out of it. I can slide it right off the bottom shelf and grab what I need!

A place to hang coats or nice clothing while it air dries!

...and a great place for my husband's painter's tools and odds and ends!

There's a shelf up top, too! Smart storage with lots of extra space!

I have visions of what this shelf will look like, after I get the boxes out of the house. There will be freshly laundered, neatly folded linens on the shelves, gift wrap well organized, and dresses and dress shirts or slacks neatly hanging to dry. I thought this would even be a great place to store extra coats or hoodies when we're not using them, like during the spring and summer months.

5-Tier Metal Closet with Hanging Rod image

Features of the 5 Tiered Metal Closet from Brylane Home

This beautiful, free standing metal closet with hanging rod is perfect for any space!
~measures: 69"H x 47"L x 16"D
~weighs 35 lbs.
~features hanging rod and 5 shelves
~assembly required

Brylane Home has so many fantastic products for the home, including lots of storage and organization pieces, as well as space savers! Check out some of the other Brylane Home products we've had our eyes on...

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Brylane Home has it all! This is now my one stop shop for products for my own home, as well as shopping for gifts! They offer beautiful home furnishings, small appliances, storage solutions, decor and more! I could go bonkers over the Christmas and holiday decor collections- I'm getting that holiday itch already! I can tell you from personal experience that these products are well made, and will light up your life, because you'll love they way they look in your home and you'll love the way they simplify your day to day living!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Brylane Home to look through all of their product categories. You'll be impressed by the overall selection, price points and value of these wonderful products! Plus, it's a great time to begin making your holiday wish list or start some holiday shopping! Brylane Home is always offering great deals, so be sure to take notice of sale items while you shop.

Brylane Home is social and would love to connect with you through social media. Be sure to look for Brylane Home on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!

5-Tier Metal Closet with Hanging Rod image

Want It? Win It!

The kind folks over at Brylane Home are offering MBP readers the chance to win a 5 Tiered Metal Closet of their own! This is only available in black, and assembly is required. If you could use some stylish storage, this is the giveaway for you! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on October 31, 2013.

Special thanks to our friends at Brylane Home for allowing our family to rediscover what it's like to have storage space by reviewing this wonderful shelf and for offering one as a giveaway for our readers!

Good Luck!

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  1. I LOVE the prelit curtains for Christmas time! So easy but they add a lot of cheer.

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  2. I could really use that 5-Tier Metal Closet with Hanging Rod. That would save so much space in my laundry room. But, I do love the Florenz Wall Mount Wine Storage. More than a want than a need though.

    Lizzi Grimes

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  5. i totally need the metal closet! i have very little closet space in my house.

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  17. I like the 3 bin laundry sorter.

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  37. I'd use this in a closet to hold our out-of-season items and provide more hanging room for in-season items


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