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Stylish Saturdays: 2013 Fall Trends #fallfashion

So, we're just coming off of NY Fashion Week, and though I'm not a super high-end fashionista, I still try to pay close attention to the biggest trends of the upcoming season, so I can share them with you. My life has changed a lot in the past six years. Being a wife and mom with lots of financial responsibilities means that I sort of have to be a fashionista on a super tight budget, but I love fashion. I especially love accessories- like shoes and bags, and no matter how hard my husband tries to pull me from wanting to shop, I'll always want to!

Part of it is about expression. I'm a fan of the now syndicated TV show, Ugly Betty, in which a totally non-fashion forward Latina girl from Queens goes to work for a high fashion magazine, knowing nothing about the industry. As she works her way up the ladder, dreaming of becoming an editor, Betty begins to understand fashion, and eventually claims that she 'gets it,' that 'fashion is art' and poetry in motion. That's sort of true, isn't it? A lot of what's seen on the runway, isn't anything most of us would ever wear, because while visually stunning, some of that stuff just looks ridiculous.

My thoughts, however, are that there are some runway trends that are worth trying- like, playing with prints and colors, and even trying an accessory trend or two. Look, I'm a Jersey Girl transplant to North Carolina... coming from a land where Gucci meets gaudy and being thrown into a land where leather flip flops are the number one wardrobe staple (year round), and every boy in town wants a new Carhardt jacket for Christmas. No one pays close attention to fashion trends around the area of NC I live in (farm country!), but I always will! Oh, and I have lived in NC for fifteeen years, and there ARE areas of this beautiful state where people live and breathe fashion. Travel 40 miles south to Charlotte and head to the South Park and Dillworth areas, and you'll be set. There are a ton of yankee transplants in this area, too!

Here's what's trending this season...


Trending colors this season are royal blue, emerald green, royal purple and winter white. Think jewel tones, and don't be afraid to wear an off white, winter white or cream colored anything after Labor Day! Black is always in fashion, and burnt/muted tones of brown, orange, yellow, red, olive green and eggplant are always in line with 'fall' colors.


Is it just me, or are animal prints circling back every 2-3 years? Leopard is the big animal print this season, and in every color you could possibly think of, so don't be afraid to play with that. Classic prints like plaid and houndstooth are in, and if you like that nautical feel year round, go ahead and go with the stripes. J Crew featured a lot of tailored jackets at fashion week that incorporated monochromatic dots, which looked classy, and not little-girl polka dot-ish. If you like that look, go for it.


Waistcoat jackets are in, and just about anything with a military flair is, too. I don't like the military look, so you won't see me sporting that trend. Blazers are still a staple for fall and winter, be they smart or casual. Be sure to have at least one blazer in your closet that you can dress up or down. Basic black would be a great choice.


We're still seeing some high/low dresses with sleeves for the fall season- pair with flats, boots, etc. To me, dresses have made a huge comeback, and it's one that I like, so I'll be wearing dresses this fall and winter. Mod dresses are making a comeback, as well as classic styles in those jewel tones we talked about!


They're back! If you remember back to about ten years ago, skirts were really in style, and we're seeing them come back again. Pair with a cute sweater, tuck it in, add a belt and a pair of pumps, and you're good to go! LOFT and Ann Taylor have had some pretty, sparkly styles in their windows! If you're a skirt gal, wear away!


We're still doing skinnies, though I have seen lots of boot cut styles resurfacing. Put the boyfriend jeans away- or save those for your lazy Friday nights or Saturdays at home. I repeat- do not wear those out in public! Colored pants are in- remember those jewel tones? Yeah- think those! I've seen them just about everywhere, so don't be afraid to put on a pair of emerald green jeans!


Leather is everywhere this season. If you're bold enough, go for it. I prefer my leather sporting to be through handbags and shoes.


Hats are back this season! Don't be afraid to top it off with a beanie, ski cap or even a baseball cap. Anything goes with hats this season, so if you love them, go ahead and wear them! Hat hair, here we come!


You'll be pleased to know that we're still doing boots and flats, so bring those back out. The vintage cowgirl boot worn with a fall dress is trending, so I'm personally on the hunt for a pair of cute boots, myself. Ankle boots are a must with skinnies and skirts- so have a pair of those, too! Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of pumps!

Tune in next week, as I share my fall 2013 shopping report for great deals and fashion on a budget! I'm going on a shopping adventure (hubby and toddler free) today, so we'll see what I wind up with!

What do you think of the 2013 Fall Trends? 
Like? Love? Won't be Caught Dead wearing...?

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  1. Since I am not a fashionista at all, I rely on people like you to keep me up with all the new trends. That way, when I am talking with my Granddaughters, I know a little of what they are saying.

  2. I love to look at fashion but not much of it that is pretty comes in my size.
    I had never seen Ugly Betty until I was sick several months ago and watched the entire thing, start to finish, on Netflix. LOVE the show.
    HEY don't dis NC. Not everyone is a hayseed! I live in a large town, 300k people and fashion is everywhere.

    1. I actually love NC, and love living here, but my little neck of the woods is farm country and cowboys. :)

  3. Animal prints do seem to come back every few years. I've never liked them until recently, I'm warming up a bit lately.

  4. Thanks for sharing the last styles! I'm not too into fashion trends, but you do have me wanting to run out and find a great pair of boots soon! And I LOVED Ugly Betty!

  5. Love the fashion trends for this fall. The colors are amazing.

  6. I am not a fashionista at all but I surely go around for a season catch . LOVE ugly betty.

  7. I never keep up with fashion, but I like the colors for fall. I don't do brights or bold stuff much, and am in the running for some boots myself!

  8. I am excited about the fall season coming up! I am lovin the colors this year.

  9. I love the color purple, I don't mean the movie! You brought back memories. I used to live in Charlotte and worked at Presbyterian Hospital. I think NC was my favorite state that I have lived in. Thanks for sharing all of your fashion trends with us!

  10. I am not into fashions just like you we are in a rural area and everyone is in jeans and a hat. I usually depend on my daughter to keep me up on new trends.

  11. What's funny is a lot of the trends just seemed to be recycled after a few years. I don't keep up as much as I used to but I'm still in love with skinny jeans although I can barely fit into them now. :)

  12. I really love the colors that are trending right now. My favorites are the purples it really is a nice color that I would love to have more of.

  13. I am not a fashionista but I am loving the colors that are in style now. I would love to have the green dress!

  14. I just love this fashion update. Thank you. I needed that! I'm in NC too, eastern part of the state.

  15. I'm not really into fashion. Just t-shirts. From HOTTOPIC~ :P But they're nice colours~

  16. I love the royal blue color and the emerald green. I am trying to find the right pieces in those colors right now!

  17. Great colors! I didn't realize skirts had even gone out of style;)


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