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Ju-Ju-Be, Smart Bags for Smart People (#Review)

I love bags and purses, it's a fact and I don't try to hide it. What I do want to hide is all the stuff I lug around on a daily basis. I feel like one of the little old bag ladies, we all say we'll never become. I want to have stylish bags, but they need to be practical at the same time, with room to spare. But, with that said, I don't want to carry around a giant bag all day. A girls gotta be able to move quickly. Especially all you Moms on the go. So what options do us gals have? We have Ju-Ju-Be. No, not the candy, Ju-Ju-Be makes smart bags for smart people, and I was lucky enough to get to review one of these amazing bags.
I decided I'd love to review the Behave bag in Brown/Zany Zinnias. When the bag arrived, I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of this bag. Not to mention the attention to detail that is all over it. Behave is made from Earth Leather and is machine washable. Earth Leather is animal free and earth friendly, which makes me feel good about toting this bag around town.

My Ju-Ju-Be bag is here!

Behave is STUNNING!
The Behave bag is a medium sized bag, but really packs a punch on the amount storage space the inside has. I couldn't believe how many pockets the cute, Zany Zinnia lined bag had on the inside. There are two separate sides to this bag, plus a huge zippered middle section, plus tons of pockets on the sides and a stretchy cord to attach keys, pacifiers, or whatever you may lose in the bottom of your bag.  Oh and did I mention there is a nice sized pocket on the front of the bag, too? Pockets galore! And one of my favorite features, the peek-a-boo pockets on the right and left outer sides of the bag. If I need to grab something quickly, I just slip it into the zippered side pocket, and it's there at my disposal!

Look at all those pockets!

This bag has the most stunning hardware and details. I'm just blown away by thought and care that went into the design, and how it feels like it was made for me. There are cute, little stitched stars above the outside pockets, bling on the zippers and sturdy buckles for the straps. Did I mention there is another shoulder strap that is removable, for those days you need a little extra help, or need your hands to be free.

Stretchy cord for your keys. Love this feature!

I'm an on the go, day care teacher which requires me to carry a ton of things around all day. I'm able to fit books, papers, my schedules, and my lunch in the bag, and have plenty of room to spare. I almost feel like Mary Poppins when I start pulling things out of my Behave Bag! I get funny looks and "I can't believe you fit that in there" comments! I just have a good giggle and say, "you should order one and see for yourself how amazing it really is!" I get tons of compliments on my bag, and I have to say, I really like it. It's that one bag, that you know people are jealous of, and I'm okay with that!

Fun and flirty, Zany Zinnia lining.

Behave is such a versatile bag, and the chocolaty earth leather goes with any outfit you may come up with. I've used this purse every day since I've had it, and it has quickly become the best purse I've ever had. I have no need or want to change it out, and knowing that I can easily wash it, beats any other bag I've ever had. It holds up to my busy every day life, and I know my Behave bag from Ju-Ju-Be will be with me for the rest of my life. I'm even thinking of buying one for a certain family member who has everything. I know she'll love this bag as much as I do!

Out to lunch with my Behave bag!

Ju-Ju-Be isn't just about their fabulous handbags, they have some of the coolest, most functional, diaper bags you'll find, plus a backpacks, messengers, and soon there will be something for all the Dad's out there. All the hot celeb Mom's have been seen carrying a number of products from Ju-Ju-Be's Tokidoki line. It's such a fun and creative line, and I love it. I can't wait to have kids of my own, I'll be toting every Tokidoki accessory and diaper bag Ju-Ju-Be carries! Don't forget if you have any kids in need of a cool backpack for school, send them in style with a Tokidoki backpack! They'll love it, and there will be no backpack mix up with the other kids. They'll stand out, but in a good way!

 Be Prepared, Tokidoki: $188.00

Be All, Tokidoki: $125.00

Be Right Back, Tokidoki $148.00

The Behave bag from Ju-Ju-Be is reasonably priced at $185.00
 Thanks so much to Ju-Ju-Be for allowing me to review their Behave bag in Zany Zinnias. It is the best bag I've ever owned! I can't thank you all enough!

Want It? Buy It!

Interested in buying a bag from Ju-Ju-Be? Check them out and get your shop on!  You won't be sorry! While you're at it, give 'em a like on Facebook!


  1. Oh these are so cute!! I just love all those pockets too! I love that they are machine washable!

  2. these are all cute...my sister would love that backpack.


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