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Weightloss Struggles and Triumphs- Yeah, I've Got Some!

I'm thirty years old, and have struggled with my body image for about half of my life. I've never been what one who deem as 'fat' or even 'chubby,' but I have always been unhealthily aware of and almost obsessed with my weight. After my dad encountered serious heart problems several years ago, and was restricted to a low sodium diet, our entire family wanted to be supportive, so we all went on a low sodium diet together. Over time, we all managed to lose a lot of weight, and were more active as a family.

Me, the year before I got married...

When I got married, I felt myself sort of stuck in bad place with my eating habits. My husband is a bread, pasta, meat and cheese lover. He likes few vegetables and hardly any fruits. I quickly found myself packing on the pounds after we tied the knot. I gained about 50 pounds when I was pregnant with my son, and though I loved being pregnant, I hated the way I looked toward the end of my pregnancy, and really hated the way I looked for a couple of months, after I gave birth.

Me, one month after the birth of my sweet son- wearing a size 8 dress.

Thankfully, I nursed my son, and the weight dropped off (and then some) pretty quickly! However, I find myself having to work hard (really hard) to maintain a weight that I am happy with, and to keep my body in the shape I'm used to it being in. A number of things contribute to my rollercoaster weight- I've had a baby, I don't get enough sleep or drink enough water, I'm less active during the day when I'm sitting down and working, I'm stressed out a lot, and my metabolism is slowing down.

Finding a weightloss program that really works, is the key. Between being connected to healthy recipes and real support, and finding the right types of fitness routines that work for your body, everyone can be happy and healthy. I want to always be ready to get up and go, and be active with my little man. I want to promote an active lifestyle for my family. I want to be healthy, so I'm around for many, many more years! Herbal Magic can help moms (and non-moms) get back on track and stay on thr right path, for good!

Me, with my mom just before my 30th birthday...

What are your weightloss or fitness struggles and triumphs?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Herbal Magic, written by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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