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Stylish Saturdays: Clean Undie Club #Review + #Giveaway

I love my husband. When we receive MBP mail and packages, I try to leave one or two items unopened until he gets home from work. I often don't know who to deem more excited about our MBP review packages- my twenty-eight-year-old husband, or my almost three-year-old son. Sacha always likes opening up our packages, and never complains that most of what we receive is for our son, the house, or for me. I can tell, however, that every now and then, he'd love for one of those MBP packages to be for him. Imagine his surprise when we came home from vacation a couple of weeks ago, and one of the packages we received while we were away was for him!

That's right, ladies- this review is geared toward the guys! Don't stop reading if you're a gal, though- this is a great gift option! I was contacted by Brandon Atherton, owner of Clean Undie Club. When Brandon asked if we'd be interested in reviewing their 'undie of the month' subscription service for men, I asked my husband if he minded being my guinea pig? Seriously, he was thrilled to learn that he'd be getting some new undies... in the mail!

The idea behind the Clean Undie Club, is for guys to start restocking decent underwear, and building a collection of undies. Sacha and I have been married going on six years, and I can truly tell you (since I do the laundry), that he hates parting with undies or undershirts that look like rags, and I have no idea why! I don't worry about him not having clean underwear, but I don't get holding onto undies with holes in them! With the Clean Undie Club, you can select a style and size of men's undies and have them delivered to your door every month! We selected a size and style for hubby, and they were sent right to our door!

Sacha's Clean Undie Club package is here!

Sacha, opening his Clean Undie Club package...

In his package, Sacha received one pair of 100% cottom boxer briefs, and a special certificate, welcoming him to the Clean Undie Club!

Love the Clean Undie Club logo on the boxers!

And, I love that MY name is on the welcome certificate!

Sacha couldn't wait to try on his new undies! Seriously, I've never seen him this excited about new undies before in my life! He hates buying new underwear (what man doesn't?), so getting mail order undies was some sort of awesomeness for him that I will probably never understand (because I love shopping for just about anything!).

'Check me out! I'm gonna rock these!'

Sacha is very, very particular about the fabrics he wears. Poly-blends typically make him break out in a rash, so he has to wear 100% cotton everything- even undies. He was pleased that these undies were cotton, and he noticed their softness right away. He said they seemed to have just the right amount of stretch, support and room. We went with a size XL, and when he tried them on, he said they fit really well. They were a bit tight in the thighs, but not so much that wouldn't eventually give a little bit as they're worn more often.

'Ooo... soft new undies!'

Sacha really liked the grey color, and he said he was comfortable in his Clean Undie Club undies all day. They washed well, and of course, softened up even more after a run through the washing machine. Sacha's opinion is that these are well made, and well worth the money for the subscription. He thinks the concept is really neat, and would be of particular interest to guys in college- who don't think about doing laundry all that often, and are really rough on their belonings. This would be a great thing for a parent to gift to their college age son, so they can have new undies delivered to them at school!

Boxer Brief Underwear Subscription Service

Together, hubby and I are giving the Clean Undie Club four thumbs up! We think this is a neat idea, and I'm going to go ahead and tell you to make a note of this for the holidays. This would be a cool thing to gift! As far as options go, you can choose from the following subscriptions...

Clean Undie Club Briefs or Boxers- Single- $7.99/mo
Clean Undie Club Briefs or Boxers- 2 Pack- $12.99/mo
Clean Undie Club Boxers or Briefs- 12 pair- $74.99

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Clean Undie Club to check out all of their available styles and subscription options! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Boxer Brief Underwear Subscription Service

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a 1 month 1 pair package of briefs or boxr briefs from Clean Undie Club! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, only, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Clean Undie Club for allowing us to review their awesome service and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. MY boyfriend is an underwear snob, so i am sure he would love these for christmas!!!

  2. a new pair of underwear each month

  3. this will really refresh my wardrobe!

    rafflecopteR: daniel

  4. my ol man would love this..it appeals to me cause i love to see a man in new undies,when they are tight and well ya can see my point :)

  5. he gets new undies when i buy them..lol he will not let go of old ones..when i do laundry i slip one or two in the trash every now and then lol

  6. I would love this for my hubby because he always buys the same types of boxers and i would love to see him in something new!!!
    Kristen Weigel


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