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LINAJAKE's Lina Bag- The Must Have Bag for Moms! (#Review + #Giveaway)

Okay moms, today we're going to talk diaper bags. Why? Because every mom will need/want/eventually use some sort of tote or bag at somepoint during their child-rearing years, and because not all bags are created equally. Since my son came into this world nearly three years ago, I have tried a multitude of different totes and bags. The bags have worn well, worked fine, yadda, yadda. However, I never did find a bag that was both functional and stylish. It seemed that I was always sacrificing space for style, style for function, etc. Everything we've tried has been okay, but still too small, too clunky, too 'cutesy,' or just too hard to manage while out and about with the little one.

Lina Jake

Lucky for me, and anyone else who's in the market for a great 'mom bag,' LINAJAKE has a pretty stylish and functional solution to cure those diaper bag blues! LINAJAKE is a high end, fashion forward bag that can function as a diaper bag, a shoulder bag or a tote! The designs change for the seasons, so moms will always have stylish options for toting around everyone else's stuff! 

I was extremely interested in trying out a LINAJAKE bag for myself, and Jean over at LINAJAKE was kind enough to send me a brand new bag in my color choice. Since we're heading into fall, I selected the beautiful purple print, and tried to wait patiently for my new bag. The timing of the delivery couldn't have been better. My LINAJAKE bag arrived at my house as soon as I came back from the beach!

My new LINAJAKE bag was in this big box!

My LINAJAKE bag was packaged in protective plastic...

...and wrapped once more for safe-keeping!

I immediately fell in love with the look of the LINAJAKE bag! At first glance, I was drawn to the leather handles, and the fancy label! I ran my fingers across the soft, water-resistant fabric of the bag, and knew rigt away that this would be a winner in my book. I loved the colr- a lighter royal purple, perfect for fall! Of course, I would have to actually use the bag to really get a sense of what it could handle from my messy, chaotic world, and whether or not I could handle carrying it around!

Gorgeous fabric and print with real leather handles make this bag drool-worthy!

Love this tag!

Okay, so I am pretty used to carrying a bag around to house my son's necessities when we're out for the day. I usually bring along 1 set of extra clothes for him, some pull-ups (just in case), a juice pouch, a snack (or two), a toy, an activity, etc. Then, I have my purse, which houses MY necessities, like my wallet, keys, makeup bag, phone, a pen, something to jot notes down on (I'm still old fashioned- I know I could totally do this with my smartphone), and other stuff. And then, there are those last minute things that my husband shoves at me as we walk out the door: 'Here sweetie, can you hold these?' And men wonder why women need large bags?

The LINAJAKE Bag has room for everything I need to take along with me for a day out with the family!

Seriously, gals... this bag has lots of room! I was able to not only fit my needed items into this bag, but keep everything well organized in this bag, as well! There are multiple pockets (different sizes), which are perfect for holding everything from a cell phone to a juice box or a bottle of formula or milk! There are places for snacks, toys, and I even managed to fit our old on the go changing pad in there! I also had a pop-out pocket for my wallet and my coupon holder, there was room for my cosmetics pouch, my phone, a plact to put my keys, and I had room to hold hubby's tablet in there, too!

Little pockets, perfect for snacks like fruit bites and granola bars...

Room for the smartphone, too!

A designated holder for my keys, so I don't have to dig to find them in the bottom of the bag! Thank you!

Pop-out square pocket, perfect for my wallet and coupon holder.

Extra set of clothing for B, rolled up and organized in one of the medium sized pockets!

I have so enjoyed having the LINAJAKE bag! Not only is it gorgeous, it's functional. I am so happy to finally have a bag that works for me! As a mom to an almost three-year-old, I don't need a diaper bag, but if I did, this would be perfect! It has room for all of baby's essentials, whether you're going to be out for a couple of hours, or an entire day! It's even a great overnight bag (yes- it's that roomy!). Spills? Forget about them! No, reall- just wipe the lining of the bag with a little warm, soapy water! I can't tell you how many of my designer handbags now have stains on the inside from spilled such and such, because I've tried to cram baby/toddler items into a bag that was never intended to tote that kind of stuff around. Now, I feel like I have it all- a super stylish bag, on trend with the latest fashions, and lots of room to carry whatever I need to carry!

I love the LINAJAKE bag so much, that I use it even when my son isn't with me! I use it as a tote to take with me to my meetings, because it has lots of room to pack along my planner, my bible (for worship planning meetings), myy music notebooks for rehearsals, etc! This is the ultimate mom bag! I seriously doubt that I will ever stop hearing 'Honey or mom, will you hold this for me?' I am thrilled to have a beautiful bag that is easy to carry, and gets heads turning, too!

LinaBag Orange

Features of the LINAJAKE bag...

Features a polyester exterior with snakeskin printed detail.  
This convertible bag can be a tote or shoulder bag! 
This bag is an eye-catcher and comes in 3 beautiful unique colors.  

Everywhere I go, people are asking me about my LINAJAKE bag! Last week, I told someone it's like my Mary Poppins bag, because I can fit everything I need for a rainy day, and then some into this bag! It's classy, sassy, stylish, functional and durable, and I will never go back to using a 'diaper bag' again! The Lina Bag by LINAJAKE would make an incredible gift for:

New moms
Working gals
Gals on the go
College gals

LinaBag Green

Want It? Buy It!

Of course you want one of these bags! If I didn't already have one, I'd be wanting one, myself! Head on over to LINAJAKE to browse all of their gorgeous, colorful bags and to get one of your own. You can also connect with LINAJAKE through their blog, Facebook and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own LINAJAKE bag, in their choice of color! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to our friends at LINAJAKE for allowing me to experience this truly wonderful, must-have bag, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

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  1. I would use it for quick trips to the mall. I love that it is so big it can act as a diaper bag too. jj250@aol.com

  2. I would use mine as a weekend over night bag for those quick 2 day trips.

  3. I like that it is nice and big inside and looks like it would hold a lot of different things.

  4. Oh wow, I would use this bag for our baby on the way and our 2 year old..it's the perfect size and absolutely beautiful!!!!

  5. I would use it for whenever we go out and for long trips

  6. Oh my goodness, I love this bag. I love all the little pockets and the colors! So pretty!!

  7. I just love this bag .... dreaming and dreaming about it :)

    1. I just love all the space, esp that outside pocket...so handy for someone who travels on public transportation almost everyday, like me! :)

  8. Oh my, I want this bag! Love the green. I need a large bag to carry everything for my son!

  9. I love the pop out pocket to put my stuff in so I don't have to carry a diaper bag AND my purse!

  10. Id use it as a diaper bag. My baby is due in 3 months. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I keep dreaming about the bag. I like how you can carry it over your shoulder or as a normal bag in your hands.

  12. I would use this bag for weekend getaways

  13. I'd probably use it as a diaper bag!

  14. I would definitely use it as a diaper bag as well as to eliminate the need for me to carry a purse around. I would love to be able to take everything all in one stylish bag. :)

  15. The cool thing about this bag is once my babies no longer need a diaper bag, I can turn it into a purse or a weekend away bag ... or whatever! :)

  16. Still dreaming about the spacious bag with tons of little places to store things! :)

  17. i would use it! i love the shape of the bag and all the littleplaces to put stuff.i hate a bag that is just one big space and ya have to dig for stuff..do not like that lol

  18. I'd use it as a diaper bag when we have our baby

  19. Another thing I like about the bag are the colors. They are so fun!

  20. id use it as a diaper/camera and purse bag.:) multi-purpose.

  21. I'd use it as an over night tote for when I visit the grands.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  22. I would use it for my coupon binder.
    I need a big purse to fit it into.
    That and it would hold wipes and snacks.

  23. I've been looking for a new diaper bag, and this one is awesome. I have a tendency to over pack for a day out, so big with lots of pockets is a must!!

  24. i would use it whenever i go shopping or run errands so i can have something that looks really nice and big enough to still be a diaper bag :)

  25. i love the snake skin print on the bag, i love that design :)

  26. What a great idea with the key holder - I am constantly digging for the keys!

  27. What a beautiful looking bag!

  28. A Keyholder! Soo cool ... I hate having a brief freak out until I find them! :)

  29. Very versatile bag, i can use it definitely for tote bag and diaper bag

  30. I have a baby girl due in January and a toddler son - I NEED a larger bag to keep me organized and hold all the gear required to leave the house! Plus I love how it looks like a nice oversized handbag and doesn't scream diaper bag!

  31. I think my favorite feature is the multitude of pockets so everything doesn't get jumbled in the middle and little things sink to the bottom!

  32. I agree with Sarah, my favorite feature are all those wonderful pockets. I feel like I am constantly digging. I am thankful for my two dividers that I am currently have though ... that helps!

  33. I keep thinking of this bag.... fingers crossed for a stylish and functional bag!

  34. I keep thinking of this bag.... fingers crossed for a stylish and functional bag!

  35. I would use it for everyday use.


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