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Keeping Up the Pace with the Right Stroller

When my husband and I became parents, we decided that we weren't going to let having a new little family member slow us down. When our doctor gave us the green light for traveling and venturing back out into the world after our son was born, we were out the door and on the road! We've been all over the place with our son- up north, out west, and even out of the country. There's no doubt that having the right gear makes all the difference when venturing out with your little one!


Being able to keep our usual pace up as we keep up with a now active little boy, is important to us, but we have to have safe, reliable gear in order to do that. Jane Strollers has been around since 1932, when the first Jane stroller was designed in Barcelona, Spain. Founder Manuel Jane Vidal knew the importance of function, safety and style, even then, and put his focus on those key elements in designing strollers that parents actually wanted to use, and moved well with them.

No parent wants to be caught out on a walk, running around town, or even out on a day-trip adventure with something that just doesn't suit their needs. We learned the hard way that big, bulky gear with a hefty price tag doesn't ensure safety or functionality. Several months ago, we were out for a walk with our son and our brand name stroller literally fell apart on us, mid-walk! Jane strollers offer beautifully designed strollers that keep your baby or toddler comfortable, and allow you to keep up the pace. With key features like wind shielding, shock absorption, and UV protection, you'll rest easy knowing that your child is protected on every level! 

We are absolutely re-thinking what we know about strollers, and the type of stroller we want to have on hand for our second child. I am already making my list of must-have features, and when I'm ready to purchase a new one, I'll know exactly where to look!

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  1. I don't have kids, so I don't ever ponder the thought of strollers. But, if I did, I get a really sturdy one that will not fall apart.


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