Jess' Journey: The Road To A Healthier Me and Bestowed Box

The Art of Snacking

Well it has been two full week since I started my journey and I couldn't be happier with my accomplishments! I feel great and I've lost around 7lbs so far. One of the hardest parts has been snacks. I used to be a serious snacker, Id snack while making dinner, Id get bored and Id snack, or Id get upset and Id snack. Snacks were a big part of my change. I decided that I could still snack but I had to snack on the right things. Thankfully I got to work with Alice and Bestowed.

Bestowed is a wonderful company that sends healthy boxes packed by celebrity nutritionist and dietitian Heather Bauer. Each box comes monthly and is packed full of healthy and delicious food, snacks, and beverages. For $19.99 a month or $209 a year Heather will send you some super yummy treats and recipes to help you with your own journey. Here is what came in my awesome box:

The box is super bright and hard to miss.

Each box comes with nutritional information and recipes. 

Im from Valpo where popcorn is king so I was super excited to find a new kind of popcorn in my box. And for only 70 calories a bag, you can beat this slightly salty treat! 

Speaking of salty treats, I love olives!!! Each little cup has 40 calories and totally satisfies your salty cravings. My nephew Beckett would LOVE these!!!

The Happy Squeeze Razzleberry greek yogurt was probably one of my favorite snacks in the box. It was sweet, tart, and creamy. Totally one of a kind but totally delicious!  

Im saving this treat for a special night. I can't wait to chill it down and enjoy some sweet chocolate hazelnut drink. It sounds divine!  

I love dried fruit so Funky Monkey was right up my alley. The dried bananas and pineapple were my favorite!

We used these white whole wheat tortillas from La Tortilla Factory to make some awesome healthy turkey tacos. At half the calories of regular tortillas taco night can become a lot more exciting!

These little gems were probably my favorite part of the Bestowed Box. They were crunchy, cinnamony, and slightly sweet. The perfect after school snack! 

Want it? Buy it!
Check out Bestowed on their website, facebook, or twitter (@bstowed). Join me and Bestowed on the journey to a healthier life!  

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  1. Ooo... new snacks to try! These look great! Thanks for introducing us to some great new healthy snacks, Jess! I am already a fan of Funky Monkey Snacks- they're yummy!


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