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Sugar Doodle Kids Provides Sweet Dreams and Meals for Kids in Need #Review + #Giveaway

MBP's Back to School Blast

So, now that summer is officially winding down, and school has begun, we are working hard to try to get back to a 'school year routine.' B had not started pre-K yet, but he does go to church school once a week, and our schedule has been so wacky this summer, that it's been really hard to get a solid bedtime down. Since we know what our nights will look like from here on out for the year, I have rearranged B's personal schedule, which includes an earlier lunch, earlier, shorter nap and bed prep at 8 pm to have him asleep by 8:30. I know it won't happen the way I'd like it to every night, but a mom can hope, right?

Part of a sucessful night's sleep for my son is dependant on a few factors. We're (still) working on that last leg of potty-training at night time, so every now and then we have potty interruptions to deal with at night. The other factor, is B's comfort. If he's too hold, too cold, or doesn't feel comfortable in what he's sleeping in, he'll wake up, and so will mommy and daddy, and that makes for a tired bunch of Witt's the next morning.

Janessa and Nick Whatcott

Lucky for us, I was able to partner with Sugar Doodle Kids a few weeks ago. Sugar Doodle Kids is a super cute and cozy company, offering sweet sleepwear for infants and children. The inspiration behind Sugar Doodle Kids comes from baby Cole, who was born to Sugar Doodle Founders, Nick and Janessa Whatcot in 2008. Cole was born three weeks early to the couple, who were very excited for the birth of their second child. Unfortunately, baby Cole suffered several complications, and returned to the arms of our Savior just days after his birth. (Please take a moment to read the inspiring story, here.) From the unthinkable situation that the Whatcott's were in, they knew they were incredibly blessed to have had their son, even for just a few days, and their experience inspired them to begin Sugar Doodle Kids. Sugar Doodle Kids has a heart for helping kids in need, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale go toward purchasing meals for hungry kids- because no child should ever go to bed hungry.

Janessa and I connected, and I was honored to be able to share a bit of their story with you all, as well as showcase their adorable line of children's sleepwear. Janessa kindly sent us a set of Sugar Doodle Kids' signature Vintage Owl Cotton PJ's for Balian, and we couldn't wait to try them on and test them out!

Sugar Doodle Kids PJ's

As I opened up the sweet little PJ package, I took notice right off, how incredibly soft these PJ's are. They are made from 100% cotton, and are very soft! I knew Balian would love these! The pair of PJ's comes with a long sleeved top and bottom, perfect for the fall and winter months!

Boy's PJ Top

I love the adorable owl printed on the pajama top! The top features a stretch band around the wrist area of the arms, to help the sleeves stay in play while your little man is at play, or dreaming sweetly!

PJ Bottoms

The long PJ bottoms have an elastic waist, with plenty of wiggle room. Like the top, they have the stretch band around the ankles, to help them stay in place. No one likes jammies that ride up- not even little kids, so this was a great idea to implement!

The PJ set looked adorable on my dining room table, but I couldn't wait to see what they looked like on my son! He was so excited to have a new set of PJ's for this fall, and couldn't wait to try them on and have a little fashion show for mommy.

Ta-da! Happy boy in his adorable Sugar Doodle Kids Vintage Owl PJ's!

Oh, my goodness! Balian looked so, so cute in these PJ's! Having cute new pajamas is sort of a great incentive to the kids, and helps them want to get ready for bed. Balian couldn't wait to snuggle with me, and read a story before bedtime in his Sugar Doodle pajamas. He said he loved the owl, because it reminded him of one of his favorite characters on a kids program he really likes.

'Look how I can sleep, mommy!'

We went with a 4T for my soon-to-be 3 year-old son. Since he's so tall and broad shouldered, I always order one size up, and sometimes even two sizes up in pajamas. I was so pleased that these PJ's fit him so nicely. They are snug for safety, but they also have growing room, which means that he'll probably get to wear these all fall and winter without out-growing them.

Look who we found embroidered on the back of the PJ top!

The Sugar Doodle Kids Vintage Owl PJ's for boys retail for $38.00, and are a must-have PJ set this season! These are available in sizes 3T - 8, and are made to sustain rough and tumble boys at play before bedtime, and keep them cozy while they sleep. We've had great success with Balian being comfortable all through the night in these Sugar Doodle Kids PJ's, which make them a winner in my book!

Frowny face, because it's actually time for bed!

Sugar Doodle Kids sizes start at 0-3 mo, so they have great options for little babes and kiddos, too! Check out some of their other designs, we just happen to love!

Vintage Owl Boys Sleeper

Vintage Owl Girls Sleeper

Vintage Owl Girls PJ Set

If you're looking for an adorable PJ set for your baby, your child, or to gift to a special little one in your life, don't pass over Sugar Doodle Kids! Not only will you be purchasing a sweet, cozy, adorable set of pajamas that will last, you'll be helping children in need just by making a purchase! These would make an adorable baby shower gift, welcome to the world gift, birthday or holiday gift!

image description

Want It? Buy It!

To shop Sugar Doodle Kids and to read more about their inspirational story of hope for children everywhere, head on over to the Sugar Doodle Kids website. Sugar Doodle Kids will soon be featuring new designs, some of which have been dsiged by kids- so be on the lookout for that, as well! Sugar Doodle Kids is social and would love to connect with you on...

Boys Vintage Owl Cotton Pajamas

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their choice of a Vintage Owl Pajama Set (in choice of style, size, color) from Sugar Doodle Kids! How great is that? Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy, dandy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Janessa and the Sugar Doodle Kids family for allowing us to experience and share about their wondrful pajamas, and their worthy cause, as well as for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. We like to do a bath, books, teeth brushing then plenty of hugs and kisses

  2. We always go up and read books....and then turn on a movie...normally one about garbage trucks! LOL...then I usually rub his back until he falls asleep!

  3. Bath, teeth brushed, story time, and then lights out.

  4. pjs, brush teeth, read a verse, pray, read a book, bedtime!

  5. My munchkin enjoys a bath, brushing teeth, then in bed with momma!

  6. bath, book, song sometimes, then night night

  7. my son takes a bath, brushes his teeth, goes potty, watches a little tv and goes to bed

  8. Our bedtime routine is bath, teeth, story and bed

  9. LOVE these owl pj's. Everything owl is cute in my book! :)

  10. My daughter would look so sweet in them! :)

  11. Our bedtime routine is brush teeth, wash face and hands, read a Bible story, pray together, snuggle and kiss and then off to bed!

  12. It's incredible how Sugar Doodle could take such a tragedy and learn from it and turn it into something incredible!

  13. My 3 year olds bedtime routine involves a bath, brushing teeth, and either a book, or a song. I will usually ask her what she learned at daycare that day and then after the book or song is finished she is usually halfway asleep anyway.

  14. Now our bedtime routine can be pretty rushed, because our 13 month old isn't very patient. I look forward to a quieter time of reading and snuggling before bedtime!

  15. Ours is bath/shower, brush teeth, reading a book, then sleep time :-)


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