Happy 3rd Birthday, Balian!

It's hard for me to believe that exactly three years ago today, I became a mom. At 8 am on October 11, 2010, I was lying in our room at the hospital, after having had an emergency C-Section, waiting to hold my baby boy for the very first time. Though the night before was long, painful and even scary, in the light of the new day, everything looked different. I'll never forget what it felt like to hold my precious son in my arms for the very first time, and to see my husband's sweet tears as the doctors handed our son to him in the OR, congratulating him on becomming a father.

Sacha, holding B for the first time...

That very first day we spent as parents was incredible. Every member of our family who was close-by came to see us, took a turn holding the newest member of the family. Perhaps the most special thing about that day, was that Balian was born on my grandmother's birthday, which she says is the greatest birthday gift she's ever received. I loved watching her hold him and whisper, 'You are such a treasure,' in his tiny little ear. 

G. G. and Balian

My parents, and Sacha's mom were thrilled to become grandparents. B is the first and only grandchild for the time being, and he loves them so! I love that he has so many family members close by... three grandparents and two great-grandparents get to spend a lot of time with him.

Balian, meeting Chef Curtis Stone...

We've had three incredible years together, and each and every day has been filled with many surprises and blessings. Of course, each day is also a challenge, and being a parent is a super tough job, but it's true to say that being a parent is the most rewarding job a person could ever have. Every day, I watch my son grow. We laugh together, learn together, experience life... together. In three short years, we've been to lots of places and we've done some incredible things. Our lives have been so joy-filled and I can hardly remember what life was like before this sweet little guy came into mine.

Sweet summertime...

Balian's 1st Birthday

B's 2nd Birthday...

...in Honduras with mommy & daddy.

...on the cruise ship with Papa and Grammy.

...Tweetsie Railroad.

We've already made so many incredible memories, and I see every day as a new opportunity to make a new memory. So today, it's a new adventure, and tomorrow, another. Each day with my sweet little boy is an incredible blessing, for he brings me absolute joy.

Balian, three years old!

Balian, happy third birthday. 
Mommy and daddy love you more than the stars and we couldn't imagine life without you.

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  1. Your little guy shares the same birthday as my oldest boy who just turned 19...he was born 4 minutes before my 21st b-day...they grow up way too fast...

  2. Great pics and happy late birthday to your sweet little man! :)


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