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I may be well versed when it comes to writing, and am even pretty good at a variety of other things, but I am no stranger to needing some extra help in a few areas. I love literature and history, but sort of stink at understanding math and science. I have a feeling this is why my baked goods hardly ever turn out right. I can't seem to calculate the correct mesaurements and what I thought would be a delicious quick bread turns goopy and gross!

When I was in Jr. High (yes, it was still Jr. High when I was in school), I was really struggling with math. Alegbra, geometry, you name it, I couldn't seem to understand it or get the problems solved correctly. So, my teacher suggested to my parents that having some extra help might make a difference. They signed me up with a math tutor, so I could have one on one guidance and work at my own pace. Within a matter of weeks, I was no longer struggling to solve problems in class, was marking my homework correctly, and my test scores were improving significantly.


Being matched with the right tutor is what really made the process work for me. Ashley Tutors does that very thing, and matches the studnent with a wonderful tutor, based on their compatability through personality, and academic needs. With a team of tutors who love teaching, students anywhere from K-5 to Jr. High, High School and Adult students can receive extra attention and improve their comprehension, test scores, etc.

I speak from experience that the extra help I received made a big impact on how I was able to get through my high school and college math classes with reasonable passing grades. I will be forever grateful to my tutor!

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