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I have been nursing baby C for over 4 months now. She has gone from a quiet, hungry little newborn to a busy, hungry baby who doesn't want to miss anything. It always amazes me how much she is taking in and how much she wants to know. This curiosity is wonderful, except when she wants to nurse and continue to take everything in. I am having a harder and harder time getting her to pay attention to the task at hand and keep covered up at the same time. This is a great time to say how thankful I am for nursing covers. They are a life saver for moms like me who don't want anything showing off to the world but even sometimes they struggle against busy babies, but let me introduce you to a new solution.

Australian based Bebitza began in 2006 with the introduction of their product, The Breastfeeding Blanket. The blanket is similar to a nursing cover, but offers all over cover. Bebitza is committed to designing innovative, safe, and high quality products for families worldwide and continue to grow and create new baby care essentials.

I worked with Carly, who communicated very quickly and was very friendly. We worked out the time frame and plans to receive and showcase their products. I was thrilled to have an option for nursing baby C that was different from everything else I had used or seen and couldn't wait to try it and share it.

My Bebitza package is here-all the way from Australia!
 Inside I found a beautifully wrapped package, brochures/information, and a quick note from Bree (the Director of Bebitza).
 Check out how nice this looks.
 A Bebitza Breastfeeding Blanket!
 Textured Knit in Yellow, perfect since I did not know what baby C would be when we ordered it, but also available in blue and pink. The packaging was very informational and told me everything and anything I might want to know about the blanket including: how to use it, benefits, other uses, and other Bebitza products.

I loved the color and feel of the blanket right out of the package and hoped that I would continue to be as impressed as I already was. The texture is very soft and light, as Bebitza describes it-elegant and feminine. I would have to agree.
It is also very simple to use, sometimes there are weird fasteners or clasps to adjust, but these easy instructions are just right.
 -How to use it-
  • Simply wrap the blanket around your back and over your shoulders
  • Attach the fastener
  • Bring your baby under the cover and nurse away!
The blanket has a shawl like wear that completely covers anything I am trying to hide. Thank you very much! While I am fully covered, baby C can nurse away and still grab at the cover and I don't have to worry about popping out. It is also light enough that baby C doesn't get overly warm but protects her against any chills too.

The Breastfeeding Blanket is machine wash cold, drip dry, which is fine by me. I love to let my clothing dry, it just protects it from wear that much longer.

 The Bebitza Breastfeeding Blanket has been an awesome addition to my nursing lifestyle. I feel confident that I will be fully covered and wiggly, curious baby C will nurse without too much fight, and everyone will be happy.

Check out some other great Bebitza products.
Antibacterial Baby Wraps
Combining antibacterial safety with gentle texture, the Bebitza Baby Wrap is one of the best swaddling blankets you’ll find. One hundred percent cotton knit, the wrap’s stretch and softness makes it simple to use while protecting your baby’s sensitive immune system against germs. The antibacterial element is wash resistant, non-toxic, suitable for all skin types and formaldehyde free.
 Ice/hot 6″ single pack
For tumbles, bumps and other ouchies, the Bebitza Ice Hot BAg is ideal for hot or cold remedies to comfort your little one.Designed for tiny hands to hold, with a watertight cap and durable construction to protect against leaks or spills. Reusable and soft against the skin, nursing mums can also use to dull aches. Whether tending toothache or fever, the Bebitza Ice Hot Bag soothes away troubles big and small.
 Antibacterial Baby Mittens
Bebitza’s Antibacterial Mittens protect on all fronts by safeguarding newborns from germs while preventing babies from scratching themselves. The antibacterial element is wash resistant, non-toxic, suitable for all skin types and formaldehyde free.

Want It? Buy It!
A curious baby will give you trouble, but not with Bebitza! Give them a look over and see if they might work for you. You can follow Bebitza on Facebook for even more information, photos, and fun.
Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win The Breastfeeding Blanket-100% cotton in Latte from Bebitza. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory.
Thank you to Carly and Bebitza!

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  1. I currently cover up with an old worn out flannel baby blanket

  2. I've been nursing for 4 months

  3. I used to use a baby blanket to cover with.

  4. I am not nursing anymore but I only was able to nurse for only a month due to a medical problem. I am trying to win this for my sister-in-law that is due in March.

  5. I've been nursing my second child for four months now

  6. 4 months of nursing so far and going strong

  7. I've been nursing for almost 5 months now


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